Crypto in Focus: Push Ads Campaign in LATAM. Practical Tips from iGamingCombo

Bored with COD offers and want to try something new, but not sure what to pick? Or running Crypto and seeking a new GEO for a test?

There are some ideas we have regarding crypto push ads in Latin America. Are you on board?

What about going on the right track from the very start? Seasoned masters from iGamingCombo will point the way. They’ll list the main strategies for Crypto promotion in push ads and talk about their experience of running campaigns in Latin America — one of the leading GEOs for Crypto.

Why it’s time to run Crypto offers?

Everyone knows about cryptocurrency: from teenagers to retirees, that’s why it’s possible to appeal to a fairly wide audience. In addition, crypto “gives” the opportunity to get rich quickly — instant earnings without efforts or hated work with a nine-to-five schedule, and any troubles at all.

If you combine this all with ulterior desires for appreciation and luxurious life, you’ll get a well-heated audience that is ready to grasp your offer once they see it. 

Also, the buzz around Musk’s rebuses proves people’s willingness to seize any opportunity to make a quick buck on the trending currency.

Is demand the one and only benefit for Affiliate in Crypto niche?

It’s an important thing that is accompanied by other remarkable advantages:

  1. high payouts — hundreds of dollars: Latin America from $350, Europe from $700, Tier 1 countries from $1k;
  1. fast withdrawal: in most cases, you don’t need to wait for follow-up deposits and thorough verification;
  1. independence from product supply, delivery (which is crucial during the current pandemic), and insistent upsell of the call center. And you won’t tremble at your AR.

Ready to get warm with converting CPL Crypto in colder evenings? iGamingCombo makes them even hotter: higher payout rates, guaranteed %, and bonuses for quality deposits, along with payout-bump promos doubling the profit. 

Funnels and strategies for Crypto in push ads

For now, there exist so many funnels, but marketers keep creating new ones. All Crypto funnels work on the same principle does not matter if you launch cryptocurrency offers in push campaigns or use some other type of traffic.

Here are the key strategies: get rich fast, earn more, buy real estate/a new car, set some money aside, and travel a lot.

Strategies for cryptocurrency in push campaigns:

  1. News (people gasped when they saw what the government of country X was concealing from them). The more clickbait the headline, the higher the audience’s interest;
  2. The story of an ordinary workingman who manages to become a millionaire. The strategy is riveting with its plainness: the story of a  man of the people, just like us, just like you. If they succeeded, why should we be any worse?
  3. Effortless luxury life. It correlates with the above strategy but differs in the emphasis on the attributes of luxury living: cars, apartments, planes. The strategy is based on an unfulfilled desire for standing and affluence;
  4. Trading stocks of well-known companies. It gained popularity with the rise of investment trend. The funnel is full of conspiracy: “Bigwigs were hiding an easy way to make money from us”, which adds impulsiveness to the users.

It is crucial to take into account the impulsive nature of push traffic, so Crypto must be run on push only via a quality prelander.

When using push ads, we can’t guess for sure the exact age and other data of users, but we can filter out people of inappropriate age (depending on a creative) with prelanders and push notifications. iGamingCombo provides full functionality for dividing traffic with creatives, funnels, as well as quick feedback on their effectiveness. 

It is worth noting that bitcoin buyers are much younger now: 30% of buyers are millennials. 


Converting GEOs and recommendations on running a Crypto push ads in LATAM

Be ready to break your piggy bank once you’re set for launching a Crypto campaign. The sweet thing about it is high payouts that can cover the expenses and leave Affiliate with a sum for the bank account as a bonus. The average CR reg2dep with push traffic is 5%. But being aware of some GEO features of running Crypto can bring you a higher percentage. 

For example, in Latin America, one of the thriving GEOs for Crypto, Wednesday and Thursday are the most converting days. On weekends, there are usually very few deposits, as a call center doesn’t work at all, or works 1 day out of 2. That’s critical since the funnel largely depends on the work of the call center’s agents and their ability to convince a customer to make a deposit.

For now, Asia and Africa see an impressive CR rise of Crypto campaigns, so running Crypto in Tier-1 countries isn’t the only way to earn well. 

Below, we are sharing the info derived from our experience of running Crypto with push ads in some Latin American countries.

The case study about Crypto in LATAM

We took some offers for Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Brazil and run them on push traffic from RichAds.

Here are our results. 

Device targeting

95% of deposits were made via Chrome Mobile. We were targeting Android 8 but got 86% of deposits made on Android 10 (858), 7% – on Android 9 (631), Android 8, and Android 11 shared the rest deposit percentage. We don’t suggest targeting below Android 8. 

Furthermore, we selected Spanish as the browser language along with the non-specified user activity.

Statistics on CR

In Chile, we had the highest CR of reg2dep – 7%, but the lowest number of registrations. Otherwise, in Mexico, 1 registration cost less, but the number of deposits made (reg2dep) was significantly lower – 5%.

Click on the picture to see all details

Overall statistics by country for a longer period:

Click on the picture to see all details

Preladers and banners

Creatives with local TV shows or local news sites performed well because they looked more natural and trustworthy. Lists of such sources can be found on special sites, like this one.

Our prelanding pages for crypto:

Obviously, celebrities can potentially bring a higher CR, but we strongly advise against using them as this may result in losing a payout from the advertiser or getting into more serious trouble. 

Now let’s focus on our banners, which can be combined with various ad text in Spanish for creating different combinations. In general, split tests can give good results, so we’ll supply you with our tested-out set for your own ideas. And don’t skimp on the tests, remember this, uh? 🙂

If you want to make a similar creative on your own, use photos with locals.

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Working with push ads implies spending 99% of the time on optimization. First, we optimize the lead flows, then the deposit ones. You can use RichAds’ feature for auto-optimization. Automated rules are free and really save your time and money!

It’s also important to change prelanders when they start performing worse. This is especially significant for prelanders found via spy tools since users are likely to have banner blindness and skip your ad unit that they have seen a number of times before. 

It is essential to find a balance between a super clickbait headline and the one that pushes a user to explore the content of a prelander. For that, you can set tracking metrics for a deeper analysis. 

Recapping key points of running Crypto in LatAm 

  • Amend prelanders, if you get them by using a spy tool;
  • Target Android 8 or later;
  • Use images of natives;
  • A/B test your texts and prelanders for clickability and the possibility of user retention.

Need help with designing creative materials? iGamingCombo managers provide you with the right creatives that fit best for your funnel and GEO. They also take over making creatives and prelanders for Top affiliates. Have your own creatives that need to be localized? iGamingCombo managers will be glad to adjust them to any GEO and provide the host if needed. 

Crypto offers

Some of the above-mentioned offers are stopped now, but you can try similar top offers with nice payouts:

Want to run other GEOs? Here are the other top-performing Crypto GEOs:

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