How to promote online Gambling on popunders

How to promote online Gambling on popunders in 2024

Promoting online Gambling offers via popunders is quite popular and commonly used by affiliate marketers. But are pop ads really that effective to promote online casinos and sportsbooks? Let’s find out!

We will share why you should consider popunder ads for online Gambling promotion, what GEOs are the most converting on this ad format and niche, along with providing tips on best practices while launching pop ads campaigns!

Why you should consider promoting online Gambling offers via popunders?

Popunder, pop ads or clickunder — is a new window that opens below the initial page, a user’s on. The popunder ad appears due to a user’s click on a special script on a publisher’s site. The new window that ‘popped’ contains a landing or prelanding.

Let’s get over the main reasons why you should consider utilising pop ads for promoting online Gambling and Betting offers.

The main reasons are:

  • No restrictions on landing page content
    Many traffic sources set tight limitations on advertising online casinos and sportsbooks, for example, Google and Facebook. This turns into a constant pain for marketers who advertise on those platforms. But for pop ads there are no restrictions, as prelanding or landing pages might present any content.
  • Easy to start a campaign on
    Popunder ads are one of the easiest ad formats to master. The only things required are a converting landing or prelanding page, since they are the only creative, and basic targeting parameters. Even a marketer who comes across this ad format for the time will take minutes to get their first ad campaign launched.
  • Affordable bids with wide GEO coverage
    You can start a popunder campaign on almost any GEO at a relatively low price. For example, at RichAds ad network there are over 200 GEOs to start a pop ads campaign. The CPM bid starts from $0.5 for Tier 3, and from $1 for Tier 1.
The way a popunder ad shows up for users
The way a popunder ad shows up for users

Top GEOs to run pop ads for online Gambling and Betting offers

The most profitable GEOs to launch popunder campaigns promoting online casinos and sportsbooks are considered to be Tier 2 and Tier 3 regions.

If specified, the best performance of pop ads resulting in high conversions for online Gambling offers has been noticed in Brazil, Argentina and Peru. Recently Brazil has finally approved a regulatory law for online Gambling and betting, so such companies can operate legally within the country, if given the licence. Also the Asian region is worth mentioning, as Philippines, India and Indonesia bring really good conversions on online Gambling offers promoted with pops traffic.

Without any doubt, the most interest is in Tier 1 GEOs — the USA that possess about 58 million active gamblers, along with Germany and Great Britain with 29 million each. Anyway, these GEOs might suit more experienced marketers, who have more expertise, target audience knowledge and have been working with online Gambling traffic along with pop ads advertising for some time.

Top GEOs to promote iGaming offers via pop ads at RichAds ad network

RichAds has been providing marketers with the opportunity to run popunder campaigns for online casinos and sportsbooks for many years. We’ve had a look at our platform data and figured what GEOs convert the best for pop ads in this niche. Let’s have a look!

  • USA;
  • Indonesia;
  • Vietnam;
  • Brazil;
  • Bangladesh;
  • India;
  • Thailand.

Regularly we share a report on the best GEOs and verticals that bring the highest profit. Follow our tag “The best GEOs and verticals” to know what’s trending right now and profit off!

Approaches to create popunder landings for iGaming offers

The most important part of any popunder campaign is a landing page, sometimes sequenced with a prelanding. They serve as the only creative required, and provide campaigns with most conversions, as they encourage users to complete targeting actions such as registering or depositing. Some CPA networks might provide you with a landing page for the offer.

Now we will have a look at two most popular and effective popunder creative making approaches for online casino and sportsbook promotion.

1. Prelanding + landing

Prelanding page — is an interactive page serving as a mid stage between the initial page the user was on, and the landing page with the actual offer.

Usually it contains a ‘fortune wheel’ or somewhat alike with a couple of free spins. As soon as they’re up the user is given the offer to take their prize or a bonus, and if agreed — they get redirected to the landing page to register or make a deposit. This approach is effective as it gives gamblers the feeling of wins and prizes they might easily get.

An example of a prelanding page to promote online gambling offers
An example of a prelanding page to promote online casino offers

2. All-in-one landing page

Popunder traffic can be utilised with an all-in-one landing page, on which users will get redirected right away. There, users usually get shown the bonuses they will get after registering, and the registration form below.

It’s important that the bonuses must be clear and comprehensive, along with a simple registration form, for example by email or a phone number. Otherwise there’s a great chance of confusing a potential client by overwhelming them with info, thus scaring them away!

Worth mentioning, that popunders — are a very aggressive ad format, so the landing page must be simple and light enough in order for users to get to see the offer! If the page loads fast, shows the important first, it is more likely for the potential clients to catch the main offer before they close it in a hurry.

An example of landing page to promote online casino offers
An example of landing page to promote online Gambling offers

Tips to setup a profitable pop ads campaign for online Gambling offers

Handling the setup and launch of a popunder or clickunder campaign is not that hard. Nonetheless, there are things that if followed might bring better results while promoting not only online Gambling offers, but any vertical!

Let’s go over the main things to consider while launching a pop ads campaign at RichAds ad network.

What to consider while starting popunder campaign for iGaming offers:

  • Check if the landing’s properly localised
    Landing page is what brings results and conversions to your pop ads campaign, thus it must be preserved so that users don’t run into obstacles while exploring it for the first time. Make sure the online casino or sportsbook site you’re about to advertise is properly translated into needed language and provides all the popular payment methods in the targeted region.

    It’s very important to pay attention at page loading speed, because none would wait for the ad to show even extra seconds. So it’s recommended that the page should weigh no more than optimal 200 Kb and the server is located closest to the users. To get a suitable server connection, it is recommended to use CDN or VPS, such as CloudFlare. For a free hosting domain you can look up TimeWeb.
  • Choose the optimal CPM bid
    To get a proper traffic volume for the selected GEO and targeting parameters, the right CPM (cost per mille) bid must be set, which is how much you pay for 1000 impressions. If your bid is too high, you’ll run out of budget pretty quick, and won’t get enough data to analyse the audience. If you set it too low, there’s a chance that you won’t get any traffic at all!

    To get to know what bid would best suit your offer promotion, you can contact your manager at RichAds. Also RichAds offers a unique in-house feature Predictor — an AI-based system, that predicts the amount of traffic you will get by selected CPM bid.
How to know the CPM bid for popunder campaign
  • Start off Premium traffic sources
    At RichAds ad network all traffic sources are divided into four groups: Premium, Standard, Renatant and New. Premium traffic sources are the sources that perform the best on any vertical offer and will bring you the first results and conversions. They’re perfect to test your campaign and adjust parameters, while turning on the rest groups is handy for scaling campaigns.
How to start popunder ad campaign on Premium traffic sources at RichAds ad network?
  • Optimize your popunder campaign with platform’s features
    Both analysis and optimization of your popunder campaign play a very important role in its success, as you add the most converting sources in whitelists, and the non-converting to blocklists. But doing it manually is very boring work.

    Our platform RichAds provides an easier way — Automated rules, so the sources will be sorted automatically into either white- or blocklists by certain criterias. Also you might want to consider setting up already in Performance mode, which updates fresh whitelists weekly and adds them to your campaign. More on popunder campaign optimisation you can read here.

You can check out our article on launching a successful pop ads campaign to get a detailed guide!

Start profitable pop ads campaigns for online Gambling at RichAds

Popunder traffic is one of the most effective ways to promote online Gambling offers and the iGaming niche in general. Simplicity and enormous traffic volumes allow pop ads to reach every bit of audience and bring profits for every time a year.

We consider pop ads as the future of affiliate marketing and online Gambling traffic advertising. So we suggest you don’t wait for too long before launching your first pops campaign, which you can do right now at RichAds ad network!

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