How to set up tracking: RichAds + Binom

Here’s how to set up your Binom tracker and connect it to RichAds.

The material is a step-by-step guide that show how to integrate RichAds and Binom.

This article will enable you to configure the tracker after reading it.

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While the tracker is a necessary tool for any webmaster, it is only useful if it is connected properly. The article discusses the Binom tracker and the quirks that come with configuring and integrating it with RichAds. 

Do you have a question: How to integrate other trackers with RichAds?
You can find tutorials on the blog. Find them by searching for “Affiliate Tracking Tutorials“.

Step 1: Creating RichAds traffic source

How to connect a tracker to the RichAds advertising network?

Start by creating a traffic source within the tracker. It’s necessary so that the tracker can receive data from our advertising network. 

Use a ready-made template, which is already built into the tracker. To do this, you need to do the following actions.

1. Click on the button “Traffic sources” in the top panel, and then select “Create” in the interface that appears.

click to enlarge

2. Next, we need to find our template. To do this, click on the “Load from template” button.

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3. In the window that appears, start typing the name of the advertising network in the search box. This is what it looks like in practice.

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4. Select the desired traffic source, and you will be taken to the next screen.

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5. Check if the data in your window matches the data in the screenshot. If everything is correct, click “Save”.

This completes adding the traffic source. The next step is to integrate the partner network.

Do you think that this is all you need to know to connect the tracker to the RichAds network? No! You need one more step.

Step 2: Integrating an affiliate network

The tracker must be integrated with the platform to receive data from an affiliate program. We show what it looks like on the Dr.Cash affiliate network example.

1. In the top menu, find the “Aff Networks” button and, similarly to creating a traffic source, click the “Create” button.

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2. Click on “Load from catalog” and select an affiliate program template. Here’s what it looks like using Dr.Cash as an example.

click to enlarge
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3. When you find an affiliate program, just click on it, and the data will be generated automatically.

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4. At this point, the integration is almost done, but don’t forget to save the link for postback. If you have already saved it, click “Save”.

You need postback to establish communication between the tracker and the affiliate program.

5. Enter it in the “Postback URL” field when creating a campaign in your affiliate program.

Here’s how it looks in Dr. Cash.

In this field, you must enter a link for the postback

When everything is ready, you can save the changes and move on to the next step – the creation of an offer.

Step 3: Creating an offer

All that’s left to do is add the tracker offers and combine all the components into a single campaign. Here is what you need to create an offer.

1. Select the “Offers” tab on the top menu and click “Create”

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2. After that, you will open a window in which you must enter data from the offers card:

  • Title. You can just copy from the Affiliate Program or come up with your own. If you’re inside the team, call the offer in your own way.
  • URL of the offer. It can be taken from the affiliate program.
  • Country. If you have not yet decided on the region for promotion, select “Global”.
  • Affiliate Program. Just select it from the drop-down list box. You have already integrated the Affiliate Program with the tracker in the second step of the instructions.
  • Amount of payment. Enter it manually or copy it from the Affiliate Program site.
When you have entered the data, click “Save”

Done, you’ve added an offer. Keep adding the necessary offers, and when you’re done, it’s time to move on to the last step and create a campaign in Binom.

Step 4: Create a Binom campaign 

It remains to combine the offer, the source of traffic and affiliate program in a single campaign. To do this, you need to do the following actions.

1. Find the “Campaigns” tab on the top bar and click “Create”.

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2. After that, in the drop-down window, you must enter:

  • Name. This is the name of the campaign.
  • Source of traffic. This is RichAds push or pops, depending on which sorts of traffic you connected in step #1.
  • Payment model. Select the desired payment model and enter the rate. At this point, you can click “Auto” and the system will collect the data for you.
  • The offer. Just choose the right offer from the list, you added them in the last paragraph.
  • Landing page. If it is not available, select “Direct”, otherwise the tracker will not allow you to save the campaign.
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3. When you have entered all the data, press the “Save” button. This concludes the creation of the campaign, all that’s left is to add the link to the RichAds campaign. You can get it here.

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Copy this link and use it in your campaigns. Be sure to check the tracker for correct data collection and display, and then the setup is done. 

This is all you need to know about RichAds and Voluum tracking set up. We hope this guide will help you set up your tracker.

Good luck!

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