Guide: Titles for Financial Offers

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RichPush push notification ad network has prepared a guide on titles of financial offers. The guide will teach you how to increase CTR by using titles and get more leads.

Target audience

The target audience for financial offers is people who are:

  1. unhappy with their level of earnings;
  2. looking for opportunities to quickly increase revenue or obtain short term loans
  3. interested in proven profit schemes.

The headline should target the “pain point” of the target audience. Show that after clicking on the push notification, the problem will be solved.

Title formulas

The title of the push is the first thing that the user sees. The recipient of the notification needs only 3 seconds to read the title and understand if he/she is interested in the proposal. Therefore, the main task of the title is to quickly draw attention and generate interest.

Consider the formulas of converting titles on the example of the Binatex binary options offer.

Note: the length of the title in the push is 30 characters, the length of the description is 45 characters.

Specific terms

[System] [benefit]

Binatex: deposit of $1,000

And no annoying calls from a broker


[Problem] [time]?

To raise the income in 3 days?

Trade for free with the Binatex binary options


[Time] [event]

The revenue will triple in one month

Earn with Binatex, a reliable broker

Obvious benefit

[Verb] [system] [benefit]

Earn one million by trading

Binatex — trading with turbo and binary options


How to [benefit] [product]

How can you earn money with Binatex?

Training on trading, a virtual deposit of $1000


[Verb] effortlessly [product]

Earn money effortlessly with Binatex

The minimum threshold to start trading is $10


[Benefit] [time]

Earn your first $100 today

Trading with Binatex binary options


How to [verb] [offer]?

How to earn money with trading?

Interactive training on trading with Binatex


Do you want to [benefit] rapidly?

Do you want to become rich quickly?

Trade with binary options at no charge!


[Product]: fast

Make money with trading in a short time!

Binatex is real-time trading


Announcement for [person]

Announcement for traders

Free market with binary options!

Creatives for push notifications

For crews of financial and credit offers, you can choose a photo of banknotes. Pick an image with the currency of the country you are targeting.

An example of creative for push notification

Banknotes in the wallet

Localized creatives with a national flag or national symbols will work too.

A waving flag

Depending on the geo of the offer, you can use a celebrity photo as a visual. Such creatives increase the credibility of the offer and appeal to the user.

A celebrity photo as a visual


To improve the effectiveness of an ad, use the formulas of selling titles for financial offers and other push notifications. Benefit from your blasts with pushes from RichPush.