6 best pop ads & popunder spy tools (1 closed)

If you are wandering the net looking for the best spy tool for pop ads — we got you covered!

Here you can find a list of the best popunder spy tools, along with free ones and even those out of service!

In this article we will share tips on how to choose the best pop ads spy tool and provide you a list of the best popunder spy tools for affiliate marketing!

What is an affiliate marketing spy tool?

Spy tool — is an online instrument that allows you to look at the creatives and campaigns’ details run by your competitors via ad networks or traffic sources. Spy tools’ system tracks the campaigns and preserves the collected creatives or data, for example, a landing page of a pop ads campaign.

There are many different spy tools dedicated to monitoring various traffic sources’ campaigns, including Facebook, TikTok, push, pops, native, etc.

Though surely many have tried to use spy tools for stealing creatives fast and using them for their campaigns’ purposes, it is not recommended as original advertising content shows better results anyways. Spy tools serve mainly as an instrument to get to see what’s working right now and evaluate the approaches your competitors use.

What are desktop and mobile traffic sources spy tools?

Some spy tool platforms tend to distinguish gathering campaigns’ data rather by device than by precise ad format, like Adplexity did, which we will show later below. In such a case you might come across a choice: should I look into “mobile” or “desktop” traffic sources monitoring to see pops? Let’s get it explained!

Mobile and desktop traffic sources spy tools

Desktop traffic sources — are ads that are running on desktop devices. Those include popup and popunder ads, sometimes both can be put in the same category “pops”. The spy tool system automatically recognises the scripts used to show such ads and registers them into its database.

Mobile traffic sources cover the ads launched on mobile devices. Those might include in-app and also pop-up ads. The difference with pops on mobile devices is that the system is to recognise different scripts that trigger the ad to show.

Most of the time the spy services will show you the landing pages for popunder ads run on all devices, along with the possibility to filter them.

How to choose a pop ads spy tool

When it comes to spy tools, there are a couple of points you want to consider before choosing the one to use: coverage, features and price.

1. Coverage

Make sure to take a look at how many ad networks, GEOs and affiliate networks are being monitored by the spy tool. The platform will get the creatives from them, so the more sources it checks — the better picture you can get on the creatives.

2. Features

While looking at what spy tools offer, check the features they provide for marketers to use. The functionality of what you can or can not do will define the depth of exploring the creatives and utilising them. For choosing the top suitable pop ads spy tool we recommend to look at following features:

  • Campaigns’ detailed data (active time, URLs, affiliate networks, performance);
  • Filters (country, language, browser, device, etc);
  • Landing page tools.

3. Price

Spy tools for popunders have different pricing plans, and very few of them provide services for free. Be sure that the spy tool service that you want to use fits your budget, because not necessarily every day, but you will need it regularly.

If you’ve checked all described above and still haven’t made up your mind, don’t worry! You can look up for a free trial to explore a spy tool service before purchasing!

5 best popunder spy tools

Now we will show the top pop ads spy tool services, overview the functionality, coverage and price of them!

The list of pop ads spy tools:

  • Adplexity;
  • Anstrex Pops;
  • SpyPop;
  • AdMobiSpy;
  • AdPeriscope.

Plus, we will show a pop ads spy tool that ceased to exist, but definitely worth mentioning — MakeMassive.

1. AdPlexity

AdPlexity is without a doubt one of the best spy tools on the market, not only for pop ads campaigns since it also covers other traffic sources like push, native, in-app. The platform has been around since 2008 and developed rich functionality to get campaigns’ details in full and friendly for their users.

Spy tool Adplexity review

AdPlexity’s coverage

AdPlexity fills their database of creatives from many sources, including ad networks, affiliate networks for desktop traffic sources, and mobile carriers plus apps’ ads for mobile.

The sources’ coverage for popups and popunders is mainly in desktop traffic sources and features:

  • 5 ad networks;
  • Over 100 affiliate networks;
  • 75 countries;
  • 15 ad exchanges.

AdPlexity’s features

AdPlexity team has really strived to provide the functionality that would take its niche and provide the best spy service for their clients’ needs. AdPlexity provides a dashboard with detailed analytics on campaigns, multi-filtering search and landing page downloader!

Campaigns’ detailed data

The spy tool service is monitoring the sources and all the detailed information of your competitors’ campaigns, that you can use to your advantage.

At AdPlexity you can look at the campaign’s performance that even shows the period it was performing the best. Along with data on which publishers brought the most traffic, and what OS and browser targeted were delivering the most profits!

The visual data of that is presented in a complete analytics dashboard, so you can find and analyze ads seamlessly.

Spy tool for pop ads Adplexity review

At AdPlexity you get to use very detailed filters to sort the landing pages and see exactly what you‘re looking for. You can filter campaigns by:

  • Keyword, to search for a particular word on a landing page;
  • Ad network;
  • Device type and OS;
  • Certain website or publisher, to get data on what ads are being run on them;
  • Running period, to see what time the campaign was active;
  • Affiliate network;
  • Ad category (vertical).
Spy tool for popunders Adplexity review
Landing page tools

AdPlexity’s user interface allows you to download everything complete with page dependencies (CSS and javascript codes, images, etc.) in a single .zip file. No more ripping necessary – just click and go!

Spy tool for pops Adplexity review

Adplexity’s pricing

You can get access to Adplexity service for $199 a month and $1990 for a year, having 2 months for free discount! Sadly, Adplexity doesn’t give the opportunity to have a free trial, but you can always refund within 24 hours.

2. Anstrex Pops

Anstrex is a newer ad intelligence tool that has come to the market in approximately 2016, and since has been only growing and expanding. Anstrex provides spy tool services for many ad formats and traffic sources, including native, push, pops and social ads.

Spy tool Anstrex Pops review

Anstrex Pops’ coverage

Anstrex claims that their sources’ coverage is second to none and that is very much believable. The Anstrex team decided to go all the way down on it, so their data is filled by:

  • Over 1 million ads;
  • 32 ad networks (including RichAds);
  • 850+ mobile carriers;
  • 92 countries.

Anstrex Pops’ features

Anstrex Pops is the latest product of the company and meant to provide everything to accurately track popunder ads.

Campaigns’ detailed data

At Anstrex dashboard you will get full insights on publishers to get a full picture of targets performing the best for advertisers. That includes showing traffic data from ad networks associated with the campaigns to evaluate the traffic sources.

Plus to that, Anstrex Pops scans and lists every link on the landing page to identify affiliate offers and see what competitors are focusing on in terms of increasing ROI!

Spy tool for pop ads Anstrex Pops review

Anstrex has got you covered on giving a multitude filtering options to get as precisely sorted creatives as you need. The filtering parameters include:

  • Country;
  • Category;
  • Ad network;
  • Affiliate network;
  • Keyword;
  • Device;
  • Tracking tool;
  • Mobile carriers;
  • Language;
  • Active period.
Spy tool for popunders Anstrex Pops review
Landing page tools

In order to get accurate and sorted landing pages, Anstrex uses technology to detect popunder traffic, then automatically scraping the page as an HTML file. It avoids cloaked pages and presents a full resolution ripping.

You can edit the ripped page with Anstrex’ in-house HTML-editor and customize the landing page to your needs. Then you can upload your customized lander directly on your server via FTP or deploy it on AWS S3 bucket. No need to download anything on your PC!

Spy tool for pops Anstrex Pops review

Anstrex Pops’ pricing

Anstrex offers different pricing plans for various needs, but the spy tool for only pop ads goes by the price is $89 per month for a user. This includes all the described features.

You can get an expanded plan to get access to the spy functionality on more traffic sources such as push, native and in-app ads.

3. AdMobiSpy

AdMobiSpy is a comprehensive spy tool that allows you to spy on your competitors, their pops ads, as well as where they are buying ads from and what their landing pages are. It’s been around since 2014 and is a great resource if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

Spy tool AdMobiSpy review

AdMobiSpy’s coverage

AdMobiSpy focuses on targeting only what’s needed the most to get a full comprehensive picture of the campaigns and successful ads. There are very few sources to fill the platform’s database but they rather provide quality than quantity.

  • 5 top pops ad networks;
  • 700 new landing pages daily;
  • 70 countries;
  • Over 10 affiliate networks and trackers.

AdMobiSpy’s features

The spy tool service monitors the desired data and sorts it exactly to get the full picture on the campaign’s side. For now, AdMobiSpy claims to be the main course in order to boost your ad campaigns’ performance!

Campaigns’ detailed data

AdMobiSpy offers analytics on both website and application ads, along with databases on affiliate network’s offer performance which would help in overcoming competitors.


At AdMobiSpy you get to use 11 multi-filtering to narrow down the campaigns to the last bit of information you need. That includes:

  • Keywords, to target a certain product;
  • Country;
  • Affiliate network;
  • Ad network;
  • Device type;
  • Browser;
  • Tracking tool;
  • Content (landing page, transit, app, site);
  • Time and activity;
  • Received traffic volume;
  • Landing page URL.

Spy tool for pop ads AdMobiSpy review
Landing page tools

AdMobiSpy provides only landing pages downloader but with extended features. You can download thousands of landing pages in one click either by filtering or among those added to favourites. You will get the database of creatives to build thousands of ad campaigns on!

AdMobiSpy’s pricing

The company holds a very usual policy regarding pricing on different plans and ads spy services. Getting the spy tool for pops is $149 a month and $1490 per year. Since AdMobiSpy provides such instruments for many other formats like PPC, myTarget and mobile traffic, you may consider purchasing an ultimate plan of $599 a month!

4. SpyPop

SpyPop is another spying service made under SpyPush company, which specializes in push ads. SpyPop now is a newer and much more powerful intelligence tool backed by improved technology and cost-effective service.

Spy tool for pops SpyPop review

SpyPop’s coverage

The coverage of SpyPop intelligence tool is spread not on many sources, but the ones specialising mostly on popunder traffic.

  • 7 pops ad networks;
  • 500k+ daily updated landing pages;
  • Over 95 countries.

SpyPop’s features

Compared to previous spy tools, SpyPop doesn’t provide many features of analysing campaigns and editing creatives. But instead, it gives the access to explore a large ad database at practically no cost.

Campaigns’ detailed data

While looking at a landing page info on SpyPop, you can get the info on how many campaigns and devices it has already been run on. Along with that, you can see the URL-address of the particular ad.

Spy tool for pop ads SpyPop review

At SpyPop you can sort the landing pages shown by 11 filtering options. That would give the opportunity to look for the exact ad type and get many similar results in assistance!

  • Keywords on landing pages;
  • Country;
  • Ad network;
  • Language of landings;
  • OS;
  • Tracker;
  • Links / domains;
  • Ads activity;
  • Rotation period;
  • Impression date;
  • Popularity.

Spy tool for popunders SpyPop review
Landing page tools

SpyPops also features a functionality to download high resolution landing pages of the ad you are looking at, or the ones put in your favourites.

SpyPop’s pricing

SpyPops have three plans available, which are:

  • Free Plan
    This allows you to view all ads within SpyPop’s database, but the usage is very limited. Most of the filters are locked, so sorting through ad results can be a pain. However, you can still see the ad information, such as where it is running, how long it has been active, and more. And as its name implies, it is free to use but has tons of user-oriented ads in the interface.
  • Full Version SpyPop
    This plan opens up everything that has been locked in the free plan. In short, you can make full use of all SpyPop’s features for the price of $49 per month.
  • Full Version SpyCombo
    With this plan, not only will you be able to use SpyPop, but you will also have full access to its other sister tools, which are SpyPush, SpyNative. All of this for the price of $99 per month.

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5. AdPeriscope

AdPeriscope is a spy tool service built under Anstrex, designed mostly to gather Dating ad campaigns’ creatives, not particularly specialising on pop ads. The platform showcases landing pages and creatives’ banners for many traffic sources, including native, display and pops.

AdPeriscope’s coverage

Since AdPeriscope mostly focuses on filling databases from Dating traffic sources, they claim that they’ve integrated most of the top providers in this niche.

  • 8 top Dating traffic ad networks;
  • Over 150 mobile carriers;
  • 56 countries.

AdPeriscope’s features

The platform is monitoring creatives and landing pages in the niche of Dating, providing the best spy tool for the advertiser who works with the vertical regularly.

Campaigns’ detailed data

At AdPeriscope you can get a campaign’s detailed data on publishers and their performance, along with a full list of creatives an advertiser is using. All of that can be visually sorted and presented for further analysis.

Spy tool for pop ads AdPeriscope review

AdPeriscope offers the usage of multi-filtering and sorting the creatives within the Dating vertical the way that you can target a very specific niche within the niche. It can be applied to advertising methods, data collection and certain products’ approaches.

The filtering at AdPeriscope includes:

  • Ad networks;
  • Ad format;
  • Country;
  • Mobile carrier;
  • Device type;
  • Language;
  • Third-party trackers;
  • Publisher;
  • Campaign duration;
  • Ad-stength;
  • “Alexa rank” of the landing page;
  • Keywords;
  • Affiliate network.

Landing page tools

One thing AdPeriscope could overcome other spy tool services in functionality is landing page editor. The platform provides the opportunity to download, edit, optimize and upload any landing page within AdPeriscope. No need to download it on your PC!

Also you can set activity alerts on your competition and get notified if the followed advertiser runs a new ad.

Plus to that, you can add landing pages to favourites lists and then compare them for detailed analysis.

Spy tool for popunder ads AdPeriscope review

AdPeriscope’s pricing

The pricing plan for the platform is only $89 per month. AdPeriscope doesn’t mention any free trial period, but you can request a full 100% refund within 48 hours from subscribing.

Pop ads spy tools that have stopped working

Pop ads is one of the oldest ad formats on the internet and it definitely was targeted by many entrepreneurs who would develop a spy tool it deserves. In this part we will show you a worth-mentioning spy tool service MakeMassive, which didn’t make it to nowadays.

Spy tool for pop ads MakeMassive review

MakeMassive was aimed to become an ultimate tool that serves both as a spy tool for native ads, pop ads and display ads, along with affiliate networks’ offers browser. The service first came to the public in 2014, providing private access to the system. Later in 2016 the platform announced a rebuild — MakeMassive 2.0. They announced new filtering and tracking options to present even more opportunities to gather creatives.

In 2018 the MakeMassive platform stopped existing for unknown reasons.


Spy tools are an essential part of scaling profits in the affiliate marketing industry as an advertiser. They allow you to get a peek at what your competitors are up to in terms of approaches and creatives. For popunders, the spy tool services might also serve as landing page editing solutions.

We at RichAds have been working with popunder traffic for many years, and have excelled at providing quality traffic for advertisers. With us, you can launch a pop ads campaign on over 200+ GEOs from Tier 3 to Tier 1, on all the popular verticals: Gambling, Betting, Finance, Dating, E-Commerce, etc. Start running profitable ad campaigns with RichAds right now!

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Dmitry Makarov
Bringing the experience of writing sales texts for IT-agency, Dmitry Makarov has also worked as a content manager and SEO specialist in affiliate marketing agencies operating within the iGaming vertical. While composing marketing materials for the past 2 years, Dmitry has provided in-depth expertise within the topics of utilising different ad formats (push and in-page push ads, popunder and native ads), iGaming niche advertising and overviewing industry tendencies. His passion in creating has also been developed towards broadcasting, music and fiction novels.

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