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The gambling vertical is one of the most popular and well-paid in affiliate marketing. The volumes of profit in it are growing from year to year. It’s increasing due to the general improvement in people’s standard of living and the ineradicable human desire to win something without making any special efforts.

The gambling niche is good for both beginners and professionals. The main thing is to know the pitfalls.

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The Gambling vertical meaning

The gambling vertical includes various online casinos and games where the user can get a decent profit.

Gambling is in high demand due to the playful nature of its product. In a world where everyone is looking for entertainment, the gambling vertical is especially attractive to potential customers.

Passion and excitement are what drive the multibillion-dollar online gambling industry. You just have to find your player.

gambling vertical meaning

The gambling vertical is distinguished by large payouts and various payment models, allowing both experienced specialists and beginners who are just mastering the niche to make a profit.

But the competition over the place in the sun is still rather big.

gambling vertical_statistics

Main Gambling Specializations

Working with the gambling vertical, you can choose which specialization to work with. The main specializations are slots, poker rooms, and sports betting. There are also bingo and lotteries.

gambling vertical_main specializations

TOP 10 geos for Gambling vertical

The gambling vertical is popular all over the world. Its products have no boundaries. If you learn how to run casino ads in Turkey, you can change the geo and continue to profit.

Of course gambling niche has its limitations. You will have to spend time studying the legal restrictions in this area.

In some geos, marketers are not allowed to run advertisements in the native language, or gambling is prohibited in some country states (for example, in Canada).

gambling vertical_best geo
Top 10 Gambling geos at RichAds according to data for June 2021
*ranked by the popularity of gambling niche

Please note that countries from Tier 3 are leading in our advertising network. It would be best if you did not write them off, considering the poor and unpromising. They already have enough people who can be potential leads and generate income.

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Payout models for Gambling vertical

Today, there are several payment models in the Gambling vertical. There are at least 4 of them: CPL, CPA, RevShare, and Hybrid.

You can still find pay per lead (CPL) in some countries, which implies payment for registration after email confirmation. If you manage to find such an offer, consider that you have found a big treasure. CPL offers are perfect for studying. The payouts there are small, but it is more important to understand the players’ logic and what attracts them at the start.

CPA or Cost per Action means payment for action. Usually, this means the first deposit. CPA is a good choice with relatively fast payouts.

Specialists often choose RevShare — a model in which you receive a percentage of the casino’s winnings for each client. If the client is lucky, you will not get anything, and if not, you will still need to wait a while until you get paid. This model usually choose marketers with large budgets.

A nice alternative to RevShare is the Hybrid model. The payment takes place for the first deposit, and the percentage of the casino’s winnings will also drip.

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