Examples of 18 creatives for Gambling in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most lucrative GEO for Gambling ads, its revenue is projected to reach 19 million dollars in 2027.

To simplify the promotion process for affiliate, the team of RichAds ad network has collected 18 examples of Gambling ads for Indonesia.

We also have a full guide on advertising casino ads in Indonesia, including traffic sources, target audience, setup tips and some more Gambling advertising ideas in Indonesia.

Gamblers in Indonesia: brief overview 

Before we get down to Gambling creative ads for Indonesia, let’s briefly identify who actually gambles in the region. 

A gambler in Indonesia
Gender: 68% women, 32% men
Age: 18 to 34 years old
Devices: mobile
OS: Android
Motivation: thrill seeking, entertainment and socialization

All in all, Gamblers in Indonesia are one of the easiest  to attract as the first deposits are usually very low, from 20 rupiah, it’s about $1.3. This creates a sense of safety for players and allows almost anyone to register.

Top 18 Gambling ads examples in Indonesia: pre-landers, landers and creatives 

All in all, the flow of Gambling advertisements in Indonesia is no different from other casino ads, it consists of three simple elements: pre-landing pages, landings and creatives.

Key elements of promotional funnel

  • Creative. The first stage of the funnel, it catches the attention of the client, needs to be bright and urging.
  • Pre-landing page. This page is shown to users as the second stage of the flow, it’s aimed at making the user interested, hooking it to click on the lander link.
  • Landing page. Its purpose is to retain a user, need to be simple yet attractive and look trustworthy.

Below we’ll have a look at the 18 best Gambling ads creatives in Indonesia, including images, landings and pre-landings.

12 push creatives examples for Gambling ads in Indonesia

Let’s begin with the first stage of the funnel — push creatives, we’ll show 12 approaches that have the highest CTR for Indonesian players.

Push and pop ads are the most effective sources for Indonesia 
as the government in the region prohibits many other sources like social media, 
while push and pop format have 0 restriction on creatives usage, are affordable and help affiliates avoid bans.

We’ve analyzed popular casino ads in Indonesia and collected the most converting Gambling ad copy examples.

  • Show emotions. The happier the people are, the more attention will such a creative attract. Also if the person has asian appearance, such ad will work best.
  • Sense of belonging. You can show whole families that play casino and win big, this will create a sense of unity and gain more trust.
  • Use the most popular games for companies. You can apply UNO or Mahjong games as they are usually family-related and everyone knows how to play them.
  • Apply beautiful asian women. They can be in underwear or just in beautiful national dresses, this will attract a more male audience.
  • Specify exact pluses of a casino. This can be combined with the approach mentioned above to gain more attention.
  • Urge users to make a specific action. It can be a deposit or registration, just specify what you want from a user, always put calls to action to your creatives.
  • Apply exclusivity. It can be a special time-limited bonus or something related to national holidays or betting events.
  • Use bright images. Indonesians love bright colors and are easily attracted by a great variety of games and slots, especially with famous mascots.
  • Show how the casino stands out. It can be the diversity of payment methods, games, or even some huge FTDs, it doesn’t matter, just be unique.
  • Show short review. You can briefly write a review on your ad, then lead a user on a pre-lander with the full version of a review.
  • Try a gamification approach. As Indonesians love casinos for entertainment, give it to them. Show them free spins of famous brands, and then lead to a pre-lander with a fortune wheel.
  • Use influencers. These can be famous streamers who are into playing casino and tested your brand, just show their happy faces!

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3 pre-landing approaches for Indonesian gamblers

Now that you’ve seen top 12 Gambling ad copy examples, let’s see which pre-landing pages work best of all.

  • Casino review.
    Make it look like a real review, with pros and cons, bright screenshots from your casino. Enumerate providers, brand names, slots number and the bonuses that are given to first time players and VIPs. Make it look real and not too complimentary.
  • News site.
    Mention your brand name on a “news site” in each headline, you can make them provocative like “the first online casino to give crazy bonuses” or “learn how an ordinary Indonesian won a million”. Just make sure your website is properly translated into Indonesian.
  • Gamification.
    One more engaging approach to test is the actual game on the pre-lander, it can be a spin wheel. It’s better to make sure that this game is a no-lose one, so any user will have a bonus in the end. Hint — make it as colorful as possible.

More examples of pre-landing pages for Gambling vertical can be found here!

Three ideas for casino landers in Indonesia

Here goes the last part of the funnel —- landing pages. Here everything needs to be really simple, we’ve made a list of three ideas that work best of all.

  • Bonus from the first click.
    Once a user gets to a lander, you can catch him by creating a pop-up bonus to click on. This way he’ll not miss it and will be more loyal to your website, as he got his welcome bonus from the very start.
  • All bright games on one page.
    Make the landing page informative, bright yet simple. You can just collect all info in several blocks, like the most popular game, payment methods and the bonuses, make sure the website has a good speed and isn’t overloaded with info.
  • Simple registration form.
    Just make sure there are only necessary fields on a registration page, no excessive info from users. This way you’ll retain more gamblers and have them register at the casino website.

Now you know all the three stages of Gambling ad funnel for Indonesians and have more than enough examples, apply them and boost your ER!


Now you know the best creative approaches to attract Indonesian players, from creatives to landing pages, make sure to apply them and boost CTR.

Use RichAds traffic and promote Indonesian Gambling offers with greatest profits!

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