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We all know how Global lockdown affected the betting industry. Most of the sports events were canceled during the pandemic. Is betting vertical still alive? We ask 3 experts to see the 3D picture of the current situation in Betting. Finally, we’ve collected all the useful tips in this Betting pack of knowledge. Now you can find all the answers about running successful betting campaigns in one place.

What’s inside the Betting pack of knowledge?

*webinar recording;

*presentation of all speakers;

*special e-book about Betting created especially for the webinar;

*list of bonuses and offers from speakers.  

👇Here it is👇

Who are our experts?

Dmitry Sergeev Elena Babichenko
Dmitry Sergeev
RichAds Head of Growth
Elena Babichenko
RichAds Head of Customer Success
Alex Grus
Business Development Manager at AdCombo

Affiliate Manager at MegaPari


📃What’s on the Webinar agenda?

Tomas makes a short overview of betting vertical during the pandemic and shows cases.

Alex shares 5 steps for the profitable start on push ads

Dmitry and Elena share main points on setting up a push ads campaign.

Main points:

  • Basics of sports betting and esports
  • Best sports and esports games to launch + GEOs
  • Main sports events in 2020
  • Different approaches to running ad campaigns
  • Testing tips
  • Push ads optimization

👇 Watch the webinar here 👇

Some words about e-book about Betting

The e-book contains all main steps: from choosing a popular sport, GEO, and an offer to tips on optimization.

A huge part of the e-book is dedicated to creatives strategies. We divided this part into two approaches:

  • regular;
  • dedicated to a particular sports event.

The e-book includes examples of images and headlines for both approaches.

Esports are also presented in the ebook. Why run esports? This part of the betting vertical showed huge growth in spring and saved a situation for the betting affiliate marketers. When you step your game up, you can change the focus from regular sports to growing esports anytime you like.

betting full guide for affiliate marketer download for free
Ebook “Betting Ad Campaigns Ultimate guide” inside

The best way to feel safer in these crazy times is to learn as quickly as possible. We are glad to share our knowledge and help you to avoid mistakes. Hope this amazing pack of Betting tips will help!


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