Examples of the best weight loss creatives

Examples of the best weight loss creatives for push traffic

Offers with weight loss products are converted well with push traffic all year round. New Year and Christmas time is the peak of weight loss offers. Before Christmas people are preparing for the new year and want to look attractive in their festive outfits. Many of them aim to lose weight and start a new life. Today we will consider the most successful approaches to the best weight loss creatives for push traffic.

Traditional weight loss creatives

Nutra Creative’s Example #1

Icon: different scale variants.

Including kitchen scales, if you want to underline that now it’s not necessary to weigh products and count calories.

Creative’s image: “before” vs. “after” photos are always very popular. 

Headline and message: they focus on the profit from using a certain product. How many kilos you can lose and for what period of time. 

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Nutra Creative’s Example #2

Icon: photos or images of slim people. 

Creative’s image: shows result achieved. 

Headline and message: keep suspense without naming the way of weight loss.

Examples of the best weight loss stuff creatives

Nutra Creative’s Example #3

Icon: desirable result.

Creative’s image: shows statistics. It can be compared with other methods of weight loss or weekly statistics: -3 kilos for the first week, -4 kilos for the second week, and so on. 

Headline and message: point to the profit from using the product and compare this method with others. 

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Examples of Christmas weight loss creatives

Nutra Creative’s Example #1 

Icon: fully or partially copies the main image.

Such an approach allows maximizing the impact on the user by repeating the main message which is encrypted in the main image. 

Creative’s image: step-by-step weight loss.

Headline and message: affect the user’s “pain”, inform the user about weight loss details (how fast he can lose weight and how many kilos). Use the “without going hungry” phrase to make the message more loyal. 

christmas weight loss creatives for nutra vertical with push traffic

Nutra Creative’s Example #2

Icon: shows the heart of the matter.

Creative’s image: “before” vs. “after” trick is combined with the image of a dressed-up girl who achieved her goal.

Headline and message: affect the user’s “pain” and promise the solution. 

Cool creative is just half of the battle when it comes to launching of push traffic campaign. But using the same images means a direct way to low CTRs. Just imagine how many similar push notifications the user will see and the possibility he’ll click exactly yours. 

The best solution here is to use some approach or idea and replace the images and text with similar ones. Thus you will increase your chances to get profit. 

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