7 best verticals for pop ads and popunders in 2024

Top verticals for Pop ads and Popunders in 2024

No need to invent a bicycle over again if you want to earn more on popunders — instead you might try promoting offers of the best verticals for pop ads!

There’re many niches that highly convert on popunders and have been proven so for years!

In this article, we will uncover the top verticals pops and popunders work best with, backed up by RichAds insights!

How to know the best verticals for pop ads?

Pop ads are a great way to get traffic to your offer. They can be seen as an effective tool for marketing, and they’re relatively inexpensive compared with other forms of online advertising like PPC (pay-per-click) or banner ads.

Another key feature of pop ads is high volume of traffic, which means there’s definitely going to be someone to view the ad and click on it!

Pop ads (popunder ad, clickunder) — is an ad format that opens a new tab once a user clicks somewhere on the initial publisher site with a special script. The new tab appears under the initial page, and contains either pre-landing or landing page.
Popunders work by CPM model (cost per mille), which means you pay for 1000 impressions.

Since we at RichAds advertising network have been providing our clients with opportunities to launch popunder campaigns on our traffic for a long time — we’ve gathered enough data on the best verticals to earn on pop ads. The best way to get high conversions while advertising on popunders is having an offer from the best category.

There are verticals that perform well on pops regardless of trends, as they fit thematic demands with ad capacities. We combined our inner data with general top and prepared for you 7 best verticals for pop ads!

Top verticals for pop ads:

  • E-Commerce;
  • Dating;
  • Finance;
  • Media;
  • Utilities;
  • Gambling;
  • Betting.

The listed top pop ads verticals we figured based on the results in 2023, and those are most likely to convert in 2024! You’ll be given not only the guidelines on how to choose a vertical for popunder, but even enough to know what to expect from each!

Every month we make a report on the best GEOs and verticals at RichAds platform to help you earn the most of it! Stay up-to-date by following the tag Best GEOs and Verticals at RichAds

How popunder ads work

The best verticals for pop ads in 2024

Here you will see the best verticals to earn on pop ads that converted very well as throughout the past year as expected to in 2024. If you wondered how to choose a vertical for pop ads — these are the most profitable verticals that are perfect to start with!

The best vertical for pop campaigns #1: E-Commerce

E-Commerce offer landing page for pop ads
An example of an e-commerce offer promoted via pop ads

If it comes to choosing the best vertical for pop ads — you might consider looking at offers for E-Commerce. This niche converts perfectly on pops, especially in the event of holidays!

According to RichAds statistics on the platform, E-Commerce is an evergreen pop ads vertical. The reason is simple — popunders are a very persuasive ad format, which plays along with most of the E-Commerce offers nature.

The second reason is that usually E-Commerce offers are very up-to-date to the time they’re about to be promoted. Since pop ads traffic is a very noticeable format, the conversions from campaigns for a very time-related product like jewelleries on Valentine’s Day might get really high!

The last but not least reason is that most of the E-Commerce offers contain some sort of a discount. Users get attracted once they realise it’d be a good deal. Since one way or another they’re forced to look at the popped window, even to close it, E-Commerce products work perfectly to capture the attention of the audience!

These are some tips to look for while choosing an E-Commerce offer to promote via pops:

  • Pay attention to season related thematics
    There could be local or global holidays related products, or even just seasonal ones (like ‘thermals’ for cold winters).
  • Choose converting landing page
    Landing page is the essence of a popunder campaign. For E-Commerce offers the landing pages are usually provided by the advertiser or CPA-network. They must present the product clearly since users will have less than a second to evaluate the usefulness of the offer.

The best vertical for pop campaigns #2: Dating

Dating offer landing page for pop ads
An example of a Dating offer promoted via pop ads

It is well-known that Dating perfectly matches with push traffic, but it is one of the most profitable verticals across every ad format at RichAds advertising network. When it comes to traffic volumes, Dating shows stable growth almost in every region of every Tier!

Needless to mention that Dating vertical is an evergreen profitable field for affiliate marketing. Not only in terms of audience’s demand, but even by the amount of new products coming up constantly.

Dating niche offers might contain different visuals like nudity and some might face restrictions on many traffic sources, unlike on some advertising networks where such visual content can be allowed. But landing or prelanding pages themselves can be filled with any format of content.

A couple of tips to follow while advertising a Dating offer on pop ads:

  • Check if offer’s purpose is clear and visible
    Make sure the landing you’re about to use represents the offer purpose as exact as possible. Users must be able to comprehend the offer completely in less than a couple of seconds. The CR on pop ads for Dating in particular depends on that!
  • Choose the most suitable traffic sources
    At RichAds you can contact our managers before launching a Dating campaign to get the whitelists of most converting traffic sources for the Dating offer you will promote. You can also start with Premium traffic sources at RichAds, that will be sufficient to get conversions and data on the audience for further optimisation.

The best vertical for pop campaigns #3: Finance

Finance offer landing page for pop ads
An example of a Finance offer promoted via pop ads

Finance is another ‘umbrella’ field among the best niches for pop ads that features many different thematics combined under one term. Despite the overall diversity of the offers, there’s one thing that unites them all: making money.

Finance vertical has been around for a very long time, promoting many products starting from banking cards to digital currencies and ways to invest. It is fair to say that pop ads really helped this niche to grow, since the ad format can reach a really wide range of audience, especially with such intentions.

It’s also important to mention that Finance offers conversions might vary depending on the current trends. Picking the right Finance product at the right time combined with precise targeting can really boost your CR with pops traffic!

Tips to keep in mind along choosing a Finance offer on pop ads:

  • Check for suitable payment methods
    The product must support payment methods relevant to your targeting parameters. Since the overall awareness of the Finance niche is still quite low, don’t expect people to start using unpopular services in their region.
  • Keep up updated on the trends
    Money is a very delicate matter, so people do and will follow trends on that regardless of the fact whether it’s a debit card or trading platform. Such things as Finance offers spread around the world really fast, so you need to keep a close look at what is on everyone’s minds.

The best vertical for pop campaigns #4: Media

Media offer landing page for pop ads
An example of a Media offer promoted via pop ads

Media is also full of many different thematics being a consistent top pop ads vertical. In short, Media offers usually contain materials people usually consider as entertaining or educational. For example, that could be blogs, articles, music, video hostings or even streaming platforms.

Since a pop ads landing page can feature any type of content, Media niche can go all the way down with pops. As a result, even someone’s YouTube channel can be promoted via pop ads, which is something the audience perceives without prejudice, thus it doesn’t affect high CR rate!

Tips to enhance success while promoting Media offers on pop ads:

  • Keep the landing page optimised
    Pop ads is a very aggressive ad format, people always tend to close it ASAP, so it must load in less than a second! And for that, you need to consider to avoid overwhelming it with many media files and materials that slow down the loading.
    The optimal page weight must be not more than 200 Kb, and it must be loading faster than 1 sec with CDN or VPS. As for free domain you can look up TimeWeb, and CloudFlare to connect CDN.

The best vertical for pop campaigns #5: Utilities

Utility offer landing page for pop ads
An example of utilities promoted via pop ads

Utilities is another wide ranged term that can be applied to software, browsers, VPNs and antiviruses since many apps provide a couple of those under their single brand. The product variety places Utilities not only among the best verticals for popunder ads, but almost to every ad format!

Cyber safety is a very important matter that people really care about. This turns into a wide range of products that can be optimally presented via pop ads landing page.

Also, consider current trends in the regions, as some countries might find VPN offers more attractive than antiviruses due to local situations.

Small tips to increase conversions while promoting Utilities offers via pop ads:

  • Don’t overwhelm users with techs
    While building an attractive landing page be very aware that users don’t really comprehend most of the techs behind their favourite apps. Keep the description simple, no matter how revolutionary the product might be.
  • Check if everything is intact
    Many apps to promote are being hosted on online marketplaces like Google Store or Appstore, but no one is 100% insured something will never go wrong. Apps might get banned, restricted to use in certain regions, refused by payment methods or simply paused by moderation.
    Check if the utility can be easily downloaded and installed before you start promoting it, and make sure it stays that way from time to time. Your profits will depend on it!

The best vertical for pop campaigns #6 and #7: Gambling and Betting

Gambling offer landing page for pop ads
An example of a prelanding page promoted via pop ads

Gambling and Betting are considered to be among the most profitable verticals for popunders. Unlike many popular traffic sources like Facebook, pops traffic doesn’t have any restriction on landing page content and affiliates are free to list there anything with no fear of moderation problems.

Since iGaming, which includes any online Gambling and Betting activities, slowly but surely goes legal in many regions — the already high CR will only grow! For example, one of the most profitable GEOs for popunders, Brazil, have made steps towards legalisation in 2023.

Also Gambling offers perfectly match high volumes of traffic that popunders possess, along with wide regional coverage. For example, the USA has over 58 million active online gambling players, along with Great Britain and Germany with 29 million each. The situation with Tier 2 and 3 is even bigger, since most populated regions like Asia and LatAm bring insane CR along with cheap bids.

Popunders can reach every bit of audience, since they’re perfectly suitable to be launched on any device and are quite cheap. At RichAds pop ads CPM bid for Tier 3 starts from $0.5, and for Tier 1 at $1, and considering the amount of traffic you will get this is profitable even for fast reinvestments!

These are some tips to bear in mind while choosing Gambling and Betting offers for pop ads:

  • Make sure of landing page proper localization
    It’s essential that the landing page is properly translated into required language. Also it must support the most popular payment methods, so that users don’t face obstacles while exploring the offer.
  • Choose promotion way: landing or prelanding
    As mentioned before, landing page is the key thing you must focus on while promoting via pops. For Gambling there are considered to be 2 options: landing and prelanding. Prelanding can be used to intrigue the users, providing a spin-win wheel, and then redirecting to the landing page to register.

3 tips to get the most of the best pop ads verticals by RichAds

Despite the fact that choosing an offer among the best verticals for a certain ad format is enough to start making profit, some things are still to be cleared. Here are some tips from RichAds ad network to reach the highest conversion rate from promoting the best popunder vertical!

Tip 1. Use platform’s features to get better results

Pop ads are a good ad format perfectly suitable for beginning affiliate marketer, as it lacks the need to make many creatives. Nonetheless, pop ads possess huge volumes of traffic which requires attention and expertise beginners might not have yet.

At RichAds we invented an in-house feature specially for beginners: Performance Mode. Starting a campaign with Performance Mode adds converting whitelists weekly, and campaigns’ settings to be adjusted to be more effective according to your results! This will be a huge improvement on further campaign optimization and success.

Also, to prevent paying for not converting traffic sources, it is recommended to set Automated rules. According to them traffic sources will be automatically sorted into either white or black lists, depending on the conversions or their absence.

Tip 2. Check guides on pop traffic arbitrage

We’ve been providing users with pop ads traffic for years now here at RichAds, and gathered enough expertise to benefit the affiliate marketing industry. We’re convinced that pop ads still have unleashed potential that can bring huge benefits.

With our educational materials on pop ads you can start your first campaign as soon as possible and get profits! For example, you can check our latest article on how to work and start earning on pop ads traffic!

Tip 3. Ask managers for help to start pops campaign

In order to get the most out of your campaign on pops it’s better to contact your manager at RichAds for help. Our managers can provide you with actual whitelists, the list of most converting traffic sources, for your exact offer!

Among other things, you can contact managers to get info on choosing a CPM bid that would be the most suitable for your campaign. Since such high traffic volumes are near, it’s essential to set the right bid to ensure you will have enough to analyse your audience, not overdrawing the budget.


Now you know how to choose a niche for pop ads and what to expect from it. But choosing the right offer from the best popunder niches is a halfway through to high CR on pop arbitrage. The other half is about practice which comes with such benefits as better understanding the audience as well as technical peculiarities.

At RichAds ad network you can launch a campaign on pop ads high-quality traffic right now, as we offer detailed target parameters and more than 200 GEOs from Tier 1 to Tier 3! Everyday 5+ billion impressions to the ads on our traffic, so let’s start your campaign and push your benefits even higher!

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