How to make money on Nutra in 2021?

Nutra vertical remains popular in marketing over the years. In this article, we will tell you how to make money on nutra in 2021. Special for you, we’ve prepared a list of urgent life hacks that will help to make a buck on nutra offers.

Nutra vertical remains popular in marketing over the years. Weight loss products, biologically active and sports supplements, male potency drugs, health products, and beauty goods — all these are parts of Nutra vertical very often run by advertisers. In this article, we will tell you how to make money on Nutra in 2021. Special for you we’ve prepared the list of urgent life hacks that will help to make a buck on Nutra offers.

Сhoose the right traffic source

If your budget is low pay attention to push and pop traffic. For example, the first one differs in low deposits. It allows partially testing different offers. 

Regardless of push traffic, pops became especially popular on mobile devices, since they can be displayed even on iOS. Use this tendency when launching your campaigns.

Native ads also work well with weight loss products, beauty goods, and biologically active supplements. The traffic is high-quality but more expensive. Сhoose traffic sources with a loyal pricing policy unless you want to spend huge budgets. 

Facebook is one more option but here the probability of bans is higher.

Work with COD-offers

Cash-On-Delivery (COD) model is the most popular in Nutra vertical. The user leaves his data in a special field on the landing page and then he is contacted by the call center. The payment for the parcel itself is made upon receipt. Usually, foreigners buy the products with no denials that’s why affiliate marketers don’t have problems of approval. 

Direct Sales are less popular as not all users want to leave their private data on an unknown website. But this type of payment also has an important advantage – the affiliate marketer gets money right after the purchase. 

One more model is Trial. The user leaves his credit card data on the landing page and specifies the delivery address. If the data is valid affiliate network pays out the reward. Then the user gets the product’s probe and paid subscription to further purchases. The percentage of each purchase is charged to the affiliate marketer.  

The choice is actually yours but we recommend working with COD-offers. 

Choose the offer which gets into the user’s “pain”

First, you need to understand if the product is popular in the country you’ve chosen as a GEO. The most competent decision is to consult with affiliate network’s managers – they are interested in affiliates’ income more than anyone. 

To choose an offer, use special services, for example, Google Trends. Do not opt for the variants that have already played out and now don’t show good results on the market. Meanwhile, the market shouldn’t be overstocked with the product – only this way you can get a significant profit. 

While choosing a nutra offer it’s important to take into account psychological factors. Imagine yourself being a customer and think of YOUR problem the product can solve. When you get into the client’s “pain” it’s easier to make landing pages and creatives. In this case, the probability of conversion will definitely be higher. 

Choose profitable GEO

The campaign’s success depends on choosing GEO. Here are the countries we recommend choosing for running Nutra offers: 

  • India

There is a demand for weight loss products, male potency drugs, and hair care products as well as ayurvedic supplements (tea and oils).

  • Thailand

Male potency products and medicine from vermins are popular in Thailand.

  • Germany

The leading position in Germany goes to famous cosmetic brands and products for teeth-whitening. 

  • France and Great Britain

Food additives and beauty products are popular there. 

Offers from Asian countries are on the hype among affiliate marketers over the years. The payouts are less there but it is offset by low bids and huge traffic volumes. Pay attention to the EU countries. The bid is higher there but the traffic also has much higher quality. 

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Make unique pre-landing and landing pages 

The combination “pre-landing + landing page” usually works well with nutra offers. Before making a purchase the user gets into both pages but the role of pre-lander is even more important. It prepares the user for the purchase and forms his loyalty to the product. 

You can pack the pre-landing page in the Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Bright images and attractive phrases will just warm things up. The crucial point is originality. The market is saturated with the same bundles that’s why individuality will help to stand out from the crowd. 

A landing page is the “face” of your ad campaign – try to focus on it. Think of the text’s structure, positions of buttons, images, and text. Track the tech issues. Broken links and endless loading are very common problems that may affect the conversion rate. 

Define the idea of your offer: the “creative + pre-landing + landing page” combination should have a common design and idea. 

Nutra is one of the top verticals in RichAds ad networks. Both newbies of affiliate marketers and experienced affiliates can successfully work with this niche. It’s possible to make a profit almost in any GEO. There is a strong demand for these products and it’s not likely ever run out at all.

Run Nutra offers and be trendy in 2021.

Choose promising advertising offers and profit from RichAds traffic.

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