Frequently asked questions

RichAds traffic and its features

What traffic does RichAds advertising network provide?

In the RichAds network, you can launch ad campaigns using push and pops (popunder) traffic. You can also get direct click ads (also known as domain redirect).

You can learn more about the direct click ads here.

Except for common push notifications you can also launch ad campaigns with in-page push notifications and calendar push ads. These types of push ads can be delivered to iOS users instead of usual push notifications.

In the RichAds network, you can also run mobile offers, such as click2call, and click2sms. Learn more about how they work here.

What are the top verticals for push campaigns at RichAds?

Top verticals on push notifications change from time to time. The thing is that push ads are sent to the subscriber base. These are real people who agree to receive push notifications. Customers can subscribe to push notifications and later unsubscribe.

As a result, the top niches of one advertising push network can change quite often: the audience changes, and their needs change.

The list of the top verticals at RichAds looks like this:

  • Antivirus (McAfee, Norton) – USA, GBR, JPN, GBR;
  • Utilities (cleaners) – PER, MEX, USA, BRA, COL;
  • Gambling – THA, IDN, BGD, ZAF, BRA, NGA;
  • Betting – BGD, ZAF, BRA, NGA, THA, IDN.

*This information is relevant for May 2022.

Every month, RichAds team share the latest data about what geos and verticals to launch at RichAds. You can find these posts in the blog under the tag “Best Geos And Verticals At RichAds”.

One more option to know more about the best offers and verticals is a manager. Your personal manager can always provide you with a list of current verticals. They are included with every deposit of $ 500. Your manager’s contacts will appear in the upper left corner of the ad account.

What are the top verticals for pop (popunder) ads campaigns at RichAds?

RichAds top verticals for pop ads are:

  • Dating;
  • Gambling;
  • Betting;
  • Apps & utilities.

*This information is relevant for May 2022.

You can find the latest updates about verticals and geos in the blog. Every month you can see new post with the latest updates under the tag “Best Geos And Verticals At RichAds” in the blog.

Where can I find statistics on GEOs on push and pops traffic?

Marketers can access the statistics under the Insights tab in the ad account. This tab can be found in the upper right corner. The Win Rate, Impressions, average, and top CPC for all available countries can be found there.

I have already had a negative experience with push traffic. How are you different?

RichAds’ uniqueness and quality of traffic make it stand out from its competitors. The platform employs the latest anti-bot solutions. Additionally, traffic is checked by an external tool — AdScore.

The Adscore team has been running the ad network for over 10 years. This experience helped them learn how to effectively monitor various types of fraudulent traffic in real-time. Now they provide their fraud detection services.

Several features are available on the platform for the convenience of affiliate marketers.

  • Micro bidding allows placing bids for multiple parameters within the same campaign,

  • Target CPA is a feature that helps to reach a given Cost per Action (Target CPA).

Payments, deposits, and loyalty program

Which payment models are available at RichAds ad network?

Push traffic is sold on a CPC basis. While pop and direct click traffic is sold on a CPM basis.

What is the minimum CPC for push traffic?

Minimum CPC for push notifications at RichAds starts from $0.003.

You can see recommended and minimum CPC for each country in the campaign’s settings after choosing the GEO.

What is the minimum CPM for pops traffic?

Pops traffic is sold on a cost-per-mille (CPM) basis. That means the marketer pays per 1,000 impressions.

The minimum price varies by country and starts from $0,5.

What is the minimum deposit at RichAds?

The minimum deposit for all RichAds clients is $150 (push, popunder, and direct click ad campaigns).

You can also get some bonuses using our loyalty program. For example, RichAds gives +5% to the first deposit if you add $3000 and more.

What payment methods are available?

You can make a deposit via Wire transfer, bank card, Сapitalist, or Payoneer.

Do you have a loyalty program for clients?

RichAds has 3 levels of advertisers: Rookie, Professional, and King (the most premium one). The level specifically depends on your ad spendings or a deposit size. RichClub Loyalty program gives the possibility to learn, use advanced optimization options, visit popular events all over the world, buy our merch for the collected points, and more.

You can also get some bonuses using our loyalty program. For example, RichAds gives +5% to the first deposit if you add $3000 and more.

Know more here.

Outreach to ad network: instruments, moderation, and help

What benefits will I get if working with an account manager?

Working with the account manager will significantly increase your profit.

Personal account manager:

  • will help to choose profitable verticals and combinations;
  • will look into the features of your campaign performance;
  • will provide a whitelist for your offer;
  • will help to choose a profitable GEO or create the chain of several GEOs you should start from;
  • will help to launch a campaign, set up black and white lists and top features: Micro bidding and Automated rules.

You will see the contact of your personal manager as soon as you deposit at least $500.

What targeting options are available on the platform?

Record numbers of targeting options are available in RichAds:

  1. country;
  2. region & city;
  3. device;
  4. device model;
  5. OS;
  6. browser;
  7. connection type;
  8. browser language;
  9. carrier;
  10. ISP;
  11. IP;
  12. time & schedule by week;
  13. New Subscribers Only (for push traffic only);
  14. Subscribers lists (zones for pop traffic);
  15. publishers;
  16. separate websites;
  17. groups of sources — Premium, Standard, New, and Remnant.

Any affiliate marketer can enable the option to receive Mainstream traffic only at RichAds.

What tracking tools are integrated with RichAds?

RichAds is integrated with 16 trackers (to be updated):

  1. BeMob
  2. Kochava
  3. Keitaro
  4. PeerClick
  5. Binom
  6. FunnelFlux
  7. Kintura
  8. Voluum
  9. AdsBridge
  10. Appsflyer
  11. RedTrack
  12. OctoTracker
  13. Thrivetracker
  14. TrackingDesk
  15. Branch
  16. CPV Lab Pro

Integrated trackers allow monitoring your ad campaign results according to set parameters and analyzing traffic more precisely.

Contact your account manager or technical support for help if your tracker is not listed. They will help you deal with integration.

What useful features and instruments can I find on the platform?

All the instruments that make the work with ad campaigns easier are built into the RichAds platform.

For push and pop ad campaigns, you can set up the following functions:

Target CPA automatically figures out sources that convert better and make them prior to the sources converting worse. So, the conversion price decreases, and the campaign get more conversions for the targeting price.

Performance Mode is a feature that provides the most converting and suitable traffic for your campaign settings. Every week the algorithm will update white and black lists for your campaign to have maximum CR. Learn more how to increase CR and reduce CPA with Performance mode here.

Optimizer is a new interface that allows you to manage your targeting directly from the statistics page, helping optimize the ad campaign as quickly as possible. Due to this function, you can quickly check statistics on targeting settings, disable ineffective elements, and add them to a block- or whitelist.

Automated rules help to automate the process of optimization. Spend just 5 minutes to set up parameters for black- and whitelists, and they will continue working automatically. The system will analyze statistics and input results in the campaign.

Micro bidding is the flagship feature that allows making different bids for different parameters of one campaign.

All these functions will work if you set up conversion tracking on the RichAds side.

How long the moderation of my campaign will take?

The moderation in RichAds goes 24/7.

In the daytime, the campaigns pass moderation maximum in 30-50 minutes. At night moderation may take up to 90 minutes.

Why was my campaign declined?

The most often reason for the decline is incorrect creative content. Here are the most frequent mistakes:

  1. Inconsistency between creative and offer (creative for casino and landing page with nutra).
  2. Using aggressive or too defiant visuals (intimate scenes or disguised genitals).
  3. Using shock creatives (nasty photos with symptoms or images of diseases, and vermins).
  4. Fraudulent offers (for example, “You are lucky, you won 1 million. To get your prize, pay the $5 commission with your credit card”).
  5. Use of unreliable facts (creatives with the following text are prohibited. “There are 3 viruses on your computer. Scan it immediately”).
  6. Mention of famous pharmaceutical brands (you can’t promote famous medicines (for example, antibiotics), mention famous brands (for example, No-Spa)).
  7. Use of forbidden content.

Know more about the reasons for creatives’ decline and find the full list of the prohibited content with the examples here.

My campaign has passed moderation but there is no traffic yet.

There are a few reasons:

  • your account is not active. It may happen if you launch your first campaign in our ad network. In this case, contact support or your personal manager.
  • too low bid, that’s why you don’t win in the bidding. Try to increase the bid size.
  • some campaign settings are contradictory. For example, if you’ve chosen desktop targeting for Android OS. In this case, your campaign will not be shown users until you fix the problem.
  • campaign schedule can be configured to start in another day or day or time of day. Check your schedule settings.

If you failed to set up your campaign on your own ask support or personal account manager for help.

What is the structure of push traffic sources and why should I know it?

To make black and white lists you need to understand the structure of traffic sources which is used in a certain ad network.

Sublists are the largest sources which consist of different publishers. Publishers are made of different websites.

If you want to blacklist the largest source (sublist) and disable the large traffic volume blacklist this source. If you want to be more precise and disable only those websites which don’t work now blacklist them.

What is the structure of pop traffic sources and why should I know it?

To make black and white lists you need to understand the structure of traffic sources which is used in a certain ad network.

Zones are the largest sources which consist of different publishers. Publishers are made of different websites.

I have paused my campaign but the money is still withdrawing. Why?

In push traffic, the payment is made not for impressions but the clicks. As soon as you won in the bidding your push notifications are sent to the users. If at that time the device was switched off the user will get push notification later when he switch the device on. Sometimes the user clicks the notification a few days after he gets it. If the user clicks on push notification the CPC will be written this very moment.

The money may be withdrawn after the user pauses the campaign if the user clicks push notification much later.

Do you have API?

Yes, in RichAds you can manage your campaigns via API. To set up this function contact your personal manager or support.

Also, you can find more information and set up API using the way shown on the screenshot.

How to … / Manuals

How to launch your push campaign?

RichAds experts will tell you how to launch your first push campaign and what to pay attention to in this article.

You can also learn more about successful launches in the article about 10 main push notification rules.

How to launch a popunder campaign?

Find a step-by-step manual about popunders here.

Here is a list of pro tips to increase your chances with pop ads written by the expert Servando Silva.

How to optimize push campaign?

At RichAds you can find some great features for push and pop campaigns optimization:

Spend a few minutes to know how to set set up black and whitelists, Micro bidding and see the examples of automated rules configuration.

Find a great step-by-step tutorial about optimization you can find here.

How to set up conversion tracking or postback integration?

Conversions tracking is necessary for correct optimization. It helps to transfer conversion data to the ad network. Which source the user came from, what device he used, OS, and other parameters are essential for optimization.

You can set up conversion tracking using postback.

Thanks to conversion tracking you will get access to unique platform features:

  • Micro bidding;
  • Automated rules;
  • Target CPA.

If you set up conversion tracking you will have access to full reports and more detailed statistics than our competitors offer. First of all, we speak about statistics according to the results of the bidding. Win rate flagship feature shows how much traffic the campaign buys in a certain source and helps to decide on the increasing or decreasing traffic flow.

  • Whach the webinar to learn more about how to set up postback here.
  • Find more about conversion tracking here.
  • Find short instruction on setting up postback here.
  • Learn how to set up S2S postback like a pro with Tracking Wizard from RichAds here.