Gambling industry trends for affiliates in 2024

In 2024, Gambling market continues to be a lucrative sector for affiliate marketing, the global online Gambling market is projected to reach a value of $92.9 billion by 2024.

That’s why RichAds ad network team together with Yellana CPA network held a webinar devoted to iGaming trends in 2024, all the insights are in the post!

In the article, we unveil what to expect from iGaming industry this year, look for all the trends from GEOs to creatives and traffic sources!

Trending GEOs for iGaming in 2024

Each year brings new hot countries for a test, 2024 is certainly no exception. This year is all about new legislations and prospective countries that slowly but firmly become the new faves by affiliates.

Below we’ll open up and share all the secret spots!

LATAM: finally legit!

Probably, this is the region that has been the most hyped iGaming trend since 2022, and now it’s finally legit!

In 2023 the law on Gambling activities in Brazil was accepted and the regulations on iGaming finally passed in December 2023! This year the Gambling market in Brazil would certainly become a land of opportunities for affiliates.

Anastasiya Titova, Head of Yellana CPA-network

As for Tier 2 GEOs, Brazil still stands out as a prospective GEO and grabs a lot of attention.

In general, while entering the US market could be difficult, there are exciting opportunities in rising markets in Latin America regions. For best outcomes, it is worth focusing on countries that haven’t high competition level.

If you’re wondering how much do casino affiliates make in these GEOs, I’d say that the earning varies depending on chosen GEO, skill level, traffic source, budget, timing of traffic launch, and team’s size. Whether working solo or operating within a team, success depends on strategic thinking and market knowledge.

Nadia Said Sakh, RichAds AM and Onboarding Team Lead

Not only Brazil’s worth your attention, make sure you test Peru which also legalized both Gambling and Betting activities in 2023, coming into force in 2024. Another country that is really close to legalization of online casinos is Chile, it’s not regulated yet while the negotiations on this term have already started.

All in all, the size of iGaming market in the region will grow more than twice by 2026, reaching $54 billion, while in 2023 it already reached $21 billion, according to PagSeguro International. Furthermore, the audience of many LATAM countries is really engaged, more than 50% of people tried online Gambling at least once!

Source: Playtech report

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Tier 3 GEOs: most prospective for a test

Looking for more market trends for Gambling industry? This is your brightest sign to test Asian and other less popular Tier 3 GEOs!

Asia: firmly growing

In particular, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Vietnam, India and Indonesia are worth your attention. Especially, we’d recommend testing the Philippines where online Gambling and Betting are legit.

Not to be unfounded, the size of the Asia-Pacific Gambling market is expected to reach $72 billion in 2030. Below you can see overall stats of the market, with most popular games, brands and growth rate.

Source: Stellar Market Research

Make sure to test Asia this year, it sure will pay off.

Tier 3: underrated yet profitable

Nadia Said Sakh, RichAds AM and Onboarding Team Lead

Many affiliates ignore Tier 3 as they hope for the highest profits of Tier 1, while forgetting about the prospects they’re missing. The thing is that more expensive GEOs require big budgets and can still not pay off due to high competition. 

RichAds team analyzed the internal stats and highlighted several GEOs that will give the biggest profits to affiliates —- Nigeria, Egypt, Turkey, Vietnam, Pakistan and Malaysia.The cost for traffic is really lower, while the income is quite high.

We see these GEOs on top in our monthly “GEO and verticals” report, they have the best results for iGaming.

Anastasiya Titova, Head of Yellana CPA-network

For newbies, Tier 3 countries may be a good choice. If you have a limited budget, it might be better to pay attention for Tier 2-3 countries and choose less competitive geos. But keep in mind that most likely you will need to use translation service – and I am talking about services with Native speakers, not about Deepl or Google Translate.

Quality of the text matters since it affects on the quality of leads and CR level

When it comes to best GEOs for Betting ads, I recommend building advertising strategies around events, particularly major international ones. Nevertheless, in a number of countries, sports betting is popular all year round.

Hot traffic sources for Gambling: choose wisely

In terms of traffic sources, Gambling industry trends also depend greatly on regulations.

In many countries, for instance, Indonesia and the Philippines, social media ads for Gambling are under strict control and governments even consider eliminating casino promotion on such apps.

RichAds Team

We believe that this year is all about gaining profit faster and easier, so the traffic sources shall be as reliable and trusted as possible.

Nadia Said Sakh, RichAds AM and Onboarding Team Lead

At RichAds we see two main sources — pop and push ads.

  • Pop ads.
    The easiest format to start with is pop ads — you only need a link and basic targeting to get started. This type of traffic is “aggressive” but for iGaming offers it’s more of a positive quality, as players tend to be more impulsive and sensitive. For the dynamic and visually appealing nature of casino games, pop ads can showcase game previews, bonus promotions, and other enticing elements.
    In terms of price, it is the cheapest option at RichAds, starting with $0.5 per thousand views!
  • Push ads.
    This ad format has zero restrictions when it comes to creatives and landing pages, there’s no chance of a ban or anything like that.
    Furthermore, push traffic are real people that subscribe to ads voluntarily, so the audience will already be an engaged one.
    These ads are delivered directly to users’ devices, appearing as notifications on their screens, which ensures high visibility. With compelling visuals, concise messaging, and a clear call-to-action, push ads can effectively communicate the thrill of playing casino games.

Anastasiya Titova, Head of Yellana CPA-network

One of the most popular traffic source is Facebook. But it has become more difficult to work with it especially in some countries, and a number of brands are reducing their advertising budgets there. For example, promoting online casinos through Facebook in Brazil is very difficult since of competition level and and low income per player, and a long payback period for traffic

As a result, in order for advertisers to make a profit, they often increase the minimum deposit or add KPIs, which naturally affects CR and, in general, the possibility of working with the offer

Another popular traffic source is ASO, as it helps to improve user trust and engagement, and raises the exposure of the gaming apps you are advertising. By employing ASO strategies you also affect user retention greatly as people trust apps from Google Play and App Store.

The last traffic source I’d like to mention is PPC. It helps in targeting potential customers based on their search queries, so you reach users who are actively searching for gambling-related products. Moreover, if you have your own casino website, you can combine PPC and SEO traffic – this will greatly increase the site’s ranking in the organic results.

Trendy creatives for iGaming: what’s new?

Everybody knows some time-tested approaches to Gambling and Betting, like bonuses, storytelling and interactive elements, those are eternal truths that will convert.

But what about Gambling industry trends for creatives in 2024?

Anastasiya Titova, Head of Yellana CPA-network

I want to highlight several tried-and-tested ad strategies. As for specifying bonuses in your creatives, this approach is not new to anyone, but there is one point that I want to draw attention to: this strategy will boost your CR, but if you apply it too aggressively, you may attract some non-paying customers.

Trust is an important aspect in the online casino industry, and influencer marketing can help you out greatly. In case the brand you are advertising has its own ambassadors,you should use it: since that will ensure trust and boost conversion rates as well.

Additional way to maximize player engagement is through popular games (like Plinko or Aviator), sweepstakes and challenges such as guessing which box contains a gift.

For Tier 3 countries you can use success stories and the “beat the casino” tactic, which always strike a very deep chord with the local populace.

Non-trivial ideas that for your push ads creatives:

  • Use the most up-to-date trends.
    For example, casinos in Telegram are gaining momentum, especially for Tier 3 countries. The thing is that such types of casinos help to overcome the fear of legal punishment in countries where Gambling is illegal. Make sure you track such trends and use them in the images.
  • Diversify your audience.
    Before making your creatives, do some actual research on the GEOs in terms of gender and age of players. Not everywhere it’s middle-aged men who gamble, sometimes those are women or people of older age. Use different types of players on your images!
  • Apply personalization.
    This approach was mostly popular for Dating, though recently it showed greater effect for Gambling offers. It can be an imitation of a personal message from a famous casino, using a messenger icon and specific bonus that a user will get.
  • Localize your creatives.
    Use national symbols, people in national costumes or just people with appearance that is common in the region. It can also be specific holidays or lucky mascots if a country is religious or superstitious!
  • Show gameplay by famous bloggers.
    If the brand you’re advertising is quite popular, you can check if there’re any gameplays by famous influencers on Twitch or YouTube and feature them on your creatives. That will boost brand recognition and interest among younger audience.

Landing pages for iGaming in 2024: main tips

In terms of landing pages the key factor is simplicity and the “register-and-play” attitude. It means that a simple registration form and a few bonuses aside is the main trend of 2024. No one wants to fill in a 10 field registration form to play casino, remember it!

Another similar idea is to show all the bonuses in one page accompanied by fast registration. Just briefly specify how your online casino differs from others and again — highlight any freebies if you have them!

Those are main hottest ideas for creatives in 2024, make sure you implement them in your campaigns.

iGaming and AI tools: optimization hacks

Artificial intelligence has impacted affiliate marketing greatly in 2023, and it is certainly another market trend for Gambling industry this year.

It can be used for different purposes from image generation and audience analysis to optimizing and analyzing campaigns.

Guides on AI usage in affiliate marketing:
Top 18 push advertising examples and creative approaches
Top AI tools to revolutionize your affiliate marketing

In essence, these tools are designed to save you time and money while delivering optimal results effortlessly.

Gaining actual profit via AI can be done by automated optimization, when all the sources sorting is done by the algorithms, not a marketer. 

  1. Performance Mode.
    It is a cutting-edge AI-driven optimization algorithm. This tool is a game-changer for launching campaigns as it autonomously generates black- and whitelists tailored to your unique targeting criteria. The beauty of Performance Mode lies in its independence from trackers for setup – a marketer’s dream come true!

    In terms of results, our clients’ success stories demonstrate a remarkable reduction in CPA by 79% and a staggering increase in conversion rates by 253% through the utilization of Performance Mode.
  2. Target CPA.
    It is an algorithmic approach that necessitates a tracker. This optimization flow allows you to specify your desired cost per conversion upfront, enabling the algorithm to automatically generate Micro bidding strategies, blacklists, and whitelists based on your CPA objectives.
    With minimal input from marketers, campaigns are fine-tuned and optimized effortlessly.
  3. Automated Rules.
    This is a functionality designed to automatically blacklist non-converting or excessively costly traffic sources. By setting up rules tailored to your campaign’s needs, such as deactivating sources that exceed double the conversion price without generating leads, you can streamline your optimization efforts.
  4. Optimizer.
    The feature on the RichAds platform offers a seamless way to enhance your campaign performance by enabling you to fine-tune targeting parameters directly from the statistics page. Through the intuitive interface of the Optimizer, you can effortlessly track campaign metrics, modify source inclusion/exclusion in whitelists and blacklists, and fine-tune custom bids using the innovative Micro bidding functionality.

More iGaming trends in 2024 on RichAds YouTube channel

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Make sure you watch the latest RichAds webinar with the Head of Yellana CPA network, Anstasia Titova, you cand find more iGaming trends there!


It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner to the iGaming industry or a pro who knows all about it, following trends is essential for anyone.

Due to the article, you can launch Gambling campaigns easily and skim the cream of them really fast. 

Make sure you test RichAds iGaming traffic and Yellana offers today to gain first profit tomorrow!

What is RichAds?
🔝 High quality push and pop ads,
🔼 domain redirect and native traffic source,
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⏫ domain ads costs start from $1.5 (CPM), native ads — from $0.001 (CPC),
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Victoria Hubkina
Starting off as an account manager at RichAds, Victoria Hubkina has been immersed in affiliate marketing as a content writer for over three years. Her expertise spans all the possible verticals from Gambling to Nutra and various types of traffic. By now, Victoria has written over 100 articles on marketing topics and crafted scripts for RichAds YouTube channel. Beyond work, she indulges in esotericism, film photography, and vintage fashion.

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