Watch the webinar ‘How to run successful gambling ad campaigns in 2020 with push traffic’

how to start with gambling ad campaigns
Experts with huge experience in gambling share their practical knowledge about successful gambling ad campaigns.

How to run Gambling and make a profit on it? ? We have prepared a special webinar for you. No one did the same before! Look at the Gambling niche on 3 sides: ad network, affiliate network, and iGaming solutions company.  

Also, we have prepared an e-book about the Gambling vertical!

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Who are our experts?

Dmitry Sergeev Elena Babichenko Olga Stoyan Zakhar Surov
Dmitry Sergeev
RichAds Head of Growth
Elena Babichenko
RichAds Head of Customer Success
Olga Stoyan
Chief Marketing Officer at Gamingtec
Zakhar Surov
Affiliate manager at Alfaleads

?What’s on Webinar’s agenda?

?Basics of gambling;

?Guide to planning successful push campaign;

?Which creatives work for gambling + examples;

?How, why, and when to use pre-landing pages;

?How to test offers, creatives, and approaches;

?How to optimize campaigns.

? Download the webinar recording  + e-book for free ?

Here are TOP pieces of advice from the experts:

Elena, RichAds

  1. Geos for Gambling offers

Traditionally, the Gambling vertical is most profitable in Tier 1 countries, including Germany, Canada, and Scandinavian countries. But these countries have high competition and higher bids and they are regulated more especially during the last few years.

Currently, the vertical is rapidly gaining momentum in:
? Asia (India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia);
? Africa (Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana);
? Latin America (Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil).
Probably I would start with an offer in Tier 1 and Tier 3 to start.    

2. Profile of your target audience

First of all, make a profile of your target audience. Gambling isn’t about men only, women gamble too. So, create ads that attract women as well. Secondly, start with 5-10 ads per campaign, 10 is better, plus, you can a/b test them.

3. Schedule and timing

Usually, people are more likely to gamble in the evening and on weekends. But I had a situation with one product when people started playing at 5 a.m. before going to work.

Currently, we have an obviously different situation, as people stay home. I personally recommend to run it all day long and then see when you get conversions.

4. Tips on creatives

Make shocking news. For example, a girl from London won 1M. It will be even better if you use a small town and don’t forget to add City macros in RichAds.

Olga, Gamingtec:

5. How to choose an offer for promotion? 

Analyze payment systems integrated into the project, and I mean both deposits and withdrawals.

6. Welcome bonus

This is extremely important for the local market. Remember that players first compare welcome bonuses in different projects and only then choose where to play. 

7. Special bonuses

If you provide significant traffic with high payback to the casino, then you can ask the project about special bonuses for your players. This way, unique bonuses will be your competitive advantage.

Zak, Alfaleads:

8. Pre-landers: to use or not? 

Always use pre-lander. Success stories are always the right choice, but you can always try something different, it may be some kind of game tips.

9. Coronavirus creatives

If you want to use coronavirus creatives, always ask your manager, because almost all casinos don’t accept them, unfortunately.

10. Don`t be afraid of the low rate because of only EPC matters.

Check the video below for even more…

? Download the webinar recording  + e-book for free ?

Download gambling webinar

Additional materials we will send you:

? Webinar recording itself;
? RichAds e-book “Gambling Ad Campaigns. Ultimate Guide”;
? Presentation “How to run successful gambling ad campaigns in 2020 with push traffic”;
? Special offers from Alfaleads;
? 2 bonuses from Gamingtec;
? Bonus from RichAds.

RichAds team hopes that these additional materials will help you to be successful in gambling ad campaigns with push traffic. 

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