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RichAds Team
How to set up RichPush retargeting
Retargeting is an effective way to return the user to the website and make them a lead for the same or similar offer.

After your retargeting is set up, users, who visited the landing page but for some reason didn’t register with the service or didn’t buy the product or didn’t make a deposit, start to receive push-notifications.

Why do we need retargeting?

According to statistics, 98% of users didn’t take the desired action on the landing page on their first visit. That is, only 2% of the landing page visitors are converted. So retargeting tasks:

  • return the audience to the landing page;
  • maintain their interest in the product;
  • improve conversion;
  • make leads, encourage users to engage.

How to start a retargeting campaign

Log in to your personal account on the RichPush advertising network.

Then go to existing campaign settings or create a new one.

Enable the User segments targeting setting item.

In the menu that popped up, go to Available segments, and expand the 2nd party data list:

Choose the retargeting type: Include or Exclude.

  • The Include option segments users who have been converted in previous campaigns.
  • The Exclude option segments the audience into those who haven’t taken the desired action in previous campaigns. You can run an advertising campaign for a similar but more attractive offer or re-send your ads by segment.

Retargeting setup is complete. Therefore, you can launch your campaign.

Additional questions on setting up and optimizing campaigns will be answered by a push-notification advertising network manager.

According to statistics, after setting up retargeting for the landing page, up to 68% of the target audience returns to that page. In other words, retargeting increases the conversion rate of new and ongoing campaigns.

Increase conversions of your campaigns, get those leads with RichPush.

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