Target CPA 2.0: Automate Optimization and Get Fast Conversions

Each new year gives advertisers more and more surprises. The affiliate marketing sphere is constantly growing. Sometimes it’s not easy to keep one’s finger on the pulse and measure change over time.

One of the best instruments for automatic optimization is Target CPA. Recently, the RichAds developers team made this feature even more effective. 

In this article, we will tell you how to make the most of your ad campaigns with minimum investments of time ??

What is Target CPA?

Target CPA automatically identifies the sources that convert better and prioritize them over the sources where the number of conversions is lower so your ad spend becomes more efficient. Therefore, the cost per conversion goes down, and the campaign receives more conversions at the targeted price.

This function is also known as the target CPA goal.

How does the feature work?

The algorithm of the feature consists of 2 phases: 

  1. warm_up
  2. launched

In the first stage (warm_up) the algorithm evenly buys up traffic and removes non-converting or too expensive sources. After a campaign has spent enough money, it is put into launched mode. At this stage, the algorithm selects the optimal bids to get conversions at the target price. Set target CPA and see how it would work for your advertising campaigns.

What are the benefits of Target CPA for advertisers?

The algorithm automatically:

  • sets up the best start-up sources to get the first conversions quickly;
  • filters non-converting sources;
  • selects the best bids to get conversions at the target price.

How to set up Target CPA?

1. Set up conversion tracking and get the first test conversion.

2. Choose Target CPA as an optimization strategy.

3. Set up advanced targeting.

4. Set up a daily budget.

5. Set up Target CPA.

Target CPA automatically identifies the sources that convert better to help you earn more and spend less. This is the top feature that helps to make a profit. Would you like to try it right now?

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