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Crypto niche in affiliate marketing is not at all about “hey guy, buy bitcoin.” It does not end with all well-known bitcoins and, so far, fresh dogecoins from Elon Musk.

What is the cryptocurrency niche in affiliate marketing

Conventionally, the vertical of the cryptocurrency can be divided into 4 directions. Each of this direction has its own characteristics and size of payments:

  1. Blockchain technology training

Blockchain is not only selling cryptocurrency but also tokens and other things related to this technology. The sense of such offers is to sell training on the blockchain topic. Although the payments are as large as in other types of offers ($250- $750), it is not easy to convert them: people do not want to study. They want to make money right away.

  1. Investments

The most popular direction is, of course, investing. You can invest in new cryptocurrencies, tokens, or crypto funds. If a potential client does not understand investing but wants to have passive income, he can be offered to share the income from his investments with a trader who will do business for him.

Such offers convert well, and the payouts are pleasant ($150- $750).

Offer training, investments, or auto trading to beginners but investments and trading to skilled specialists.

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  1. Trading

It’s self-serve cryptocurrency trading. The direction is hot, but it’s not easy to promote it. Why? See point one: people do not want to learn, they want to make money right away, and there is nothing to do without knowledge here.

  1. Auto trading

It’s another type of crypto trading, but the broker-provided robot will do all the work for the client. In both trading and auto trading, the payments will be like in investments. Promoting such offers in the USA, Europe, and Asia is better.

As a rule, the vertical of a cryptocurrency operates on a RevShare, CPA, or CPL model. The most desired one is still the CPA model (payment for a targeted action: for example, a deposit).

Pros and cons of the Crypto niche

Let’s start with the pros:

  • If you have experience with gambling — go to the crypto niche.
    User’s behavior here is very similar to the vertical of gambling, so with this experience, it’s easiest to start in the cryptocurrency niche.
  • Very pleasant payouts.
    In this regard, the vertical can compete with gambling. However, converting it will be a little more complicated. Therefore the rewards are pleasant: from $ 150 to $ 750.
  • There is no “hold” to check.
    This means that you will receive a payout as soon as the lead has performed the target action, usually a deposit.
  • The possibility of prepayment.
    This is, perhaps, the only vertical where you can get a prepayment. The thing that it may take time to make the clients pay the deposit. Your traffic costs may not be recouped immediately: people need time to decide about investment or training. A prepayment bonus will help you hold out until the first payout. 

Of course, there are also some disadvantages:

  • Finding a good affiliate program or broker is difficult since the niche is semi-legal.
  • The crypto vertical requires a solid approach to creatives and tests, exhausting for a marketer.
  • Channels such as social networks usually have various restrictions, so you will have to deal with it, and it is easy to get under an account ban.

What traffic to choose for launching a crypto campaign?

We can say that push notifications are awesome for running crypto ads.

In short, the reason is the golden combo: male audience + low traffic cost + many approaches are allowed.

How to choose geo for a crypto niche

You’ll be totally surprised! The people of Nigeria, Vietnam, and the Philippines own the most cryptocurrencies! So, you should use statistics to choose the right geo.

Top geos for launching crypto campaigns with RichAds

If we talk about the top geo for crypto in RichAds, they do not differ much from the list of countries where cryptocurrency is popular. There is also the Philippines (3rd place in popularity in the world), Peru (5th place), and Germany (8th place).

Top Countries for launching crypto offers at RichAds
Great Britain

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