How to start an online casino in the Philippines: a step-by-step guide

The Philippines is renowned for its abundant potential to create an online casino. The primary reason for getting the license in this country is quite a lenient jurisdiction. Compared to other countries, it has fewer restrictions and low taxes.

In this post, we’ll sort out how to make an online casino in the Philippines. You’ll unearth such stages as business licensing, choosing a gambling provider, payment systems integration, marketing approaches, etc. Additionally, we’ll talk about how to run a casino based on solutions from the major provider of poker games – EvenBet.

What makes the Philippines profitable for online Gambling?

As a part of Asia, the Philippines holds a unique position in the online gambling landscape. While it’s a tier-3 country with a moderate level of well-being, the online gaming sector in the Philippines is experiencing rapid growth. 

A 2022 TGM study highlighted this trend, revealing that 38,9% of Filipinos placed at least one bet in the past year. Moreover, 41,5% participated in lotteries or games of chance, indicating a broad interest in different types of online gambling. The same study found that 24% of respondents played online slots, while 21% engaged in online card games, with blackjack and poker being the most popular. By age, the scatter among players under 55 is about equal, suggesting Filipinos are passionate about gambling regardless of their age.

Source: TGM Research

Another point in favor of online casinos is that a significant 83% of Filipinos prefer using mobile apps or websites for gambling, bypassing traditional casinos or betting shops. This shift towards digital platforms is especially pronounced among younger audiences, who frequently use smartphones over desktop devices.

The popularity of online gambling in the Philippines surged even further following the closure of numerous land-based casinos. According to Bloomberg, 175 brick-and-mortar casinos operating illegally were shut down. So if you’re looking for a sign whether to register an online casino in the Phils or not, here it is. 

Start online casino with EvenBet: your reliable pick for Gambling software

Gambling games are supposed to be well-liked among players in those GEOs you focus on. Filipinos adore horse racing betting and cockfighting, but as an international audience, they also enjoy slots, lotteries and poker. Among them, poker stands out as a game that captures the most due to its blend of chance and player skill.

We recommend partnering with EvenBet, a poker developer specializing in developing popular card games. This provider knows exactly how to create an online casino that would be attractive for players and lucrative for business.

Key highlights of EvenBet

All games are compatible with both mobile and desktop platforms. The product has already been localized into popular Asian languages, including Korean, Malay, and Chinese.

The solutions of the gambling software developer include the following ones:

  1. Standalone poker room. A classic solution for the gambling business. This is a self-contained platform where a single operator manages their own exclusive poker games;
  2. Poker network. Joining a poker network means becoming part of a larger group of poker rooms. This allows for shared player pools, larger tournaments, and more game variety. At discretion, it’s possible to change a front-end design (or “skin”) on an existing poker network. Creating a poker skin is a cost-effective way for operators to offer poker games without the need for extensive backend development.

Customers can also choose from other business forms. Get in touch with EvenBet managers if you want to learn more about the options the developer offers. 

Aside from the offered software solutions, EvenBet provides their clients with features designed to enhance the gambling experience, marketing tools to keep players engaged, a scalable server and 24/7 support. The team regularly updates the product by enhancing UX/UI and adding new features for online casino players.

Let’s review EvenBet software and its other features for serving online casino businesses.

Gambling content offering by EvenBet: games and features

EvenBet has 38 card games for integration, including poker. Poker games such as Omaha and Texas Hold’em are the best-known card games.

Combining these games and adding new features can create different variations. Features at EvenBet are additions that further jazz up the player’s experience. They can make poker games more enjoyable, thereby taking the gambling business to the next level. 

The platform enables features such as anonymous and time-based tables, opponent statistics, insurance, etc. The last feature EvenBet introduced was  – Double Board. This enticing addition that reduces player risk and extends gameplay duration. For more information, read the article about the Double Board feature in the EvenBet’s blog. 

And that’s not all. In addition to poker games, the provider offers 10k+ casino games from partners for creating a full-fledged gambling website. 

Other services for starting a Gambling business by EvenBet

The casino software from EvenBet extends beyond just gambling games, offering a comprehensive turnkey iGaming platform. This includes everything from setting up a CRM system to implementing marketing programs designed to boost player engagement.

Discover the full range of services offered by EvenBet:

  • Advanced reporting system. Features configurable dashboards, financial and game reports, custom report creation, API access, and comprehensive data aggregation;
  • Player account management. This encompasses registration, KYC, segmentation, responsible gaming, and monitoring actions;
  • Multilingual support. Solutions are available in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and more;
  • Diverse payment methods. Over 70 payment methods including credit/debit cards, bank transfers and cryptocurrencies;
  • Player engagement engine. Offers a flexible bonus system, multi-level and cross-vertical promotions, advanced segmentation notifications, and more;
  • CRM tools. Includes emails, push messages, mailout templates, messages by player groups, and player segmentation;
  • Affiliate management. This includes a multi-level agent system, flexible commission management, precise tracking, comprehensive reporting with big data analytics, and multi-currency support;
  • Anti-fraud control. Features include multi-accounting detection, cash-out control, game analytics, and support for various game types;
  • Tournaments. Supports a variety of tournament types like multi-entry, satellite, bounty/knockout, rebuy/add-on, and more.

If you want to communicate with EvenBet directly, reach the team at  

Clients in Manila, the gambling hub of the Philippines, have direct access to the EvenBet representative – Paula Cruz.

Paula Cruz, Business Development Manager in the Philippines:

“Entering the online casino market in the Philippines is promising, given the favorable jurisdiction and growing interest in online gambling. EvenBet Gaming, with its diverse card game portfolio, is an ideal partner for success. Our turnkey iGaming platform, advanced reporting, multilingual support, numerous engaging and retaining features, and versatile payment methods ensure a seamless experience.

For a successful venture, focus on PAGCOR licensing, choose EvenBet as your provider, integrate popular payment systems like GCash, and implement effective marketing strategies. Contact me by, Paula Cruz, for detailed demonstrations and support in navigating the dynamic online casino industry.”

How to open an online Casino in the Philippines: licensing, integrating payment systems and more 

The allure of operating an online gambling business in the Philippines is that it’s completely legal. Until recently, some of the restrictions were still imposed on online gambling sites, but now they have been removed. The authorities allowed casinos to take bets to boost their economy, which was down because of the pandemic in 2020. 

Build your own casino online by following these steps:

  • Licensing online casino business;
  • Choosing the provider;
  • Integrating payment systems;
  • Create a marketing plan;
  • Develop a gambling website.

In fact, licensing is the first step towards starting your business legally. But before that, you need to make a business plan that considers all aspects. Now, we’ll elaborate on how to start an online casino business in the Philippines.

1. Licensing online Gambling business

The process of licensing an online casino in the Philippines is overseen by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), a government body responsible for regulating all gaming operations. 

Initially, an operator is required to pay $50,000 as the start-up licensing fee. For more information about PACGOR accreditation pricing, go to the link with the table of fees for offshore gaming.

While the initial licensing fee is higher compared to other countries in the region, the Philippines offers a more favorable taxation system for online gambling businesses. This is a significant aspect for operators to consider. PAGCOR imposes a mere 5% franchise tax on online gambling revenues.

2. Choosing a provider 

When selecting a casino provider, two primary aspects are crucial:

  • Gambling Content. The content offered by the provider plays a pivotal role in engaging players and, consequently, influences business revenue;
  • Related Services. In addition to software, a top-tier provider should offer a range of additional services, such as a CRM system, anti-fraud tools and payment system integration. Ideally, the provider should offer a comprehensive turnkey solution that addresses all business needs, streamlining operations and ensuring a seamless experience. EvenBet is an example of such a provider.

3. Integrating payment systems

If you are setting up an online casino, it’s important to include common payment methods like credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers. These are familiar and trusted by most players. For the Philippines, the availability of the GCash payment system may be a key factor. 

Also, consider adding alternative payment methods that gaining popularity for their speed, lower fees, and privacy. The mix of traditional and alternative payment options can meet various player preferences, making your casino more accessible. In the Philippines, it is crucial to provide flexible payment models, including offline top-ups: the region is quite notorious for its banking problems when it comes to gambling-related transactions and digital payments. In 2021, about 70% of all transactions in the country were still made in cash.

4. Create a marketing plan

Marketing is a major factor in attracting and retaining players in the online gambling industry. 

Marketing channels for attracting players

To effectively generate traffic to your gambling website, certain marketing channels are particularly effective:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

By targeting specific keywords related to gambling, you can improve your site’s visibility and attract organic traffic. This involves creating quality content, optimizing website speed, and ensuring mobile-friendliness. Tools like Google Keyword Planner can help identify popular search terms in the gambling niche.

  • Social Networks

Utilizing social media platforms can significantly boost your online presence. Engaging content, regular updates, and interaction with your audience can help build a community around your brand. Make sure these offers comply with the advertising standards and regulations of the platform.

Tip: Share exclusive bonuses or special offers on your social media channels to encourage followers to visit your site. 

Let’s look at EvenBet’s bonuses and promos:

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing proves to be highly effective in the gambling industry, especially when we focus on ad networks, which are among the most impactful tools in this domain. Acting as intermediaries, ad networks link online casinos to a wide array of websites and platforms, ensuring extensive exposure and reach. 

The true appeal of these networks lies in their sophisticated targeting capabilities, allowing for the delivery of more relevant ads to the right audiences. Additionally, ad networks offer invaluable analytics and optimization tools. These resources empower online casinos to monitor their ad performance closely and fine-tune their strategies for optimal results.

Marketing strategies for player retention

When it comes to player retention strategies, it’s essential to differentiate between players who are registered and those who are actively depositing. Incentives such as tournament participation and welcome bonuses can appeal to registered players who haven’t made a deposit yet. Players who already make regular deposits can become more loyal by implementing features such as jackpots and leaderboards. These features create a competitive environment, encouraging players to stay engaged and continue playing.

Let’s look at how EvenBet implements player retention tools:

A marketing strategy for an online gambling platform can be tailored to different segments of the audience, considering factors like age, experience level, and geographical location.

5. Develop a gambling website

Focus on creating a site that’s not only functional but also visually appealing and easy to navigate, particularly to stand out in the Asian market, where there’s a real opportunity to make a mark with superior design and user experience. Alongside this, integrating essential features like effective customer support and CRM tools is vital for smooth business management. Equally important is the inclusion of strong anti-fraud measures to ensure the platform’s and users’ security.

How to start an online gambling site? Conclusion

The Philippines offers a prime opportunity for online casino ventures due to its lenient jurisdiction and growing gaming market. Key steps on how to start an online gambling site include securing a PAGCOR license, choosing a reputable provider, integrating diverse payment methods including cryptocurrencies, developing a strategic marketing approach, and creating a user-friendly, appealing website. Emphasizing player engagement and security can set your online casino business on a path to success in this burgeoning market.

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