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What is Native Ads?

In fact, native advertising is paid ads that are integrated into the interface of the website they are placed at as organically as possible.

Visually, native advertising has nothing to do with banner advertising. It looks natural on the site and resembles the content of a particular website. That is why it attracts the user as much as possible and is not intrusive to him at all.

This type of traffic is often found in social networks and in the news feed. Now that you know the definition of native ads, we will discuss the types of such ads in detail.

Native Ads types

There are several types of native traffic, it may have a different location on the page. You can see similar native advertising on the main page of the website, inside or aside of the article, in the news feed, below we will also show examples of these types.

The native content will be marked as “sponsored” on the site, this is the only thing that reveals that this is actually an ad. Even if such ads will be running on several sites, advertising algorithms will perfectly adapt them to the content of the page.

  • Sponsored ads — ads that can be seen inside the article, from the bottom or from the side. It may include brand logos and their names.
  • Recommended content — this is a native ads type that is shown in the section with similar materials. Such content is more visible than sponsored advertising because it is among the news.
  • In-feed ads — this is a type of advertising that can be seen inside of a page, for example, in a news feed.
  • Native video ads — this is an advertisement placed on a site in video format.
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Native Ads advantages

Before using native traffic, it is worth enumerating the main advantages of this format for marketers.

  • Boost the visibility of your brand.
    If your offer is published on a site with a good reputation, for example, on a news site, it will create a positive image of your advertising and increase brand awareness.
  • Fight banner blindness.
    Native ads differ from simple banner ads that have already become familiar to the user. The thing is that such ads are located next to the content that is already interesting to users and look similar to it.
  • No Ad blocking.
    Due to the organic nature of the native ads, various AdBlocks rarely perceive it as an advertising message at all, and, accordingly, they block it less often. Thus, its efficiency increases significantly.
  • Tremendous traffic volumes.
    You can see native advertising literally everywhere, from blogs to social networks and online news sites. That is why the number of daily impressions on different GEOs is estimated in billions.

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