Pre-Landing Page Examples for Leading Verticals

Pre-landing page “warms up” the audience before they perform your desired action. On push and native ads, pre-landing pages really help to get conversions!

If users are immediately directed through a push notification to the landing page, the conversion will drop. Therefore, pre-landers are used to improve the performance of campaigns.

Why do we need pre-lander?

In the arbitrage, a pre-landing page “warms up” the audience before they perform your desired action.


  • increases user’s interest in the product;
  • provides comprehensive information;
  • clearly demonstrates the results;
  • increases motivation resulting in getting leads;
  • eliminates untargeted traffic.

What should we consider creating pre-landing page for affiliate marketing?

1. TA

Determine the target audience for your intended offer. This way, it will be easier to create a unique selling proposition and highlight the benefits that “hook” the user, hence, securing guaranteed lead generation.

2. Warranties and Reviews

Usually, to increase audience loyalty, product reviews are posted on pre-landing pages. You can also build customers’ trust with:

  • product certificates;
  • medically confirmed product safety;
  • celebrity interviews;
  • reviews and feedback from opinion leaders (e.g. a world poker champion);
  • warranties on the product or results.

3. Storytelling

It is a marketing ploy that uses cases and stories to encourage the target audience to perform the intended action. Simply put, tell the user an interesting story about your product.

Try to avoid:

  • humor, otherwise, the user will quickly lose their trust in the product;
  • aggressive encouragement and calls to action;
  • obvious deceptive practices and scams.

Pre-Landing Pages Examples for Different Verticals


The purpose of the pre-landing page: to motivate the user to become a lead; to convince them that they don’t lose anything. On the contrary, they might get a valuable prize.

For example, you can use pre-landing questionnaires for sweepstakes: “Are you satisfied with your phone?” The pre-landing page button leads to the landing page and can encourage users to take action: “Win a new phone.”

RichAds revealed what attracts the target audience in the “Complete guide to sweepstakes in affiliate marketing”. The same techniques can be used for the pre-lander. You can offer your users to try their luck by spinning the wheel of fortune. The button might say “Take the prize.”

Sweepstakes for pre-landing pages can look like a gift shopping page. The buttons, of course, will lead to the landing page for the user to register or fill out the participation form to enter the giveaway.

how to run sweepstakes


The purpose of the pre-landing page: to eliminate untargeted traffic. For the adult vertical pre-landing page, you need softcore images, meaning something light and neutral, not aggressive.

For example a softcore image of a gorgeous girl and a button with a warning or question regarding the user’s age. This is a classic pre-lander for this vertical. After clicking the button, the user proceeds to the landing page with “adults only” content.


The purpose of the pre-landing page: to demonstrate that online casinos are easy money and interesting simple games.

For example, the pre-lander is designed as a free online game. After passing it, the user will get a bonus when registering or making a deposit. Upon the victory, the user would want to play more, which means that they are ready to become a lead.

On the pre-landing page, you can place a tempting offer with a button saying “Play Now” or “Hit the Jackpot”, etc.

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The purpose of the pre-landing page: tell a success story and show the results after using the product. This is where storytelling comes in handy.

For example, the pre-landing page looks like an article on an informational website. These pages contain reviews, comments, photos, social media buttons. Generally speaking, the pre-landing page looks like a full-fledged informational website. The buttons on the page offer to go to the official website of the manufacturer or supplier to order the product.


The purpose of the pre-landing page: show the real results after using the product. You can use before/after photos, opinions of doctors, comments, analysis of the ingredients, and overviews of the product’s properties.

For example, the landing page is the same as the one for the goods vertical, so that it looks like an article about the success of TV hosts or actresses. Oftentimes, most common are the stories of ordinary girls, so that everything looks believable. In this case, the pre-lander should look like a personal blog of the girl or her interview. The abundance of photos and touching, sentimental stories are welcome.


The purpose of the pre-landing page: to show the graphics in all its glory, to make users interested in the gameplay.

For example: on the pre-landing page, there might be colorful screenshots, a promotional video about the game, a small description. Usually, it’s a single-page pre-lander, and the button says “Play” or “Download”.


Above all, a pre-landing page should dispel all doubts and answer all questions of the target audience. In this case, there’s not much to do: when a user goes to the landing page, they are already prepared to become a lead.

A high-quality and interesting pre-lander is a guarantee of high conversion with RichAds push-notification ads.

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