Pops Advertising: How to Earn on Pop ads in 2022?

If you are not a newbie on the Internet you might have seen pop-up windows offering something. Popads banner has ever caught each user at least once? Actually, huge outreach and great volumes are the peculiarities of pop up advertising. Is it possible to earn on pop ads? The answer is YES!

“Pops campaign? Oh no, it’s too old and doesn’t work nowadays!” Guys, you are wrong! Pop ads are still alive! Pop up ads help to earn money for a lot of marketers. Popunder traffic advertising is something that anyone can deal with, of course, if they know the keys. This article will dwell on what popups, popunders, and clickunders are, where to buy and how to earn on pop ads in 2022.

A short history of Pops ads

Let’s have a short walk into history. Pops advertising is one of the oldest types of web ads. And is it still alive? Yes, sure! Good things never went away. 

Everything began in 1997 when the first small window popped up on the page of Tripod.com. Ethan Zuckerman created it. 

The main idea was to catch as much attention as possible and add space for ads on the page. The idea was great, but the execution was a little bit annoying. Some of the banners were programmed to run away from the cursor or were too hard to close. Early 2000 made this ad format a lousy reputation. The good news is the following: times change and ad formats too. Pops advertising was reborn like a phoenix from super annoying windows that were hard to close to profitable ad format. Now it’s time to tell you how to make money with pop up ads.

The example of an offer promoted via popads banner
The example of an offer promoted via popads banner

What are popups, and popunders?

First, let’s deal with the terms. Pops, popups, popunders, and clickunders: what does it all mean? Is it the same thing or not? You will know the answer in just a minute!

Let’s start from the very beginning: a new window that appears up or under the opened window is an example of pop ads or popup advertising (=pops). 

Depending on the spot where the pop appears they are divided into:

  • popup — a new tab appears over the page you’ve been on;
  • popunder or clickunder — a new tab appears under the initial page.
What are popups, and popunders?

As you have already understood, popup is the most aggressive form of pops ads. It is both advantage and disadvantage. On the one hand, their intruding helps to achieve high ROI. But on the other hand, this format can be too annoying, so the users will close the popups even without seeing the content. 

In comparison with popups, the idea of using popunders looks much more attractive. This type of pops has a higher possibility to be seen. After finishing their own tasks the user will notice the popup and may get interested in its content. At this point, they are likely to look into the offer than when they are interrupted in the middle. 

Clickunder is also a type of pop ads. The difference with popunder is that a user gets to the offer page not after closing the pop-up window, but when he clicks on any place on the site. The thing is that the site with a clickunder has an overlaid grid on top of the main window, it is not visible to the user, however, when he clicks on it, the script redirects him to a new tab with an offer.

Both types of pops show nice results if the offer is proper. Mind the offer’s peculiarities while choosing between popup and popunder and looking for an appropriate pop ads network.

Why you should try pop ads: pros and cons

Lots of affiliates make money with popups. It’s very popular among newbies and experienced affiliates. There are several reasons for it. Let’s figure out the pros and cons of this ad format. 

Cons of pops ads:

  • They may annoy users. That’s why it’s so important to set up the impressions’ frequency of your offers not to overtire your audience and not to lose money.
  • Pops can affect the SEO of websites. We can’t be 100% sure but you should keep it in mind if you want to monetize your websites using pops. 
  • There is bot traffic. It is said that pop traffic is full of bots. However, each network is constantly improving its instruments of blocking bot traffic to protect its reputation. It’s important to choose a popunder ad network with high-quality traffic.
Why should you try pop ads: pros and cons

Pros of pops ads:

  • The easiest format to master.
    For earning with pop ads you don’t have to use creatives (as in other ad formats). The only element you need is a converting landing page. That’s what we call popads banners. The fewer elements between the customer and the target action, the easier it will be to test and learn.
  • Pop up ads cost is low.
    How much do pop up ads cost? Pop traffic is cheaper than Facebook, Instagram, paid search, or native ads. It works according to the CPM (cost-per-mille) model where you pay for 1000 impressions. For this type of traffic, it’s the same as CPC (cost-per-click), since the conversion to the landing page occurs right after the click. CPM is used to make the calculation more convenient.

    It seems that nothing good may be cheap. But it’s wrong for pops advertising. The main benefit of them — you still can find cheap pops traffic in the best popup ad networks. Magic!

  • Huge traffic volumes and widest audience outreach.
    Pops can be seen on different entertaining websites with a huge number of users. Audience size depends on the pop ad network you choose.

  • Pop ads traffic works with consumer goods.
    The audience here is quite diverse.

  • Pops are adapted for different devices (desktops, laptops, mobiles, and tablets) and platforms (unlike push notifications they work with iOS).

  • Easy to launch.
    You need a traffic source (pop ad network), offer, and landing page. A landing page you can find in the affiliate network. You don’t have to think of creatives and banners.
how to make money with pop ads

Wait: should we still use pop ads in 2022?

While new ad formats appear, some advertisers are still faithful to good old ad formats like pop advertising. To make a long story short, here are some main points why you should try popunders today.

⚡ Everybody heard about banner blindness. Today only 2 ad formats may say that they are more or less fighting it. The first one is push ads; the second one is pops ads. An excellent alternative to display ads is finally found!

⚡ One of the great advantages of popads banners is that they show higher CTR than banner ads. It’s tough to ignore them. If the landing page is exact and the offer is good — nothing interferes with you from getting profit.

⚡ Speaking about CTR, it’s hard to ignore one more parameter, ROI. The low cost of one impression and high visibility make this format one of the best-performing ones. Some campaigns show a boost of the ROI up to 150-200%.

The example of offer promoted via pops
The example of offer promoted via pops

What affiliate marketing experts think about popunder traffic advertising in 2022

Pops can still be a good source of revenue in 2022. Popunder traffic was supposed to be dead years ago, but here we are in 2022 still discussing it.


Nick Lenihan, Affiliate Marketing Expert

I’ve been running popup traffic for about 15 years, and I’ve managed about 15.000 pop media buyers over the years. Pops have been a reliable source of traffic for affiliates for a long time, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. The volume of traffic available is still pretty high, and it’s CHEAP.

You need to be creative or find an affiliate offer with a great landing page, but there is still a lot of potential for making revenue with pops.

Luke Kling, Affiliate Marketing Expert, rules premium affiliate community affLIFT

How to generate pop traffic?

Now you know a little bit more about this type of ads. It’s time to focus on another important point: how to generate it?

The user goes to the page with his favorite series. As a rule, such entertaining sources contain special code whereby the popup appears. Sometimes the user can be interrupted by the new page opened over the main one.

How can the user trigger this?

To go to the page with a special Javascript code or to click a certain part of the page is enough for the new window to appear. In other cases, the user also has to click the button or try to close a popup to trigger a new tab.

If the user deals with a popup, the advertising page will close a proper screen. But to return to his page he will have to perforce see the content of the popup. If the page looks attractive and the offer is timely the possibility to get conversion is quite high. The key point is to find your target audience.

pop ads earning
The key point is to find your target audience

What difficulties may everybody face running pops and how to deal with them?

A lot of people think that because it is cheap traffic that it can generate revenue right away. Sometimes you will spend 100$ and not convert anything. It is all about understanding the type of pop traffic you are getting and the quality of it. I try to tell other advertisers to treat pop as an impression and not like a click. The assumption that it acts like a click doesn’t mean that you generate any sort of revenue.

Ian Fernando, Affiliate Marketing Expert

Briefly with RichAds: Start with pop traffic read here.

Landing page: the key to conversion

How to use popads? Pop ads earning fully depends on the landing page with the offer. This is the first and only possible chance to grab the user’s attention. One more argument why pops ads are good for beginners: no more creatives are needed.

Conciseness and clarity of the message on the landing page are crucial speaking about pop ads. The user doesn’t have time to read huge texts with all the pros and cons of your offer. 

Choose a landing page with short texts and large font sizes — such pages should be maximum clear and notable. 

Use clear calls to action (“click” and “register”) and bright images that can interest the user just in a second.

pop up ads earn money
The example of an offer promoted via pops

The other practice to convert pop campaigns successfully is to use pre-landing pages. Sometimes moments of gamification and engagement means a lot. It’s really hard to stop if you start interacting with a page.

What verticals are good to run with pre-landing pages on pop ads traffic:

  • Dating;
  • Gambling;
  • Betting;
  • Sweepstakes.

Finally, the main answer to the question “How can I earn money by pop up ads? is “Find a great landing page!”

There are many things to pay attention to. It all depends on which type of campaigns, verticals, and conversion flow you’re testing.

Pops is still one of the easiest ways to learn affiliate marketing and get started. We can’t ignore the fact that this type of traffic is a bit saturated, and you need to have the advantage to make things work, but popups help you learn the basics as it works with low payout offers and the traffic is cheap. Also, since you don’t need banners to get started with pop traffic, you can use it as a way to learn tracking and earn your first 2-4 figures per day.

Servando Silva, Affiliate Marketing Expert

Do you want to try something familiar to popunder ads? Here we are with the new advertising format. Domain Redirect traffic shows 7 times higher CR than Pop ads!

How to choose top pop under ad network

To place the ads on the popups, you don’t have to be a website owner with lots of visitors. Pop up ad networks have already got the job done and collected publishers who agree to place pop ads on their websites. 

An affiliate marketer who wants to buy cheap popunder traffic has a lot of options nowadays. The main problem is to choose the best network among others that position like best pop up ads networks.

Choosing the best pop up ads network for your needs, look at:

  • volumes available in the network;
  • anti-bot solutions that will help to deal with bot traffic;
  • available targeting options for better start and optimization;
  • automatic features for easy optimization. 

One of the best pop traffic networks – RichAds – provides all of these points.

We’ve made а chart to compare all the major pop networks so that you could decide where to buy traffic. You can find a detailed comparison analysis here.

Ad network RichAdsZeroparkPropellerAdsСlickaduAdcashAdmavenAdsterraPopadsPopcash
Minimum CPM>$0.3 CPM on Premium sources>$0.1>$0.3from $0.2 to $3.4$0.5 – $4 $1.00$0.5
Minimum deposit$150$200$100$100$100$200$100$5.00 for PayPal; $500 for Wire Transfer$5
“—” no information in open sources

Finally, there is no answer to which popup ad network is the best. Someone needs cheap pop traffic and nothing else. Another is searching both for quality or automatic features. Everyone chooses something that they need.

top popunder network

Verticals working with pop ads

Pops reach a broad audience of users with different needs. Choose offers that work for a huge percentage of the population with different needs because popup traffic is not very easy to target. 

Better offers are offers that are suitable for such a diverse audience. Too directional offers may not perform well. 

Have a look into the vertical that’s easy to convert. Offers with lower payouts are usually easier to convert on pops ads. Try them, especially if you are a beginner. 

Pop up ads earn money on the following verticals: 

  • Dating;
  • Gambling;
  • Betting;
  • Adult;
  • Apps & Utilities;
  • Sweepstakes.
how to make money with pop up ads

What affiliate marketing experts think about how to use profitable verticals to earn money on pop up ads in 2022

Verticals with mass appeal work good for pop ads earning (sweeps, casino, dating, downloads, etc.) because there isn’t much targeting available that you’d need for niche offers.

Nick Lenihan, Affiliate Marketing Expert

There are many things to pay attention to. It all depends on which type of campaigns, verticals, and conversion flow you’re testing.

A few clear examples are sweepstakes, dating, gambling, and apps.

Here are some recommendations on the vertical or type of offer – geo. Tier 1 geos tend to have good sweeps and dating offers, both on CC-submit and SOI/DOI conversion flows. But don’t forget about Tier 2 and Tier 3 geos as many times they have better-converting traffic, and you just need to find the right offer to make money. Also, many Tier 3 geos have a ton of volume available to buy.

Servando Silva, Affiliate Marketing Expert

Opt in for PUSH database, smart links, pin submits, Dating. Asian and African geos are for Dating. Euro geos are for pins.

imAttila, Affiliate Marketing Expert

Can I launch adult ads with pops in RichAds?

Yes, RichAds offers such a possibility — you can now use creatives, landing and pre-landing pages that contain adult materials.

The RichAds team has made a list of sources that work best for adult ad campaigns on pops. If you wish to get the most up-to-date list of adult sources, contact your manager. Please, note that ads containing adult materials can be launched only on this specific list of sources.

You can find the sublists in the Sources section. All of the feeds refer to Premium traffic which means the highest CR and profits:

How to make money with pop ads

How to make money with pop up ads? Let’s see.
Pop ads earning stands on 3 main points: an offer, a landing page that loads quickly, and a pop ad network. All of them are super-important for your success.
Let’s dwell that you’ve already chosen the offer and the landing page. Now you just have to launch your campaign in the pops network you’ve chosen.

pop ads earning: what do you need for the start

Affiliate marketers tend to test the same offer in different networks to determine which one works better. Don’t give up on such practice: the same offer may show bad results in one network and bring a lot of conversions in the other one. By the way, it’s better to ask each network what traffic types it provides: popup or popunder. 

Let’s look at how to launch a campaign on the example of RichAds ad network. It works with popunder and clickunder formats. 

Register in a few clicks — and you are ready to launch your first campaign. Select pops ads. If you have any questions you can turn to your personal account manager whose contacts you will get after making a deposit. 

how to make money with pop ads

RichAds allows 2 strategies to launch the campaign

RichAds is the one popunder ad network that provides great possibilities for testing your pop ad campaigns like a Pro. 

From the beginning, every advertiser has an opportunity to run pops campaign in two ways.

RichPops allows 2 strategies to launch the campaign. Pop ads earning is simple with them.

Ordinary start means that you run a pop campaign and then create a white or blacklist according to the results.

Start with Source Sampling means means that you run a test campaign, where you buy some limited number of clicks from each site, figure out the sources with the best user activity, and then scale your campaign on these best sources.

What to set up at launch: 1. Conversion tracking 

After the campaign launching, you will start to get conversions. To optimize your campaign, you should know where the leads come from (to blacklist non-converting sources). So, you should set up conversion tracking on the ad network’s side. There are three ways to do this: postback, pixel, and image

Copy the link from your ad network account and paste it into your account in the affiliate network.

how to set up the postback for pop ads

Here you can find the instruction on how to set up conversion tracking. 

Also, you can set up S2S postback like a Pro with the Tracking Wizard option. Learn more about it here.

2. Choosing the bid

RichAds for popunders works on CPM (cost-per-mille). Here you pay for 1000 impressions. The amount of traffic depends on the bid. If it is too low, your campaign will be in short of traffic or there will be no traffic at all. 

Your account manager will help you to choose a profitable bid as he is interested in your profit. Besides, you can see the bids in different GEOs here.

average bids for diggerent geos at pop ads

Each affiliate marketer has his own strategy for choosing the bid. Someone starts with the average bid in the GEO or choose the lower value — all these methods will work. Sometimes for GEOs with high competition (from Tier 1) the option with a little high bid works well.

3. Set up targeting parameters

To work with pops advertising successfully it’s necessary to set up targeting parameters. Some of them need to be set up right after campaign launching, for example, a campaign for mobile traffic for a certain mobile network. Others — after getting first results (for example, to switch off some non-performing websites, publishers, or zones).

There are 14 parameters available for pops at RichAds: 

city & regionISP
browserzone (several publishers)
browser languagepublishers (several websites)
connection typewebsite

Note that some targeting parameters are hidden in the button “Advanced settings”.

4. Set up the impressions frequency

Pop traffic is quite an obsessive format. It’s better not to bother users once again — it just decreases the possibility of conversion. The perfect variant is to set up the limit of 1 visit per day. If you need a more unique audience you can choose the limit of 1 impression per day. 

how to set up the impressions frequency for pop ads

What is RichAds?
🔝 Push and pop ads,
🔼 CPC starts from $ 0.003,
🔝 CPM from $0,3 in Tier 3, $0,5 in Tier 2, $1 in Tier 1,
⏫ large volumes of available traffic in more than 200 geos.

Optimization on popup traffic: how to get profit

Optimization plays an important role in working with pops. Without it, you will hardly achieve good results. 

Sometimes, the campaign starts getting conversions on the first day, but it’s not necessary. Wait at least 2-3 days to get enough data. If you didn’t get any conversions, this is nothing to optimize here. Look for mistakes or try something else.

If you are lucky and get some conversions, think about what options you’ll optimize first: information about the users or traffic sources.

Optimization of traffic sources seems to be more challenging because of the great volumes of traffic.

The main goal of their optimization is to make black- and whitelists. Sources that cost much and bring no conversions are added to blacklists. To make a blacklist you should analyze traffic for 1-3 days. Whitelists are the sources that bring conversions. To make a quality whitelist you will need more time, for example, 7 days. 

It’s important to understand the structure of the traffic sources to make black- and whitelist. The smallest source is a separate website. Several websites form a publisher and a few publishers make a zone.

Optimization on popup traffic

Learn more about optimization op Pops in the full guide.

The clock is ticking but pop up advertising is very much alive. And it’s not likely to change. This traffic source is time-tested and verified by experienced specialists. Affiliates still make money with popups. It’s time to launch pop ads too!

Choose promising advertising offers and profit from RichAds traffic.

What is RichAds?
✅  Push and pop ads,
✅ Target CPA optimization,
✅ loyal and fast moderation,
✅ help of a personal manager,
✅ CPC from $ 0.003, CPM from $ 0.3
✅ large volumes of available traffic in more than 200 geos.

Do you want to try something familiar to popunder ads? Here we are with the new advertising format. Domain Redirect traffic shows 7 times higher CR than Pop ads!

Frequently Asked Questions about Pops Traffic

What is the difference between push and pop traffic?

The main difference between pops and push is that the user does not subscribe to pops, he sees pop-up ads regardless of his desire. Respectively, the coverage of users is higher, but the type of advertising is more aggressive.

Also, pops allow you to reach not only Android, but also iOS users. It is worth mentioning that pop-ups require only a landing page, no need to make creatives.

How much does pop traffic cost in RichAds?

We offer pop traffic on CPM basis. If we talk about Tier 3, the cost per mile starts from $ 0.3, for Tier 1 — from $1.

How to check traffic volume for pops on different GEOs at RichAds?

RichAds offers traffic for over 250 countries. If you want to find out the traffic volume for a specific GEO, contact your manager, he will provide you with the latest statistics.

How to scale pop campaigns?

There are several ways to scale pop campaigns. First of all, you can launch a couple of campaigns for different GEOs and targeting.

In addition, we’d recommend to test the direct click format, it is similar to the pops one, but it targets only interested users. You can read more about the format here.

What are the best GEOs and verticals for pops at RichAds?

The top verticals for pops are:

  • gambling
  • betting
  • dating (especially adult) 

As for GEOs and specific bundles, they change quite often, so the RichAds team makes reports on top verticals and GEO every month. We advise you to subscribe to the tag “Best GEOs and Verticals at RichAds” not to miss the latest updates! The July’s report can be found here.

How can I pay for pop traffic at RichAds?

In RichAds, you can make a deposit via Wire transfer, Capitalist, Payoneer, as well as by a card.

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