Top 6 weight loss landing page examples

Weight loss is an evergreen niche in the Nutra vertical: everyone is struggling to get rid of excess weight and get a “perfect body”. That is why media buyers need to understand how to work with weight loss offers so that they bring money.

The first step here is to find the right landing page. This is what we’ll be talking about in this article. 

Good landing pages and creatives are a key to your success regardless of the vertical. It’s important that you have the right text and images that will trigger a potential customer. 

However, each vertical has its own peculiarities that you have to take into consideration. In this article the team of the RichAds ad network will take a look at different weight loss landing page examples, their features and effectiveness and discuss if weight loss products are a promising direction for media buyers.

Does the weight loss niche have good potential? 

So many celebrities around the world are now on their weight loss journey using medicine for diabetics, one of the most popular among them being Ozempic. Plus-size seems to be getting out of style and everyone is pursuing slim figures. 

While Ozempic is a serious medicine that treats diabetes and has a lot of restrictions, dietary supplements for weight loss can be viewed as a safer option to reduce weight and not suffer from any unpleasant side effects.  

Weight loss supplements have always been and will remain relevant, and we can expect a surge of interest in it in the nearest future. The more natural and safe they are presented, the more willing customers they will get. Which means there’s always a target audience you can reach with weight loss offers. 

Landing and pre-landing pages – what are their features?

A landing page is a page where a customer is brought to make a purchase. A pre-landing page is a page that appears before the landing page where we persuade the customer to buy the product. 

You can read more about pre-landing pages, their purpose and types in our glossary – Pre-landing pages.

What do a good pre-landing and landing page do? 

  • Give more information about the product. An ordinary customer will be quite skeptical about any supplements from the internet, so we need to make the user believe the product is legit and will help with their problem. 
  • Offer solution to the problem. Besides the fact that we give information about the product, a pre-landing page should show the exact effect it will have on the user and how this effect is reached. 
  • Show reviews from customers that made it. Seeing testaments from other people, the way they changes thanks to the product will surely convince the user that this supplement will solve their problem. 

Now let’s have a look at different weight loss landing page templates and what purpose they serve. 

Weight loss landing and pre-landing page examples 

Basically, most pre-landing and landing pages will resemble each other, the only difference will be in the way the product is presented.

One of the simplest versions of a landing page is a presentation of the product. No beating around the bush, straight to the point. Here you can “Order Now” or ask questions about the product. As easy as that.

While this landing page will bring some orders, it will not be as effective as having a pre-lander with stories.

One of the best examples is a pre-lander with a success story that made it to the news. Here we see how a person after a successful weight loss journey turns into an unrecognizable version of herself. 

Will this story motivate potential buyers? It will, especially those who are dreaming of starting a new life and distancing themselves from the older, heavier version of themselves. 

What you can also use is a story of the “miracle product” in the news. Here we see a whole news article on a prominent news outlet that reports how this supplement made it in Shark Tank, a popular show for entrepreneurs.

You can also see testaments from customers with a before and after picture that shows that the product works. 

One more success story that will work is a celebrity story. How did a celebrity lose so much weight in such a short period of time and become a more attractive version of themselves?

Here we use the dream of people to be more like the people they see on their screens: slim, good-looking, successful. And the weight loss supplement makes you one step closer to this dream. 

There is also another type of landing pages that brings great results: talking with experts

Such pre-landing pages usually have: 

  • The name and a photograph of the expert – usually a doctor or a person connected with health organizations; 
  • News format: they are either published in a news outlet or on an official website of a health organization. 

In the example below we see the product and the person who recommends it – a board certified dietitian. We see the photo, all of his titles and his experience in the field. 

Another version of this diet landing page is a story of a prodigy creating a super successful weight loss supplement. It is usually presented as a news article, detailing how the product was created, what is so unique about it and the effect it has. 

Key elements of a diet landing page 

We have looked at different weight loss landing page designs and can draw some conclusions as to what constitutes a working landing page:

  • An engaging headline: preferably with stating the problem and the ways to solve it; 
  • Reference to authoritative sources of information:: health organizations, news channels, popular shows etc.; 
  • An interesting weight loss story: that will show how this person did it and what good happened to them after the weight loss (a new husband, a good job, etc.);
  • Creatives that match the story: before and after pics, photos of experts (anything that relates to the story).

Don’t forget that a user should easily find the button “Order Now” or “Buy”. The more clicks and steps the client journey has, the worse are your chances of getting a conversion. 


Take all of the weight loss landing and pre-landing pages as examples, tailor them to your offer and target audience and you’re good to go! 

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