Headlines for nutra: examples of titles and descriptions

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The guide will graphically show how to use in practice the types of selling titles for one of the most popular verticals — nutra.

Length of the headline

When the user receives a push notification, the first thing he/she sees is the headline. According to statistics, the user needs 3 seconds to read the title and understand whether this offer is interesting or not.

In RichPush, the maximum length of a headline is 30 characters, and for a description it’s 45. So the advertiser’s task is, using 75 characters, to:

  • fit the essence of the promotional offer;
  • show benefits to the target audience;
  • prompt the user to click.

Depending on the OS and browser used by the user, the number of displayed characters may vary.

General recommendations

  1. First of all, match the appropriate visual to the headline. This significantly increases the conversion.
  2. Test about 10 variations of headlines for each offer or GEO. If the campaign converts poorly, do not rush to blame the quality of traffic. Try to pick a headline that hooks your target audience.
  3. Reflect the essence of the offer in the title. You also cannot mislead the user to get clicks.
  4. Finally, check to make sure that the content on the page referred by the push notification corresponds to the sales offer in the promo.

Types of headlines

Different types of selling titles we will show on the example of waterproof tattoo-brows «7 Days Eyebrow Tattoo».

Direct call to action

Address to the target audience of the offer directly and immediately describe the essence of the offer.

Example 1: “Eyebrow Tattoo”, description: “Effect of permanent makeup for up to 7 days”

Example 2: “Bright eyebrows, flawless form”, description: “Long-lasting eyeliner 7 Days Eyebrow Tattoo”

Hidden effect

The headline causes the user to ask aquestion, the answer to which he will find on the landing page. As a result, title spurs curiosity, implicitly affectingthe interest towardthe product.

Example 1: “Thick eyebrows without a permanent”, description: “After correction, apply waterproof …”

Example 2: “Expressive eyebrows every day,” description: “Once a week, apply waterproof …”

Novelty headline

This type of headline is often used in the press. The title is developed in the form of news and informs the user about something new. Novelty always arouses interest, such a push notificationis sure to get a click.

Example 1: “Anna Khilkevich against tattoo”, description: “The actress gives the shape of waterproof eyebrows”

Example 2: “New beauty industry:”, description: “thick eyebrows without tattoo for 7 days”

Titles with “how”

The headings in the form of a question encourage one to reflect on the text of the push notification and find the answer. So you can use such words as: how, why, where, what to do, why, etc.

Example 1: “How to maintain the shape of your eyebrows?”, description: “Persistent eyelining 7 Days Eyebrow Tattoo…”

Example 2: “How to model eyebrows?” description: “Apply a tattoo eyeliner in 1 minute …”

Question headline

A title in the form of a question must target the “pain” of the target audience, otherwise the user will ignore it or respond negatively.

Hense, try to give your target audiencewhat theyneed.

Example 1:“Do you want thick eyebrows?”, description: “Tattoo eyebrows – the effect lasts up to 7 days”

Example 2:“Perfect eyebrows ina minute?”, description: “Use 7 Days Eyebrow Tattoo”

Call to action

To call the user to action, put a verb in the first spotin the title.

The verb is the strongest part of the language of speech, this also was mentioned in the guide on the push-headlines. Let’s see how it works in practice.

Example 1: “Create the perfect shape of the eyebrows,” description: “7 Days Eyebrow Tattoo lasts up to 7 days!”

Example 2: “Forget eyebrow tattooing”, description: “Expressive look with waterproof …”


A title in the form of a response from a real user highlights to the target audience the value of the product or service.

Most noteworthy, the title review and description are in quotation marks. So the user understands that the push notification contains a quote from a real person.

Example 1: “I do not go for eyebrow correction “, description:” I model my eyebrowswith a new tattoo eyeliner ”

Example 2: “I forgot about eyebrow correction. “, description:” Eyebrows are bright for up to 7 days withtheeyeliner …”

One more piece of advice

Therefore, to make the push notification look complete and to make sure the coordination between the title and the description is maintained, write a short 75 character long text. Then break it into two parts.

As a result, push notification will be competent and logical for users.


Test different types of headlines on the nutra and consequently get high conversion rates from different GEOs.