Gambling ads predictions 2024

What are the Gambling advertising predictions in 2024 to boost your revenue?

In the article RichAds ad network team together with leading CPA networks and an iGaming operator share their insights and answer the question “how to promote gambling campaigns with skyrocketing CR”.

Read the future on Gambling vertical below!

Global Gambling ad predictions in 2024

Before we actually get down to expert tips and tricks on online Gambling promotion in 2024, let’s overlook the global trends we see this year!

Mobile Gambling and Telegram casinos

The future of mobile Gambling was really bright back in 2023, now it’s shining! The revenue of online Gambling in 2024 is expected to reach $74.5 billion, according to Market Research Future report. 

What’s more, new ways to play casinos from mobile devices appear, such as Telegram casinos, that’s a real thing in 2024. As for many countries Gambling still remains illegal, the anonymous Telegram chat bots are the only ways to visit a real casino website and get access to all its features.

Not to be unfounded on the spread of mobile Gambling, an average daily time spent in online casinos via mobile is 18 minutes!

Source: Statista

AI implementation for online casino promotion 

In 2024, AI is not just a trend of online Gambling promotion, it’s a must. According to World Metrics report, about 85% of casino operators will have implemented artificial intelligence algorithms for their processes improvement by 2025.

Furthermore, marketers do apply AI on a daily basis, we can see it from our own expertise. These technologies are used for creatives and LPs making as well as target audience analysis and even translation and localization!

RichAds Team

Moreover, some companies in Gambling industry even apply AI for fraud detection, like anomalies in user behaviour patterns as the algorithms work within milliseconds!

Personalized experiences

It’s no use arguing that Gambling is a very competitive industry, so personalized experiences is the only way how to promote Gambling site and actually gain profits.

In 2024, more and more operators use AI and other automated tools to predict the actions of a player and recommend him something desirable. Many slots machines are designed to advise users new games to play based on their behavior or even offer them more bonuses to continue playing.

RichAds Team

This is a key point to retention boost. Another way to personalize a Casino website is to make sure it’s properly localized. With the widest choice on the market, no one wants to look for local payment options or surf a badly translated website.

What to expect from Gambling in 2024: industry leaders insights

Gambling niche is really wide and there are many key parties involved in the industry, from those who own casinos to those who promote them and all of them need to be aware of current trends. 

Below, we’ve gathered opinions on the industry from 8 leading CPA networks and an iGaming operator and shared our own vision on the trends of the current year from an ad network perspective! There you’ll find data on GEOs, traffic sources, overall trends and even more…

Ad network

First, we’d like to start with GEOs. According to our internal analytics, Asian countries, like Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malasiya, Thailand, together with the evergreen USA and flaming hot Brazil will be on top. 

All in all, these countries are the best options. Though it’s a bit trivial, but we would like to emphasize that Brazil is still very attractive.The thing is that in 2024 the law on Gambling activities was finally regulated there.

In terms of traffic sources everything’s also quite stable. Many Asian countries are really strict about social media usage for Gambling promotion, authorities take this really seriously, so alternative sources like push and pop traffic are the safest ones. There are no restrictions, any creatives can be applied, which is a huge advantage together with their simplicity in usage and affordability!

Finally, the AI trend is really overwhelming for affiliates. 2024 will be marked by automating any routine process for successful marketers. We’d advise testing Performance Mode and Automated Rules algorithms to cut off non-converting sources and boost ROI without any manual efforts.

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CPA network

Obviously, smartphones have become the preferred way of Gambling for the majority of players and it continues to stay so.

What’s really changing the game, though, is the incorporation of AI. In addition to studying user behavior, AI helps to adjust marketing strategies, improve user experiences, and retain players with personal recommendations. Furthermore, the boundary between the virtual and the real is becoming more hazy due to the popularity of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) games, which adds an entirely new level of excitement.

In the meantime, alternative payments slowly incorporate into the iGaming industry. Even though its application is not as widespread as it could be, blockchain technology promises better security and transparency, leading to a more responsible Gaming environment.

As for the Betting vertical, advertising tactics here continue to coordinate more closely with sporting and eSports events, especially big international ones.

iGaming operator

In 2024, dynamic development of the iGaming industry is expected, driven by several key trends.

1. In 2024, we anticipate the expansion of the e-sports and virtual sports events market. This trend will continue to attract new players to the iGaming industry and provide additional opportunities for betting and entertainment.

2. The growth of mobile gambling will also continue. Each year, more players prefer to use mobile devices to access gaming platforms, prompting operators to actively invest in the development and optimization of mobile applications and websites.

It is worth noting that the size of the internet-connected audience is growing, particularly evident in African countries. Users there predominantly apply mobile devices.

3. The growth of artificial intelligence and data analytics will play a key role in increasing the effectiveness of marketing strategies and improving the personalization of the gaming experience for players. This will enable companies to better understand the needs and preferences of their customers, which will be a crucial factor in competitiveness in the iGaming industry in the coming years.

4.The integration of alternative payments and blockchain technologies will also be an integral part of the industry’s development. They will continue to penetrate iGaming, offering players safer and more anonymous transaction methods, as well as new opportunities for regulation and ensuring fair play.

5. With the increasing interest in iGaming from governmental bodies and regulators, strengthened regulation and licensing are expected. This may impact business operations in certain regions and require companies to demonstrate greater responsibility and transparency in their activities.

CPA network

There are several main trends of betting and gambling promotion that will attract attention in early 2024.

1. The USA will remain on top! The GEO itself became more mainstream, new products started to adapt to the market faster (change the terms and conditions on the sources, give less cap).
It’s important that this became the trend with every new product that managed to give a conversion on the GEO.

2. Brazil remains in our hearts. It’s going the way it’s going.
The 3SNET team has just returned from São Paulo, where Sigma Americas 2024 was held. So there are a lot of new Brazil offers waiting for our affiliates in the near future! From the other LATAM countries, we are waiting for the expansion of offers on Mexico, and also believe and hope for Chile/Peru.

3. We like African countries!
However, it is still a young market in the online gambling industry. Here we still can’t find a balance between the rate and the price of the advertising campaign. It is more a question of products and retention skills. We’ll keep trying!

Ace Partners
CPA network

This year put an accent on Tier-3 GEOs with simple KPIs is a prudent approach. Starting with Tier-3 countries would be a good beginning due to the low cost per lead and the opportunity to test various approaches with a limited budget.

  1. Delving into continents, Latin America, which was trending back in 2022, has gained even more momentum today due to the legalization process of gambling underway in many countries. Caps for these GEOs are flying off the shelves: Mexico, Brazil, Peru, and Chile are experiencing the highest demand.
  2. Last year, Brazil began considering a gambling law, and in December 2023, it was finally legalized! This year, the Gambling market in Brazil will undoubtedly become a place of great opportunities for affiliates.
  3. GEOs that are just gaining momentum and have not yet become too popular among marketers in the Tier-3 segment are mainly in Asia and Africa. Africa is currently a very promising direction.
  4. Speaking of trends in general, the theme of Gambling legalization in various regions is currently relevant – licensed casinos will become more popular.
  5. As for acquisition mechanics, an interesting direction is casino in Telegram, where you can play without leaving the messenger! And PWAs, they’re back on the hype train again.

CPA network

2024 is already shaping up to become one of the most interesting years for igaming vertical.

We see growing demand in smartphone and tablet traffic. Brand owners and developers put an unprecedented amount of effort into building and optimizing their native and webview apps to meet this demand.

Social aspect of gaming is one more trend worth mentioning. Various leaderboards and chatrooms are integrated into the apps to enhance competitive impulses, also providing ability to share results, reactions and recommendations.

Some brands have already launched VR and AR versions of their casino and betting products. A new deeper level of interaction has proven to increase involvement and average playtime for the most demanding players.

Various AI solutions are used to enhance personalized recommendations for the most popular slots, games and bonuses.

Affiliate program

We’ve noticed that the transition to mobile platforms was one of the most significant trends in the iGaming industry in 2024. With the advancement of mobile technology and improvements in graphics quality and performance, players are increasingly inclined to play on mobile devices. Therefore, we are also trying to adapt and test new hypotheses based on these trends.

Definitely, AI has become a revolutionary invention, and companies in iGaming are increasingly utilizing artificial intelligence and data analytics to enhance personalization, predict player behavior, and optimize platform operations.

In Tier 1 countries, more publishers will lean towards ‘white SEO’ as bans become more frequent, especially since most countries are transitioning to regulated markets. Search engines have also begun to favor sites that comply with local regulations. As for CIS countries, the rules are different. Bans are coming faster, but I believe our SEO masters are capable of circumventing such bans.

CatAffs SEO specialist

CPA network

In 2023, we saw strong interest in influence and streamer traffic. In 2024 we continue to increase turnover in these two areas in LATAM region. Due to the fact, we also launched our own production center to develop Influencers.

From year to year, advertisers are more and more sensitive to the quality of traffic, so the market “cuts off” those partners who are not ready to invest resources in quality growth, but want to make money on short-term distance. We simply stop working with such partners, as we value our relationships with advertisers.


Pay attention to traffic quality and note that it can be influenced in different ways. CPA.CASH develops many bots that allow us to improve the quality of traffic by automating routine processes. For example, processing incoming traffic and preparing content.

PIN-UP Partners
CPA network

When it comes to trends one has to notice the difference between what is trendy traffic-wise and product-wise. 

In 2024 we see a clear shift towards SEO and ASO, as those sources provide advertisers with the traffic of the highest quality, and affiliates in turn get to have the highest payouts. 

When it comes to the affiliates, one thing is for certain: unification is in season, as more and more solo and small affiliate teams merge to create more sustainable and scalable media buying or SEO teams.

Products are always on the lookout for the new hot game, just like it was with Aviator, Fortune Tiger and others, and for affiliates it is crucial to be in the know and use knowledge of the latest and hottest games in their advertising campaigns, and one way to learn it is to always be in touch with the affiliate manager.

Affiliate network

In 2024, the iGaming industry is facing a series of significant transformations, each carrying both challenges and new opportunities for players and operators.

One of the key trends is the transformation of the payment processing market in CIS, driven by intensified efforts to combat illegal operators and the implementation of a “drop-monitoring” system. These changes are forcing players and casinos to look for new deposit methods, which in turn increases the cost for deposits, and the minimum deposit amounts.

Moreover, there is a significant increase in competition in Tier-1 and Tier-2 geographical regions due to the growing number of offshore operators, which is changing market dynamics and increases the CAC.

Strict Play Store updates have led to a decrease in the number of new apps and the banning of many existing ones, which further reduces the number of traffic sources.According to AppStoreSpy, over 100,000 applications are removed from the Play Store each month.

Concurrently, the growing popularity of alternative payments (over 1/3 rd of all bets were made in alternative payments in 2023) among users is boosting the rise of crypto-casinos and the emergence of new platforms focused on digital currencies, opening new horizons for industry development.

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Now you have the most precious insights from iGaming industry leaders, make sure you apply them in your future campaigns to gain skyrocketing ROI.

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