Affiliate Marketing Guide to Crypto Vertical in 2021

Affiliate Marketing Guide to Crypto Vertical in 2021

It is believed that selling something that ordinary people do not fully understand is not easy.

At the same time, experts say that running crypto is no more difficult than gambling, but the niche has its own peculiarities like any business.

We will talk about them in this crypto affiliate marketing guide.

Is it a good time to get started with crypto? 

The global cryptocurrency and trading market today is like the gold rush in the United States: in a day you can become a millionaire or not.

At the same time, graphs and a bunch of statistics make the vertical the choice of the most persistent affiliates who are not afraid to look into all these difficulties. And their efforts are rewarded with some of the highest payments in affiliate marketing.

We have prepared an affiliate marketing guide to crypto vertical to make it easier for you to profit from this very promising vertical.

It’s a sin not to try, especially after 2021 was named the year of the crypto due to the growth of all cryptocurrencies.

crypto affiliate marketing guide

What is the cryptocurrency vertical in affiliate marketing

Crypto does not end with all well-known bitcoins and, so far, fresh dogecoins from Elon Musk. This vertical is much wider than meets the eye. And this is not at all about “hey guy, buy bitcoin”.

Conventionally, the vertical of the cryptocurrency can be divided into 4 directions.

Affiliate Marketing Guide to Crypto Vertical in 2021

Each of these directions has its own characteristics and size of payments:

  1. Blockchain technology training

Blockchain is not only selling cryptocurrency but also tokens and other things related to this technology. The sense of such offers is to sell training on the blockchain topic. Although the payments are as large as in other types of offers ($250- $750), it is not easy to convert them: people do not want to study. They want to make money right away.

  1. Investments

The most popular direction is, of course, investing. You can invest in new cryptocurrencies, tokens, or crypto funds. If a potential client does not understand investing but wants to have passive income, he can be offered to share the income from his investments with a trader who will do business for him.

Such offers convert well, and the payouts are pleasant ($150- $750).

Offer training, investments, or autotrading to beginners but investments and trading to skilled specialists.

Richads experts
  1. Trading

It’s self-serve cryptocurrency trading. The direction is hot, but it’s not easy to promote it. Why? See point one: people do not want to learn, they want to make money right away, and there is nothing to do without knowledge here.

  1. Autotrading

It’s another type of crypto trading, but the robot provided by the broker will do all the work for the client. In both trading and autotrading, the payments will be like in investments. It is better to promote such offers in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

As a rule, the vertical of a cryptocurrency operates on a RevShare, CPA, or CPL model. The most desired one is still the CPA model (payment for a targeted action: for example, a deposit).

What is the crypto niche in affiliate marketing

Read the expert’s interview on a crypto niche here

The potential audience of the crypto vertical

Who do you imagine in the first place? A middle-class man in his 30s or older? It’s a typical solvent audience for investments and crypto as well. As a rule, men consider crypto as a way to earn extra money and a new gambling hobby.

However, statistics on the richest owners of cryptocurrency confirm this. Men in their 30s and 60s were at the top in 2018.

The potential audience of the crypto  niche

But over time, it became noticeable that the vertical audience over the past year has become significantly younger, and young people are actively interested in cryptocurrency.

For example, in the USA, students are actively buying cryptocurrency nowadays. According to statistics, 18% of all students have a stash in cryptocurrency.

When is it better to run crypto offers: when it falls, rises, or drifts?

As practice shows, there is always interest in crypto, regardless of what is happening on the market. In addition, normal times are less competitive in the market and can give very pleasant dividends in the long term. It can be even more profitable to run crypto in a quiet time than at the peak, but you have to look for an offer thoroughly.

If you are looking to skim the cream off, then the best time to run your campaign is when bitcoin or any other currency starts to fall or rise strongly. On a wave, you can make 2 or even 3 times more, but the competition, and therefore the cost of traffic, will be higher.

affiliate marketing guide to crypto vertical
Meanwhile, Bitcoin broke its next record in May 2021 and reached $63.000!

How to choose a crypto offer?

One of the difficulties of working with crypto is that this field is more of a semi-legal one. In some countries, cryptocurrencies are already trying to be regulated by law. In some, they are prohibited or limited, and you can launch campaigns there only under your own responsibility and not with white label affiliate programs.

As a result, crypto offers are often provided by semi-legal brokers, and the cooperation risks ending without payments. If you are just starting to master this vertical, you should pay attention to legal white label affiliate programs. This way, you will definitely avoid problems with shaving.

Pay attention to the reputation of the affiliate program, and only then to the conversion and payments. It will not be superfluous to read reviews about the service and see what kind of advertising materials they provide and whether they are ready to make an advance payment (good ones are ready).

How to choose geo for a crypto offer

Logically, developed countries from Tier 1 should have become the top countries for cryptocurrencies: the USA, Canada, maybe Germany. Statistics say that the leading cryptocurrency markets have unexpectedly settled in another place.

Who would have thought that the people of Nigeria, Vietnam, and the Philippines own the most cryptocurrencies? Experts say that over the past year, Colombia and Turkey have also been very actively digitized.

Apparently, the success of crypto in these countries cannot be explained by intelligence or logic. Just look for fresh statistics to choose the best geo.

affiliate marketer’s guide to crypto

Top geos for launching crypto niche with RichAds

If we talk about the top geos for crypto in RichAds, by the way, they do not differ much from the list of countries where cryptocurrency is popular. There is also the Philippines (3rd place in popularity in the world), Peru (5th place), Germany (8th place).

Top сountries for launching crypto offers at RichAds:
Great Britain

Top geos for launching crypto niche with RichAds

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What traffic to choose for launching a crypto campaign?

Traditionally, the crypto vertical is converted on traffic from social networks and Google, but this option is good for specialists with large budgets and experience so that it will not be so painful to waste money. And you will have to implement cloaking somewhere.

As for cheaper traffic, push notifications and teasers are often chosen to promote cryptocurrencies. There are fewer problems and risks for the affiliate marketer. However, you will have to try to find good traffic with high-quality leads.

Email marketing is another affordable budget option. The only difficulty is that you need to collect a base of high-quality subscribers. By the way, it’s not difficult to do it with push notifications.

Next, we will focus on the crypto niche in push notifications. In short, the reason is the golden combo: male audience + low traffic cost + many approaches are allowed.

Now we will show you step by step how we run a crypto campaign on push notifications, but first, let’s talk about the peculiarities of this process.

Features of running crypto campaigns

It’s time to talk about what awaits you, when you will run crypto and how to react to it.

The cryptocurrency market and blockchain technologies are not the easiest to run affiliate marketing campaigns. It’s also clear in terms of the size of payments. It would be simple and cost as simple sweepstakes for an email.

For example, if your offer relates to investment or trading, then after registration, you can expect the deposit itself from the lead for a month or even two.

People need time to mentally prepare themselves and pay an amount of $500. It is not for nothing that good affiliate programs give affiliates an advance payment so that they can run traffic and calmly wait for deposits.

What can an affiliate marketer do while the leads are not depositing?

What can an affiliate marketer do while the leads are not depositing?

  1. Look at the status of calls.
    Whether the broker could contact the buyer or not, at what stage of the sale they are.
  2. Check with the affiliate program for some details on the given leads.
    Check the user’s age (perhaps some are too young and cannot make a deposit) or the number was initially incorrect.
  3. Wait till 20-50 registrations.
    It’s enough to understand whether you find the audience or will have to test again.

And don’t waste your entire budget at once. You may not see the result quickly in this vertical, so hold your knights and see what will happen in a month. If there are leads, but there are no deposits, you need to change the bundle and start the tests again.

Features of running crypto campaigns

Examples of creatives for crypto niche

Primary strategies to promote crypto niche

If you consider the approaches that were used several years ago, when cryptocurrencies were first promoted through affiliate marketing, there were not so many of them.

Advertisers used stories about how famous financiers and just stars made money on cryptocurrencies. Approaches like “from rags to riches”, and advertising aimed at those who already knew something about crypto with charts and other complex things were successful as well.

The popularity of creatives with famous people who advertise cryptocurrencies has begun to drop heavily, and many ad networks prohibit this approach.

What strategies do we have now?

Interest in the industry is constantly growing. It is skillfully fueled by crypto holders and large market players who have begun to offer their goods for cryptocurrency. Tesla, for example.

Today, the audience of the crypto vertical can be divided into newbies who do not understand anything at all in this area and more experienced leaders.

How to run crypto campaigns for newbies

  • Tutorials
    What to promise? Effortless passive income and beautiful life.
примеры креативов для вертикали крипты
примеры креативов для вертикали крипты

Such notification may lead to the blog of an expert who talks about blockchain technologies and offers to buy his course. Or immediately to the landing page, where the client will be offered advice from a broker, or a sales manager will sell the service of autotrading (trading using a bot).

On the landing page, you should add a section with F.A.Q. and feedback from other clients. Polls to identify the level of the user and his desired income convert greatly.

  • Investments
    What to promise?
    Passive income without high labor costs.
примеры креативов для вертикали крипты

  • Autotrading
    What to promise?
    That ignorance of the industry will not prevent from making money. Robots are ready to help us.
примеры креативов для вертикали крипты

! Important!
Beginners are unlikely to know anything more than bitcoin. Do not scare them with charts and names of other less famous cryptocurrencies. Show this to experienced leads.

What to offer to an experienced audience

The favorite areas of this audience are investments and trading. So, they should be emphasized.

On creatives, you can show nice bonuses that will attract potential customers or talk about your benefits.

примеры креативов для вертикали крипты

примеры креативов для вертикали крипты

примеры креативов для вертикали крипты

Such creatives may lead either directly to the registration page or to pre-landing pages with industry trends, expert articles, and bonuses.

Crypto campaign settings at the start and during tests

Push notifications are not so difficult to launch. At the start, it is better to choose a more winning strategy to get the first leads as quickly as possible and not overpay for them.

RichAds can import a campaign from another ad network in two clicks for a new launch or campaign scaling.

  • Divide campaigns into mobile and desktop

In this case, it is essential to have landing pages well adapted for devices. And in the current lockdown, desktops can convert surprisingly well. The main thing is to test.

  • Spend your budget wisely

The peculiarity of this vertical is that time can pass from registration to deposit. If you spend the budget right away and the lead does not deposit, then the efforts will be in vain.

Divide your budget into several parts and spend it gradually. By the way, its size can be from $100 to $1000. Well, you’ll need money to filter out inappropriate sources and find your audience.

  • Spend Your Daily Budget choosing EVEN option

This will allow you to stretch it throughout the day and help you learn about the behavioral characteristics of potential customers, for example, when they are more active.

  • The rule of tests “3 deposits costs ​​and start testing” will not work here

The vertical has large payouts, and this rule will not work here, especially if you use inexpensive traffic. Here you can limit your daily budget to what is acceptable to you, ranging from $50 per day to $200.

  • No RON, only Premium sources

Premium Sources at RichAds are sites that show high conversion rates for most verticals and offers. Their productivity is 61% higher than in the group of Standard sources. Performance analysis is carried out once a week.

This option is best for running and testing. It will be possible to connect with other sources if needed.

  • Start with the widest possible targeting settings

You never know where you will find them when it comes to crypto fans. Targeting major cities, certain OSs, or even evening hours may be loss-making. Users of the crypto niche are completely unpredictable.

Run your campaign on the broadest possible targeting options. And narrow it down after you get the results.

What is RichAds?
🔝 Push and pop ads,
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🔝 CPM from $0,3 in Tier 3, $0,5 in Tier 2, $1 in Tier 1,
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Additional monetization of crypto offers

In this post, we have already mentioned that the vertical of a cryptocurrency in some approaches do not differ much from gambling.

We will share with you the practice of our expert Varun Keshkar, which worked great with gambling on push notifications, and will work with crypto niche too.

It’s a way of collecting emails of an audience interested in your offer for the future blastings of such offers.

What should be done?

Everything is as simple as possible: after pre-landing or on it, you need to place a small form for users to leave their emails. Then they can be redirected to the offer page.

After you collect your email list, you can start additional monetization with it.

Top offers for the crypto vertical


Bitcoin Billionaire, IT from $600 
Bitcoin Bank, SE NO FI DK от $750, SK SI from $450 
Bitcoin Lifestyle, FR from $500 
Bitcoin Billionaire, DE AT CH from $750 Bitcoin UP GR, GR from $450

Profit Pixels

YuanPay Group, GEOs: 120+, CPA: up to $1100
Amazon Investment, GEOs: 120+, CPA: up to $1100
Bitcoin Advizers, GEOs: 120+, CPA: up to $1100
Bitcoin Profit, GEOs: 120+, CPA: up to $1100
Bitcoin Circuit, GEOs: 120+, CPA: up to $1100


Crypto Genius – Smartlink, Payout: $392.39 – 667.07 | GEO: DE, IT, NO, PL, PT, ES, SE, GB, NL
Crypto Engine – Smartlink, Payout: $343.34 – 583.68 | GEO: AU, DK, DE, IT, IRL, NL, NZ, NO, PL, RU, ES, GB
BTC Profit, Payout: $206.01 – 480.68 | GEO: SE, RU, NO, IT, FI, ES, EN, DK, DE, PL, PT, CA, ZA, LATAM
Oil Profit, Payout: $206.01 – 480.68 | GEO: IT, RU, LATAM, ES, CA, AU, ZA, EN, SE, NO, FI, DK, DE, PL
Libertex, Payout: $235.44 – 353.15 | GEO: FR, NL, DE, PL, UK, IE

Huge Offers

Bitcoin System, NORDIC’s +N, $750-1000
Bitcoin Bank, SG/HK, $750-1000
Profit BTC, IT, $750-950
Bitcoin UP, UK, $750-900
Bitcoin Code, CA, $650-700


Bitcoin Bank, AU, NL, SG, IT, PL – up to $1000
Bitcoin Up, AU, NL, SG, IT, PL – up to $1000
Bitcoin Pro, AU, NL, SG, IT, PL – up to $1000
Bitcoin Revolution, UK, CA, BE, NL, PL, NG – up to $700
YuanPay, Tier1, Tier2, Tier3 – up to $1000

As you can see, with the right approach, it’s no big deal with the crypto niche. It was worth just reading our affiliate marketer’s guide to crypto. Now is the time to try!

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What is RichAds?
🔝 Push and pop ads,
🔼 CPC starts from $ 0.003,
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