Adult Dating in Affiliate Marketing

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Adult Dating is one of the most profitable niches in affiliate marketing. It has been consistently converting for many years and shows a high ROI for marketers.

Trends are changing, but Adult Dating is always at the top of affiliate marketing offers. Below we will discuss the concept of the niche, ways to promote it, the best GEOs and traffic sources.

Definition of Adult Dating

Adult Dating — a concept that includes offers specializing in 18+ content. It includes such niches as porn, webcam, 18+ games, intimate toys. Creatives and landing pages with adult content are used to drive traffic to adult offers.

It is quite easy to make money on Adult Dating in 2023, because adult content is developing and becoming diverse, and everyone will be able to find a niche to their taste. Obviously, this kind of content is not affected by either the season or the pandemic, such queries are always at the top of search engines.

Also, every year more and more networks without restrictions on adult traffic appear, which opens up many perspectives for this niche. In 2022, RichAds also removed restrictions, you can now launch adult offers using landing pages and creatives 18+! You just need to ask for a whitelist of sources from your manager, and drive traffic to Adult Dating.

Traffic sources for Adult Dating in 2023

There are many traffic channels for launching Adult Dating, below we will discuss each source of traffic, as well as their pros and cons.

  • Instagram, Facebook and TikTok allow to segment the audience by age, gender, and interests. The main disadvantage of these sources is the censorship on creatives due to the content policy.
  • Native advertising. This is the most organic type of traffic, it is easily integrated into the site and looks natural, and attracts the user. The main disadvantage is that often the text and picture of the creative do not quite correspond to the offer, which deceives the user and lowers the credibility.
  • Push and in-page push ads. These formats have several advantages at once — the absence of censorship and banner blindness, as well as a low cost per click. These formats are among the cheapest in the industry, but they show a high CR.

Top GEOs for Adult Dating in 2023

In general, Adult Dating converts on different GEOs, we have collected data for you on best-performing countries at RichAds.

Pay special attention to these GEOs:

  • USA
  • Japan
  • China
  • Finland
  • Vietnam
  • France
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Denmark

Make sure to test Asian countries, they are becoming more and more popular for the Adult dating niche. If you are interested in a specific GEO for Adult dating, check the volumes with your manager.

Best tips to launch Adult Dating 

If you wish to get the maximum profit at the launch of Adult Dating offers, it is necessary to properly set up the campaign and choose the best settings. We have collected expert recommendations for launching Adult Dating campaigns for you.

Choose Premium traffic sources

When setting up a profitable campaign, choose Premium traffic sources. They show a CR that is 61% higher than the Standard group’s one. Also, whitelists for uncensored adult creatives consist of sources that belong to the Premium group of sources. If you wish to launch Adult at RichAds, ask for a whitelist of sources from you manager, creatives and landing pages with nudity can be launched only on specific sources.

Add at least 5-10 creatives per campaign

The key to getting the maximum result is testing several approaches to creatives at once, this will help you find the most converting options. Therefore, it is worth adding at least five creatives, they can be requested from your manager for free.

Also, such a number of creatives will allow you to analyze and segment your target audience and immediately target several groups of users and get a higher ROI.

Apply automated optimization

Obviously, optimization is the best way to reduce your costs and get into the desired conversion price. It allows you to target only sources with high CR and turn off the sources that do not bring conversions or bring too expensive leads.

However, the manual optimization process takes a lot of time and effort from the marketers, so you should use AI tools — Automated rules, Performance Mode, Target CPA. They will do all the work for you and save your time and money.

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