Gambling Titles: 7 Working Formulas

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Headlines play an important role in push notifications: mobile and desktop users primarily see titles and descriptions. An attractive gambling title directly affects the click through rates (CTR) of the notifications as well as the campaign conversion rate (CR).

Push notification advertising network RichPush has prepared a guide on converting headlines for gambling.

General tips for webmasters

  • If you want to get maximum results, choose headlines for push notifications that go well together with the banner.
  • Do not mislead the user just for the sake of clicks on the promotion, use honest headlines.
  • Test 10 or more headlines for each promotion and country. Do not draw hasty conclusions about the quality of the traffic, think about how you can hook users with your promotion.
  • Make sure that the content on the landing page is relevant to what you are advertising in the push notifications.

High-converting titles for gambling

We recall that the length of a push notification headline is 30 characters. The description must be no longer than 45 characters. The image size for push notifications is 492 × 328.

Push notifications are displayed differently in different operating systems and browsers, and we recommend taking this into account when creating promotions.

1. Directly appeal to users

Summarize what you want to say in a direct message to the user.

Play BoVegas casino

Try your luck in more than 200 games

2. Headlines with hidden effects

Try to arouse the curiosity of push notification recipients. Raise a question in their minds which can only be answered on the website of the online casino.

Everyone takes home a jackpot!

There are no losers in online casino BoVegas, because

3. News-headlines

Such headlines are typical for advertising texts. They attract attention through a news message, making users think that important information is waiting for them on the landing page.

Generous bonuses for new players

Casino BoVegas offers free spins on popular

4. Headlines using “how”

Headlines in the form of a question using the word “how” attract attention, hinting at recipients that they will learn something interesting from the notification.

How to earn a million?

Win in online casino BoVegas!

5. Headlines using questions

Ask a question that touches your target audience. The answer to the question should be implied in the text of the push notification.

Do you need any freespins?

Take your bonus for registering at BoVegas casino

6. Calls to action

The headline that calls to action should begin with a verb in the imperative mood.

Take your bonus today

Vegas casino offers bonuses upon sign-up

7. Exact numbers

To make push notifications appear honest and useful to users, specify exact numbers in the headlines. For the gambling vertical, it can be a jackpot, the number of free spins or the amount of the welcome bonus.

$50 for new players

Play at BoVegas Casino and win the jackpot!

Appealing creatives

It is not difficult to find images for gambling. Choose images that show gorgeous women, roulette tables, slot machines or wheel so fortune. There can be buttons on the images inviting the user to “Play”, “Pick up” or “Start”.

Choose as creatives:

Screenshots of the landing and the pre-landing pages

Spinning circle of the lottery

Screenshot of a gambling site

A girl with a card. Lackpot

Screenshots of slot machines

Loosing combination

Cheeky Monkkey screenshot

Online casino automat

Gambling interface

Banners in gambling

Banners in gambling

Online casino in mobile

Colourful pictures taken from stock images

Roulette in a casino

Roulette, playing cards and game pieces

Game pieces in a casino

Roulette waiting for spinning



Encapsulate a maximum of meaning and benefits for the recipients of push notification in its headline. Make the user feel like a successful player, a winner, suggest them to try their luck and hit the jackpot.

If a headline is well adjusted for the target audience of a promotion, a high CTR is guaranteed.