How to gain Gambling traffic in the Philippines? All secrets revealed!

Being one of the most popular Asian geo for affiliate marketers, Philippines is also one of the easiest to work with when it comes to Gambling.

In the article, RichAds ad network team will explain how to work with Gambling traffic in Philippines in detail.

All that you wanted to know, from payment methods and audience segmentation to traffic sources and creatives, is in this guide! 

Why launch Gambling offers in the Philippines?

From month to month RichAds team notices that this bundle is a leading one for many traffic channels, it can be seen from our reports.

But why is it so luring for marketers? Let’s dive deeper into the topic and enumerate the main reasons!

Legal status

It’s one of the few Asian geos where online Gambling is actually legal and not prohibited in any way. There’s a governmental agency PAGCOR in the Philippines that tracks the state of Gambling industry in the country and makes sure that everything is under the existing law. 

The only exception is that casinos that are physically based in the country aren’t allowed to offer their online services to residents of the Philippines.

All in all, the existing regulations make gambling ads traffic in the Philippines very attractive, as the citizens don’t feel any pressure from the legal point of view!

Fast industry development

The total revenue of the online casino market in the region is growing by leaps and bounds. To be exact, according to Statista, an average revenue per user is 70 euro per person in 2024. While the overall revenue of the market is expected to reach 239 million euro this year

In terms of predictions — the income from online casinos will reach 302 million euro in 2028 with growth rate at 6.02%.

gambling traffic in Philippines
Source: Statista

Minimum material contribution and efforts

The thing is that due to the fact that Gambling is legal in the region, the target audience is really interested in such ads.

Key factors for players in casinos are innovation and service, according to Technavio report. You can impress users by your bright and catchy creatives.

Another fact is the cheap Gambling traffic in the Philippines, for instance, the price at RichAds starts from $0.017 per click for push traffic, while for pop ads it’s $2.22 per mile. This makes advertising in the region more than available!

How to start a successful Gambling campaign in the Philippines? Step-by-step tutorial

Now that you know why this bundle is a flaming hot one, let’s understand how to buy Gambling ad traffic in the Philippines with less effort and maximum income!

We’ll get through all the steps with you — from analyzing the target audience to optimizing your campaigns and choosing the right traffic source.

Step#1. Learn who plays casinos in the Philippines

The first and foremost step is to understand more about the people you’re selling the Gambling advertising traffic in the Philippines. 

When it comes to the region, women prevail greatly, their percentage is 69.9%, while men are only 30%. In terms of age, young players are more engaged in online casino activities, the most active age is 18-24. Keep it in mind!

Mobile traffic does prevail, especially Androids, so try targeting these users, iOS is not that popular.

cheap gambling traffic in Philippines

Step#2. Check most popular brands and available payment methods

The most frequent mistake that marketers make is not doing enough research when it comes to Gambling advertising traffic, they simply aren’t aware about the payment methods and popular casinos.

Let’s start with the most popular payment methods that gamblers use in the region.

The local ones are GCash, PayMaya, GrabPay, but they also use PayPal and credit cards. In terms of e-wallets the most hyped ones are Neteller, Skrill, and EcoPayz. Make sure you check these before choosing a casino.

In terms of casino brands, there are also a few leaders.

Top casinos in Philippines:

  • CasinoPlus
  • bet88
  • 22win
  • BK8
  • Mafabet

Step#3. Choose the traffic source

Despite the fact that Gambling market is regulated in the Philippines, the government is still concerned about some types of ads. In March 2024, a Senator of the region filed a bill to ban social media ads that seem to be fraudulent and tighten measures on their usage.

For the region, it’s hugely recommended that marketers avoid using social media for Gambling promotion. For the reason, we’d highly recommend testing alternative traffic sources — push and pop ads.

  • Push ads.
    This ad format has zero restrictions when it comes to creatives and landing pages, there’s no chance that you’ll get banned or anything like that. Furthermore, push traffic are real people that subscribe to ads voluntarily, so the audience will already be an engaged one.From RichAds team expertise, this format is one of the most converting for Gambling offers.
  • Pop ads.
    The easiest format to start with — you only need a link and basic targeting to get started. This type of traffic is always perceived as “aggressive” but for Gambling offers it’s more of a positive quality, as players tend to be more impulsive and sensitive to such impulses. In terms of price, gambling advertising pop traffic in the Philippines is the cheapest option at RichAds, starting with $2.33 per thousand views!

Step#4. Define the approach to Gambling creatives

Once you’ve chosen the traffic source, the next step is to define which creatives will work out for your target audience. Make sure you try at least five different versions of creatives or landing pages to gain enough data about your clients’ preferences.

When it comes to the Philippines, there are several approaches that can be tested, look for them below!

Creatives examples for Gambling offers in the Philippines:

  • Use localized payment options such as GCash or PayMaya on your creatives. This way you’ll cater to the preferred banking methods of Filipino players and enhance convenience. This way you’ll get to your audience for sure!
buy gambling ad traffic in Philippines
  • Utilize vibrant and colorful push traffic creatives. They need to feature popular Filipino Gambling games like sabong or Tongits to capture the attention of the target audience, or just names of the most popular casino brands in the region!
gambling ads traffic in Philippines
  • Make sure you use interactive elements. For example, spin-the-wheel games or virtual scratch cards with Filipino-themed prizes, to increase user engagement and retention among Filipino players.
gambling advertising traffic in Philippines
  • Last but not least, try incorporating traditional Filipino symbols such as jeepneys or sampaguita flowers to create a sense of familiarity and connection with the local players. It can be a girl in national clothing, or just symbols on your creatives.

Landing pages examples for Gambling offers in the Philippines:

  • Make sure you localize the landing page, using Filippino symbols as well as national language. Incorporate catchy Tagalog phrases or slang terms related to Gambling to appeal to the Filipino audience’s language and cultural preferences.
gain gambling advertising traffic in Philippines
  • Highlight bonuses and specific payment methods. Same as with creatives, the target audience in the Philippines is highly interested in specific methods of payments, so make sure the landing page contains them in a very comprehensive way.
buy cheap gambling traffic in Philippines

Important: National celebrations are very important to the Filipinos, so always highlight special promotions or bonuses tailored to Filipino holidays like Christmas or fiestas to entice players with exclusive offers.

Step#5. Set up a converting campaign

As we’ve mentioned earlier, it’s not a tough task to advertise Gambling offers in the Philippines once you know all the peculiarities of the audience and casinos there.

Now that you know all the specifics, the easiest part is left — setting up a real working campaign!

Tips to launch a Gambling offer in the Philippines:

  • Start with Performance Mode. This algorithm is a universal solution for anyone testing push or pop ads, as it creates whitelists for your specific geo automatically, no efforts needed.
  • Add 5-10 creatives. If you’ve chosen push traffic, make sure all the possible approaches to your target audience are tried, while for pop traffic you can apply multiple landers to see which one converts best.
  • Choose the best bid. At RichAds you can either turn to a recommended bid in the campaign creation interface or ask your manager for the exact bid for your targeting, they’ll tell you the best option for sure.
  • Divide mobile and desktop campaigns. The thing is that the bids for different devices vary, so don’t mix them in one campaign, it’s better to create separate ones for a test.
  • Analyze the results. You can turn to the Optimizer interface at the platform, it gathers all the data per each campaign with various metrics, so that you could turn off the sources or increase bids without entering your campaign!
  • Optimize your campaign.  You can do it differently, by manual means, or by automated tools. For instance, Automated Rules can simplify this process easily, it can turn off the sources that are too expensive or bring zero leads.


Now you have all the insights on getting started with a Gambling offer in the Philippines! Make sure you follow these five simple steps to get your campaigns running with the greatest profit possible.

Choose an offer and launch it on RichAds traffic today!

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