How to run iGaming in LATAM and earn $1.000.000 [Ads&Grans]

Gambling is one of the top verticals in MyLead — a well-known CPA network. MyLead publishers earn more than $1.000.000 from Gambling offers.

In this episode, we discussed Gambling industry with Oleksii Arkhymovych, Affiliate manager from the MyLead CPA network.

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For today, we welcome the expert from the affiliate network MyLead. For more than 2 years, Oleksii Arkhymovych has worked with affiliate marketers that run Gambling ad campaigns worldwide.

Since their publishers have earned more than $1.000.000 on Gambling offers, we decided to focus on this vertical.

How to earn in the Gambling industry in 2023?

In this video we discussed trends in the Gambling industry in 2023 and Brazil’s gambling industry as a new emerging trend. We also got a closer look on how to launch Gambling ads on Facebook in the Brazil region.

The following questions about the industry were discussed:

  • Changes in the Gambling industry
  • Gambling offers from MyLead
  • The best casino brands to launch
  • The best geos to launch Gambling in 2023
  • The best traffic sources

We also had a closer look at how to launch Gambling ads on Facebook in Brazil and discussed:

  • The main difficulties of working with Gambling in the Brazil
  • The portrait of gamblers in the Brazil
  • Tools to pass restrictions on Facebook
  • Current approaches for Gambling creatives + examples
  • Tips for creating a good landing page

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