Pre-landing and landing page examples for the Gambling vertical

Everyone knows a good pre-landing page is crucial for a high conversion rate.

Today the RichAds team will show different types of pre-landing and landing pages for the Gambling vertical and choose the best approach for your offer. 

7 best Gambling pre-landing and landing page examples 

If you’ve never worked with such verticals as Gambling and Sweepstakes, there is a chance you never needed a pre-lander and were sending users directly to the landing page. While this approach works well with other verticals, the Gambling vertical needs a bit of a different line of action. 

Let’s talk about what a pre-lander is, how it’s different from a regular landing page and how you can make the most profit out of it. 

What’s the difference between a landing and a pre-landing page? 

Pre-lander (pre-landing page, literally “before the landing page”) is an interstitial web page that appears after clicking on the ad but before the landing page itself. A pre-lander serves as a stopping point for a user before they do the target action. The main task of a pre-landing page is to increase the chances of getting a conversion.  

Landing page is the page of the offer where the user performs a target action. Usually this is the page you find in the affiliate program and the one where you should lead all potential customers.  

Why can’t I just lead everyone to the landing page after clicking on the creative? 

No, you can. You might even have a reasonable CR. However, with a pre-lander the number of users that convert will likely be much higher. 

What does a good pre-landing page do? 

  • Attract the user: every pre-landing page for casino or betting should immediately draw in the users, spark their interest. It might be because of colorful pictures or interesting games or an enticing story about success;  
  • Gives more information about the product: through a pre-lander users can learn more about how this particular casino or betting company works; 
  • Tells success stories: pre-landing pages can almost give a taste of money and success that are definitely around the corner once our user registers and starts playing;  

Let’s have a look at Gambling pre-landing examples and see how they can persuade the user to perform the target action.  

Pre-landing examples for Gambling

Despite the fact that almost every Gambling offer has dozens of different pre-landing pages, most of them fall into just several categories.

In the Gambling vertical these are the most common types of pre-landing pages: 

  1. Wheel of Fortune (or free spins) is an interactive way of getting users by offering them a bonus if they spin the wheel. This is one of the most popular types of pre-landing for casino that should attract new users. Usually there is no way to lose and any type of bonus is guaranteed. But still the results are a “mystery” because the user doesn’t know how it ends. 
  1. Welcome bonus – no need to spin anything, the bonus is already given to the user and they can get it by signing up and making the first deposit. This is one of the simplest pre-landers that does convert mostly thanks to evoking the feeling of a “guaranteed benefit”. And we all know no one wants to miss it.  
  1. Interactive pre-lander is usually some kind of mini-game where a user needs to choose one option out of many to get their prize. It is very similar to the wheel of fortune, but here the user doesn’t know the options and gets a “cat in the bag”. The prize is definitely theirs once they register on the landing page of the offer. Here we count on the excitement of the user to receive some prize which increases the chances of getting a conversion. 
  1. Success stories are used more rarely, but are not less effective. The main difference here is that the pre-lander imitates a short news article on a news outlet where the user can read the story of John Doe becoming obscenely rich after one particularly lucky win. Here the main elements will be a text with all buzzwords and pictures as if out of a news report. 
  1. Testimonials are also a great option for a pre-lander if you want to have a higher CR. There is no need to advertise an unrealistic win that made it to the news, but just testimonials of “real people” who make money on games and bets on a regular basis. And what’s better than making money by playing games or placing sports bets?  

Gambling landing page: best examples

Now that we’ve talked about pre-landers it’s time we talk about gambling landing page design. In most cases casino landing pages will resemble each other: their main goal is to persuade the user to register and then make the first deposit.  

Usually landing pages should be as simple as possible: an eye-catchy image with a simple registration form. Sometimes all a user needs to do is to give either their email address or a phone number. And that’s it.  

Apart from such simple variations of landing pages you can also come across landing pages where you can see a call to action next to the registration form. In the example below you can see that a user can choose their bonus before signing up. 

Rules for creating pre-landing and landing pages 

What do you need to take into account while making creatives for the Gambling vertical?

  1. Localization: neither the pre-lander nor the landing page will convert if they are not in the language that is spoken by the targeted audience. All creatives should be in their native language; 
  2. Simplicity – no need to insert several types of interactive games, lots of buttons and success stories on one page. Your objective is to draw the users’ attention to what’s important. The user flow should be as simple as possible to not lose them in the process; 
  3. Speed – if a pre-landing or a landing page is loading for more than a few seconds, you’ll likely lose the user; 
  4. Adaptability – both pre-landers and landing pages should look attractive in all versions, be it desktop. mobile browser or a mobile app. 


In this article we’ve looked at the most wide-spread and best performing betting and сasino landing and pre-landing page templates. You can either use options that have proved to be working, as were shown here, or try experimenting following the rules mentioned above. 

Don’t forget that your aim is having your traffic convert into target actions and bring profit. In RichAds you can start working with Gambling offers right now: choose your offer and type of traffic and start working! 

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