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Review of trackers integrated with RichPush (updated 05.01.2021)

Let’s look at the trackers integrated with the RichPush advertising network which are suitable for working with a large amount of traffic.

What problems can a webmaster run into when using a non-integrated tracker?

It takes a long time to set up.
Inaccurate amount of impressions, CTR, conversions, and also leads.
Inability to detect sources that don’t lead to conversions.
False bot traffic statistics.
Inability to follow the user’s actions on the landing and when he leaves.

Criteria for choice of trackers

  • Ease of use, intuitively understandable even for newcomers.
  • Wide functionality, features for changing analytics parameters.
  • Full integration with the top advertising networks.

1. RichPush

This embedded tool can compile a detailed report. Statistics on bids and impressions are always available. In contrast, third-party trackers don’t gather statistics on these parameters. First of all, the tracker doesn’t require installation and doesn’t take long to set up. Campaign data is available 24/7.

2. Voluum

Cloud tracker tracks data in real-time. Above all, the service works uninterrupted even at high speed.

Therefore, it will be convenient to:

  1. work with huge volumes of traffic;
  2. make detailed reports;
  3. sort traffic by countries, networks, types of devices, OS, and browsers.

Even more, Voluum analyzes non-converted and fraud platforms, campaign effectiveness, and also bot-traffic.

3. Kochava

Kochava helps to segment users as well as optimize campaigns on all integrated devices.

In the tracking tool’s functionality, you can find standard reports on gender, age, devices, events, DAU/MAU/WAU, Retention, Revenue, and also create your own reports on parameters needed.

Besides, you can:

  1. Use the anti-fraud system;
  2. Create Deep Linking;
  3. Count LTV users, media cost, and return on investment for each of the 12 most important metrics;
  4. Benefit from integration with more than 2800 affiliate networks.

4. Keitaro

Keitaro tests landings and offers in any combination, targets goal pages. Available features also include:

  • more than 30 metrics for compiling reports,
  • filters,
  • grouping by parameters.

The ability to fine-tune access rights allows giving report access to clients, and campaign access to colleagues. The tracker has to be installed on a server.

5. PeerClick

The amount of traffic this tracker works with is enormous, as it’s capable of processing more than 1 billion clicks a day on any account. It’s possible to start analyzing campaign data right away because PeerClick works in the cloud. It’s also a convenient way to track expenses, income, and conversions in real-time. Optimization via AI saves time on campaign optimization. Furthermore, it’s possible to create your own custom plan by contacting the tracker’s tech support.

6. Binom

Binom is a high-speed tracker for working with large amounts of traffic.

  1. Saves time on upscaling.
  2. Distributes traffic to blacklists and whitelists using set filters.
  3. Tracks 100% of clicks and conversions on all channels.
  4. Leads users to unique landings and offers they haven’t seen before.

7. FunnelFlux

This unique tracker visualizes conversion funnels, showing the stages at which the user comes and leaves. So traffic routing takes place based on performance. The data analytics system is user-friendly and understandable.

Finally, FunnelFlux has an open API and also instant campaign testing available.

8. Kintura

This tracker’s artificial intelligence quickly processes campaign data. Reports are instantaneous. So you don’t need to wait for the details on your data because everything is made available in real-time. Seems like flexible preset settings would fit any goal. Kintura tracker’s tech support is always available and quick to process requests.

9. BeMob

Most noteworthy, this tracker has a free trial period. BeMob can quickly test landings, track, and distribute traffic flows with max ROI. You can create your own templates for campaign and tracking settings. All campaign data is stored in the cloud. This tracker’s features also include:

  • BeMob tracks conversion status,
  • Considers the loss percentage of traffic from every source,
  • Re-routes traffic if there are limits on conversions by the offer.

Read how to use your tracker to get max profit from RichPush here.

10. AdsBridge

First of all, AdsBridge is suitable for slight campaign scaling. Quick reports are available in real-time. Click retargeting is extremely quick, so minimizing losses. Split and A/B testing is available. AdsBridge has a landings constructor and bot traffic filtering. Finally, the tracker also has URL rotation, PPC tracking, and a link tracker.

11. Appsflyer

Above all, this tracker has its fraud protection. Accurate statistics analysis with extended analytics is shown all in one report. Appsflyer makes working with paid sources of traffic easier and offers “transparent” analytics. Furthermore, high-quality retargeting increases campaign ROI.

12. RedTrack

  1. Campaign data is stored in the cloud.
  2. An unlimited number of user domains.
  3. Traffic within one campaign is grouped using 20 metrics which increases optimization.
  4. Filtration using bot and proxy filters. Also can set up redirecting on unique visits.

Hence, RedTrack is all about the speed of counting every click and detailed statistics.

Watch the webinar with RedTrack ‘Advanced hacks to boost your Push campaigns ROI’ here.

13. OctoTracker

You can group traffic by chosen slices and filter using blacklists. The traffic analysis is very thorough, with 16 skills meant for bot detection. This tracker automatically detects low-quality sources, and groups quality traffic by layers and offers. OctoTracker also tracks the lead status and shows the current status of every lead. In addition, server installation is available along with working in the cloud.

14. ThriveTracker

ThriveTracker is a cloud-based tracker that provides the ultimate mobile and web campaign management solution for affiliates. 

Thrivetracker is a self-hosted private tracker. It means that your data belongs to you in your database. 

This tracker has a user-friendly interface that is a good option for those who make the first steps in affiliate marketing. Also, it has a great list of useful features.

Features of ThriveTracker:

  • artificial Intelligence Auto Optimization;
  • geo-redirect/bot filter;
  • fastest redirect;
  • auto-scaling;
  • self-managed server;
  • LP Pixel.


Hence, trackers integrated into the advertising network help control all advertising campaign parameters and sort traffic, which leads to an increase in ROI.

So track your statistics the right way, increase the income from your advertisement campaigns, and funnel quality push-traffic RichPush.


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