Direct Click — Domain redirect traffic

Fresh advertising format
Warm audience
CR close to the Search ads
CPM from $1.5
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What is Direct
Click traffic?
Direct Click is a type of traffic that offers a user’s redirect from a parked domain to your landing page.
User makes a mistake when they type a query in search line
The redirect is triggered from the parked domain to the offer page
Run Direct Click
ads with a user-
friendly ad platform
Feature-rich, intuitive, and blazing fast advertising platform for modern performance advertising.
Precise reporting
Transparent spend
Flexible bidding
Personal manager support
Run Direct Click Ads
We have already collected a database of popular parked domain names and smart features for campaign optimization.
Duplicate your campaign into different formats in one click: push, pop, in-page.
See the forecast for the available volumes according to your targeting.
Micro Bidding
Set different bids for the exact parameters like country, device, etc.
Target CPA
Set a budget and conversion cost, and RichAds will obtain a conversion price for you.
Automated Rules
Set up the rules that will automatically create blacklists and whitelists.
Our internal Fraud Detection System cleans up to 3M suspicious activities each month so only real people interact with your ads. To make sure, we also check the traffic with Adscore system as a second-level protection.
Impression & Click Fraud prevention
Fake conversions preclusion
What industry leaders say
Thousands of PRO performance marketers have already tried RichAds.
Sevando Silva
Affiliate Marketing Expert
and Blogger
Working with RichPush’s interface was a breeze as the campaign manager works well, has a ton of targeting options and you can split test up to 10 creatives easily. After testing RichPush for a few weeks, I can say it’s a good network to get scale and test your campaigns. I like the features they have to test with fresh users and the smart CPA goal that optimizes your campaign for you once you get enough data.
Affiliate Marketing Expert
and Blogger
RichAds is a great place to scale your campaigns. They have very helpful staff who can give you good whitelists, and help you with what verticals work and how to optimize your campaigns. Best of all, unlike Facebook you don't have to worry about getting banned!
KJ Rocker
Affiliate Marketing Coach,
KJ Rocker blog
RichAds is one of the top push notifications networks in the market. Their team is highly talented and their traffic converts great.
Elisa Naranjo Picones
Head of Media Buying,
Actual Sales Group
RichAds is a platform that covers all the needs that an advertiser can have, from good prices, excellent volume, segmentation and optimization characteristics that fit the needs of each campaigns, to customer service which is always personalized, detailed and excellent.
Frederik Skovgaard-Holm
Vita Media Group
I want to recommend RichAds because of their great and fast support, which helps you to get cheaper conversions. Professional ad network that you can trust.
Direct Click —
Domain redirect
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