Cryptocurrency arbitrage with NFT: Neogara shares insights

In this article, the Neogara affiliate network will provide detailed information on cryptocurrency arbitrage with NFT and share insights on this niche.

As time goes on, NFT is getting increasingly entrenched in the cryptocurrency field and is moving billions of dollars every day. Even one simple image here can be worth a huge amount of money and this has attracted the attention of marketing affiliates.

Is it possible for a webmaster to make money on NFT, how to gain on NFT traffic and what are the most profitable offers to work with? Find out in today’s article!

What is NFT arbitrage and why is it worth driving traffic into? 

The term NFT refers to non-fungible tokens. They are almost like regular cryptocurrency, except that NFT tokens are in the form of graphic images. 

Virtually any photo, video clip or image can be converted into a token and sold on popular NFT venues for immense sums of money. This concerns even very images.

Neogara Team

The algorithm is very simple – a person buys a token and receives all ownership rights to the image. Although, at first glance, linking this to traffic arbitrage seems complicated, the webmaster has two ways to make money. We will elaborate on them in more detail later.

NFT’s prospects for arbitrage 

Now for a overall explanation of why the NFT vertical is profitable and will only continue to grow in the near future:

  1. Donation in online games. As said before, every NFT token is unique. No other user in the entire world will have the same card as the owner. Consequently, if the technology is implemented in online games, the prices of premium items in them will skyrocket. Even now, players are willing to spend billions of dollars on micro-transactions. And if you promise to create something particularly unique for them, gamers will be blown away. 
  2. Legal regulation of property rights. Yes, yes, with NFT it will be possible to buy and sell documents, avoiding the loopholes in the law. No more schemes will be able to take your property away from you.
  3. Authentication of the purchase. For example, if you decide to buy branded clothes from a shady store, you can use a QR code to verify whether they are indeed authentic, or not. Many popular companies already use this technology. 

And if we talk specifically about traffic arbitrage, it’s a whole world of perspectives. There will be more sources to work with, hundreds of new offers with good rates, new segments of the TA, and that’s just the beginning.

How do I generate income from NFT in arbitrage? 

As stated, there are two ways to earn from NFT in affiliate marketing – either engage in NFT selling/buying yourself, or promote appropriate marketplaces.

Sell and buy NFT

You don’t even have to become an artist in this case – just resell the tokens. To do that, here’s a little introductory information for you.

  • NFT is mostly traded via Ethereum or Solana. Both of these blockchains are popular right now and in the case of the first option, tokens are sold through the OpenSea marketplace. In the case of the second option, MagicEden and SolanaArt prevail. The choice of the specific type of tokens is up to you. Keep in mind, although Etherium is popular, it has lower speed, bandwidth and in general the price of Etherium is predicted to be lower than Solana pretty soon. 
  • Also when buying/selling tokens it is worth considering the internal regulations of marketplaces. Some of them only work with companies that have an official twitter/discord, some sort of brand and future prospects. Naturally, the entry criteria also vary from marketplace to marketplace. Somewhere even a couple of hundred dollars is enough, and somewhere even $100,000 is not enough.
  • Once you have decided on a platform, then you need to select the NFT. Here the rule of thumb is to choose only new companies whose announcements are always placed on the front pages of the marketplace. They will be popular in the near future and you can make money on that. 
  • Next, in order to buy tokens you will most likely need to get on the company’s white list, by performing simple actions. Now comes the simple part – analyze, buy, wait for a price increase, sell. At the beginning, prepare for losses, because not every mint can generate income, but over time, you will begin to understand what is worth buying. 

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Collaboration with advertisers

Essentially the work here is no different from standard cryptocurrency arbitrage. The approaches are the same, it’s just that the focus needs to be on the particular NFT.

  • For example, if you want to spin a success-story of a young guy on your website, you must specify that he got rich using NFTs. And it will be even more convincing than usual crypto, because NFT tokens may gain dozens or even hundreds of times its value in just several days, which is commonplace.
  • Time-limited triggers will do well here, because such tokens really jump in value from hour to hour and one must act immediately. And as the cherry on the cake – we will be working with a well-off target audience in any case. The cost of any position on local marketplaces starts at several hundred dollars.
  • Therefore, on the one hand, you will not be able to work with the very economically underdeveloped GEOs, but the Tier-1 GEOs will be available to you. Indeed, although they require a lot, but, even for such a target audience NFT will be a novelty. Well, as long as such offers have not had enough time to bore the client, you need to use it and take your place in such a profitable niche.

Lastly, here is a good example of an advertising funnel:

Top GEOs for NFT from Neogara

  • GEO: AU, UK, DK, CH, FI, NO from $750 – $1,050 / CR 21% 
  • GEO: HR, CZ, SK, SI, RS from $450 – $700 / CR 9-11% 
  • GEO: JP, KR – $750 / 15%

Why Push traffic works best for NFT: RichAds opinion

Push-notifications is one of the most effective traffic channels for cryptocurrency advertising, including NFT niche. Let’s briefly analyze what push notifications are and explain why it’s worth launching NFT ads with push.

Push notifications (or push ads, push advertising, push traffic) is a kind of native ads in affiliate marketing. It looks like a private message or important notification from the website which appears on the screen over the other windows.

How push-notifications look like on different devices

There are several reasons why push notifications are so effective for NFT:

  • Wide target audience. Obviously, NFT is a relatively new concept for most people and therefore it may interest wide audiences. For this reason, it is quite difficult to determine a narrow target audience, so it is crucial to make a market analysis. Push notifications are ideal for this purpose, because with the help of various creatives you can target different segments of users, as well as test different approaches.
  • Large traffic volumes. A large number of people voluntarily subscribe to push notifications, which makes it possible to reach many real users interested in crypto and directly NFT niche.
  • Affordable price per click. Due to the fact that push traffic is quite inexpensive, while payouts on crypto offers are usually more than decent, you will be able to get nice ROI and profit!

Summing up

Every day NFT is becoming a more and more popular direction for traffic arbitrage. Today we are once again convinced of that and have analyzed two ways of earning on NFT-tokens. If you haven’t tried your hand at this vertical, it’s time to find a top offer and start driving traffic to it. 

Launch NFT offers from Neogara at RichAds!

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