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Ad Format
Reach new audiences
through high-performing
ad formats
Use the power of our ad formats to capture new quality leads from premium sources.
Push ADS
Personal-like notifications or alerts similar to 1-to-1 messages on the user's screen.
Direct click
Brand new type of traffic with super high results (x10 higher results than on pop traffic)
Your ads will be as close as possible to the
content of the site.

No AdBlock restrictions.
No banner blindness.
Push notifications reach the audience with iOS devices. Doesn't need subscription. Protected from problems related to browser updates.
Ad tabs appearing under the previously visited page with no interruption of the user experience.
Hot new option
Turnkey advertising campaigns for affiliate marketers.
Fill in the form Give us your contact info and landing page url. We’ll create your ad account
Log in & add funds Start from $10000 on your balance
Approve the creatives We make banners in all required sizes
Press “Start” Your campaign is ready and the whitelists are applied
Our specialists will optimize your campaigns to get target ROI
Lifesaver for you if:
You want to scale your ad campaigns with new traffic sources
Your current ad network prohibits a blackhat vertical you’ve chosen for advertising
You are dissatisfied with the current ROI
You need help in launching your campaigns
Only clean traffic. No bots.
RichPush traffic is verified by AdScore
to prevent bot and low-quality human traffic
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