How to gain Gambling traffic in Indonesia? In-depth overview

Every marketer is constantly looking for profitable bundles, and we are ready to help with this!

The popularity of Asian geos has been alarming for a long time, but few people know how to drive traffic to them and get stable profit.

In this article, the team of RichAds advertising network will tell you how to buy gambling ad traffic in Indonesia in the most important details, from local payments and creatives to campaign settings and its optimization.

Why launch Gambling ads in Indonesia?

Is it worth driving Gambling ads traffic in Indonesia? The answer is unequivocal — yes. And the reasons why this bundle is so profitable are specified below!

Emerging market

To begin with, the popularity of Gambling in Indonesia is very high and over the years the amounts invested in online casinos by residents of this region are only growing. In 2023 and 2022, according to PPATK, about 800 trillion rupees were spent on online Gambling.

Also, according to information from Statista, by 2027, the profit from online Gambling in Indonesia will reach $19.8 million, with an increase of 8.6% over the past five years. 

This means that investing in this particular bundle is a good choice, because the profit from Gambling is only gaining momentum, so you can be the first to skim the cream!

gambling traffic in Indonesia
Source: Statista

Loyal and compliant audience

Another reason why Gambling traffic in Indonesia is so attractive to affiliates is the audience, which is very easy to get interested in such activities.

According to a Populix study, 8 out of 10 Indonesians are interested in Gambling and have tried similar activities at least once in their lives. In 2023 alone, 168 million transactions were registered on online casino sites made by three million Indonesian residents.

Cheap traffic

Whichever traffic source you choose, Indonesia is one of the most inexpensive options in terms of cost. For example, in RichAds, the cost per click on push traffic is one of the lowest — $0.04, on pops — $4.4 per thousand views. This way the results from such campaigns are among the highest, while you get cheap Gambling traffic in Indonesia and boost your ROI.

According to our internal data, Indonesia has been in the top for several years now — it consistently remains in the leading positions in RichAds for most types of traffic. Feel free to track the updates by tag “Best geos and verticals“.

Gambling traffic peculiarities in Indonesia

Before you figure out exactly how to launch Gambling offers in Indonesia, you need to know a couple of features of the target audience and the casinos in this region on the whole.

Knowing these hacks, you will definitely be ahead of the rest of the marketers, and will be able to immediately gain x2 income without long tests.

Indonesian casino players

It’s no secret that for a successful launch, it’s worth knowing who your audience is in order to get exactly into it. Let’s figure out who is playing casinos in Indonesia!

According to research by portal, online casinos in Indonesia are more interesting to women, as many as 68% of them gamble. As for the age, most of the players are quite young — they are between 18 and 24 years old.

Another interesting fact is that for this geo it is worth choosing Android phones for your campaigns, because it is their owners who prevail in this region, iOS is much less widespread.

Payment methods: which to choose?

Everyone knows that each geo has its own local payment methods, which simply need to be taken into account when choosing an offer, otherwise you risk choosing a non-converting casino and draining the budget in vain.

There are few such methods in Indonesia, the most basic ones are OVO, Xendit, GoPay, DANA, LinkAja and Jenius. There are also many online wallets that allow you to make payments on Gambling sites, and regular cards — Visa and Mastercard.

Be sure to check the availability of these payments in advance at the selected casino, because this is how you will make sure that potential customers will be able to make a deposit!

Popular casino brands in Indonesia

Indonesians love various Gambling games, ranging from classic slots, poker and roulette, to dominoes, which are especially popular in this region.

As for the brands, new casinos that are worthy of the test appear every month, but still there are several the most popular ones that are perfect for testing at the initial stages.

Top 5 Gambling sites in Indonesia

  • BK8
  • eqn777
  • indoslot8
  • 1xBet
  • WE88

What kind of traffic is suitable for casinos in Indonesia?

Now that we have reviewed the main features of the target audience in Indonesia, it is worth analyzing which traffic sources will convert to this geo, and which ones should be avoided.

It is very important to note that in March 2024, the Indonesian authorities expressed particular concern about advertising on social networks, in particular on the X network, and most likely such ads will be blocked in the near future.

RichAds team

That is why it is worth paying attention to alternative sources of traffic — push, pop and native ads.

Push ads: the most reliable traffic

This type of traffic is great for Gambling offers, because it allows you to launch them without any restrictions and resorting to cloaking, any creatives will do!

Moreover, push traffic is real people who are ready to receive your ads, because they have subscribed to it, and are already quite loyal. Everything is also quite affordable for the price — the price per click for Indonesia starts from $0.04.

This source is perfect for Gambling vertical, according to our internal statistics, this vertical is in the top from month to month!

Pop ads: accessible and “aggressive”

Pop traffic is ideal for Gambling offers in the Indonesian market due to the high CR and the specifics of the audience that actively plays casino games.

The fact is that this format is more aggressive, which is perfect for this bundle — people in Indonesia are very interested in Gambling and react to any impulses. Moreover, pop traffic has a low cost, which allows you to reduce the initial campaign cost and increase ROI.

Another argument “for” pop ads is the ease of setup. In fact, you only need a link to the casino, basic targeting and that’s it! The campaign is ready, you can start it and get profit.

Native ads: the most organic solution

Native traffic is ideal for Gambling offers in the Indonesian market due to its organic integration of advertising into content.

Also, native advertising has a high degree of trust among users, which helps to increase CR and attract a fresh audience. Thus, using native traffic for Gambling offers in the Indonesian market will help establish long-term relationships with players and increase casino loyalty.

This is the most unobtrusive type of advertising, it is embedded as gently as possible into the content of the site, which is why its effectiveness is very high.

Creatives for Gambling offers in Indonesia

No matter what type of traffic you choose for Indonesia, there are some general tips for creating landing pages and creatives that will be useful for you to launch this particular bundle.

  • When creating landing pages for Gambling offers in the Indonesian market, you should use bright colors and images, in particular images associated with luck, as well as bonuses that attract attention.
gambling advertising traffic in Indonesia
  • It is also important to have a clear structure on the landing page so that users can easily find information about the games offered, payment methods and terms of participation, as well as simple registration information.
buy gambling ad traffic in Indonesia
  • On push creatives, you can also use images of good luck symbols, such as dragon or phoenix figures, to attract the attention of an audience that believes in lucky signs.
cheap gambling traffic
  • Creatives for gambling offers on the Indonesian market should contain a clear call to action, for example, “Try your luck now!” or “Become a winner today!”.
gambling ads traffic in Indonesia
  • It is also worth using images reflecting local culture, for example, traditional Indonesian patterns or elements of Balinese dance.
cheap gambling traffic in Indonesia

Important: creatives and landing pages for Gambling offers in the Indonesian market should be adapted to mobile devices, given the high prevalence of smartphones among users.

How to launch Gambling offers in Indonesia: practical tips

Now that you know all about the specifics of the target audience, creatives, and the casino market in Indonesia in general, it’s time to talk about the practical stages of launching this geo.

How to launch Gambling offers in Indonesia:

  1. Start your campaign with the Performance Mode algorithm. It is thanks to him that you will be able to immediately focus on converting sources, and the algorithm automatically optimizes your campaign and can adjust to the desired conversion price.
  1. Add at least five creatives. The more materials you test, the better, because it will help you track the exact target audience that you should focus on.
  1. Divide the campaigns into mobile and desktop. Mobile devices and computers have different traffic costs, so it’s better not to mix them in the same campaign.
  1. Choose the right bet. If in doubt, you should check with your manager, he will definitely tell you the most profitable one, so as not to drain your budget in one day, but also to get enough leads for optimization.
  2. Run only on Premium sources. These traffic sources are pre-sorted to bring you the highest quality traffic and decent leads.
  1. Always optimize the campaign. You can do this manually, or with the help of automatic tools, such as Automated Rules, which will cut off too expensive sources instead of you.
  1. Try the New Subscribers feature for push traffic. This way you will reach both the new and old subscribers’ base and get 2x high-quality traffic.
  1. Analyze the results using the Optimizer. There you will find all the statistics on your campaigns in one place, including the most popular metrics.

These steps may vary depending on the selected source, but they will definitely help you get a good CR in the early stages of the launch.


It doesn’t matter how long you have been engaged in affiliate marketing, and whether you’ve tested Gambling on Indonesia or not, this bundle will definitely be profitable if you take into account all the features of geo.

Be sure to take offers and test them on RichAds traffic, and the profit will not keep you waiting!

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