Top AI tools to revolutionize your affiliate marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) has recently entered our lives, but it can already be said that affiliates who use AI will be one step ahead of their colleagues.

Today, we’ll tell you why neural networks are so crucial for marketers, what types of neural networks exist, and how to use the best AI tools for affiliate marketing.

What is artificial intelligence and neural networks?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is systems capable of solving tasks that require human intelligence. The idea emerged in 1956 at a conference at Dartmouth College. AI operates based on machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and computer vision. It is applied in medicine, finance, manufacturing, transportation, marketing, and other fields, improving processes and everyday life.

A neural network is a mathematical model inspired by the workings of neurons in the human brain. It is used to model complex relationships in data and solve various tasks in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Neural networks are a tool or technique used within artificial intelligence to solve specific tasks. Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, is a broader field that includes various methods and technologies, including neural networks.

How to use artificial Intelligence in affiliate marketing?

To use AI in affiliate marketing, it is necessary to understand for which tasks it can be suitable.

The main goals of using AI for an affiliate are:

1. Generating text for creatives.
2. Generating images for creatives.
3. Website, landing page, and pre-landing page layout.
4. Improving image quality and cropping unnecessary elements from pics.
5. Creating a smart storefront that communicates with the user and provides them with «desired» products according to scripts.
6. Audience segmentation and traffic forecasting.
7. Analysis of competitors and market trends.
8. Automation and optimization of advertising campaigns.

Examples of artificial intelligence usage

Here we’ll discuss how you can incorporate neural networks into your daily routine as an affiliate and free up time for more important tasks.

What neural networks are there for image creation?

Currently, there are dozens of neural networks for creating high-quality images.

Below, we’ll present six AI-powered digital marketing tools:

  1. DALL·E 2: this is the second version of the neural network developed by OpenAI, capable of generating images based on textual requests. DALL·E 2 has enhanced features compared to the first version, including the ability to edit images and create variations. It can also generate animations.
  1. Midjourney: this neural network, available to Discord users, enables the generation of drawings and images based on requests. Despite access to the neural network being restricted, Midjourney stands out for its accessibility and impressive results. It also offers a paid subscription with multiple levels of access.
  1. Stable Diffusion: this neural network from with open-source code allows the formation of images based on textual descriptions. Stable Diffusion includes several models, including a text encoder, image generator, and decoder. It can create pictures from textual descriptions and draw in the styles of various artists.
  1. Leonardo.AI: this neural network can generate images and animations, offering tools for editing and enhancing pictures. The network has a free trial period and provides 150 coins daily (10 coins ~ 1 picture).
  1. Bing by Microsoft: the new neural network is a chatbot integrated into the Bing search engine. This neural network allows users to interact with artificial intelligence for various purposes. It provides the ability to generate images based on textual descriptions and serves as a tool for creative image generation. Users can leverage Bing AI to chat with artificial intelligence, accessing its power, performance, and creativity.
  1. Gemini by Google: an innovative artificial intelligence model capable of generating images based on textual requests. However, recent reports indicate some inaccuracies in the generated images due to insufficient testing, leading to the creation of unreliable pictures from a historical perspective.

How to use neural networks for image generation in affiliate marketing?

In most neural networks, you’ll encounter a panel with a prompt where you can input your preferences and a negative prompt to denote attributes you don’t want to see in the image.

Creating images is relatively straightforward, following the steps outlined below:

1. Come up with and write a prompt. For example: «A strong man playing at a casino».

2. If you’re not satisfied with the image, rewrite the prompt and/or include «negative prompt».

3. Save the image you like.

Examples of images for casinos generated by AI Midjourney

We decided to test the Midjourney neural network and create creatives for Gambling and Betting since these verticals are among the best for traffic monetization in RichAds.

Here are the images we got for casinos:

Examples of images for Betting generated by AI Midjourney

We follow the same 3 steps as mentioned above and get interesting materials for your Betting ad campaign:

It’s important to note: AI is not a panacea yet, and there may be some extra or missing attributes in its works, but they are very few. For example, in the images below, the girl is missing a finger or has a blurred limb. In this case, simply generate the image again and add «negative prompt» like: 4 fingers, blurred limbs, disproportionate body. And in the next generation, the AI will take your preferences into account and adjust the image accordingly.

Examples of unsuccessful generation with 4 fingers and a blurred hand.

How to use neural networks for text generation in affiliate marketing?

First, let’s consider what tasks can be delegated to neural networks.

Text neural networks can be used to save resources in affiliate marketing, for example:

1. Creating texts for creatives.

2. Writing texts for landing pages.

3. Searching for information about the target audience.

And we’ll show you which neural networks can do this next.

What neural networks are available for text generation?

Let’s look at which neural networks are good at writing text and suitable for a marketer’s work.

We’ve identified 3 top neural networks:

1. GPT-4: this is the latest version of the GPT model developed by OpenAI. GPT-4 has a vast number of parameters and can generate texts at a high level of complexity. It is widely used for creating textual content, generating code, and many other tasks. The neural network is available for $20 per month. You can also assign it a role at the beginning of the dialogue: copywriter, marketer, etc. And it will play its role and give answers based on its «area of expertise».

2. Bard: a neural network developed by Google, Bard is similar to ChatGPT and provides the ability to receive real-time data completely for free. The main difference between Bard and ChatGPT is the ability to access real-time data, allowing for the freshest answers to queries. Bard outperforms Chat GPT-3 in 6 out of 8 texts.

3. Perplexity AI: this neural network is developed for solving various tasks related to information retrieval and text generation. This platform uses artificial intelligence to provide accurate and up-to-date answers to user queries, relying on data from the modern internet. Perplexity can utilize information from the internet, making it especially useful for obtaining current answers to questions. The neural network also provides links to the information it provides, so you can verify its accuracy.

How to use text neural networks?

First, you need to formulate your query, and there are several ways to do it.

Let’s dive into cyberpunk and learn how to use the Chat GPT neural network from the network itself. 

See the photo below:

Tips from RichAds on writing prompts in Chat GPT:

  • As we mentioned earlier, one of the life hacks is to assign a role to the GPT neural network so that it gives more accurate answers.
  • You can also improve your query by making it more specific. Not just «Write 10 texts for a landing page», but «Write 10 texts for a landing page on the Betting theme with ‘N’ target audience, for geo ‘X,’ and with 4000 characters».

How to create texts for advertising creatives?

To create advertising text, you need to understand the context and purpose of your ad campaign. If you don’t have any ideas, you can request them from the neural network and filter out the ones you like.

Below, you can find an example of a typical text request for your creatives, use:

Prompt: “I’m an affiliate and want to launch Gambling advertising in Australia. Write 10 texts for push notifications using ’50 free spins.’ The casino is called WinGO. The text should be adapted for both men and women.”

How to create landing page texts in Chat GPT

Creating landing page texts using Chat GPT can be done as follows:

  1. Define the landing page goal: this can be customer acquisition, product or service sales, collecting contact information, etc.
  1. Gather key information: identify the main points you want to include in the landing page text. These can be unique features of your product or service, benefits for customers, customer reviews, and usage examples.
  1. Ask Chat GPT questions: formulate questions aimed at obtaining text for the landing page. For example: «Can you create a brief text that will grab visitors’ attention and interest them in the product?» or «Write a brief product description, highlight its main benefits, and include a call to action».
  1. Analyze the results and edit the text: when Chat GPT provides you with the text, carefully review it and make sure it aligns with your goal and contains key information. If necessary, edit the text to make it more compelling and appealing to your target audience.

Below, you can find an example of a typical text request for your landing page, use it!

Prompt: “Write text for a Gambling landing page about an ordinary man who won the jackpot at the BetWin casino.”

How to search for information using Chat GPT

Again, decide what you want to achieve and formulate your request according to your preferences.

Example of searching for information for your ad campaigns:

Prompt: «I work in the marketing department of a company planning to launch a push notification campaign in Bangladesh. We are interested in obtaining information about user preferences and interests in this country to create effective and appealing push notifications. Provide specific and practical information».

Important: always try to double-check the information, as neural networks have a tendency to «make up» facts to provide you with the desired result.

How to use AI to optimize advertising campaigns in RichAds?

As mentioned earlier, AI is actively used to optimize advertising campaigns. In RichAds, we are constantly striving to simplify and enhance the lives of marketers by implementing various AI-powered features on our platform.

Here are several ways to leverage AI for optimizing advertising campaigns in RichAds:

  1. Performance mode is a feature based on AI that autonomously updates traffic sources, monitors Micro bidding, and aims to achieve the set cost per conversion without your intervention.

    Let’s provide a brief example comparing campaigns with manual optimization and optimization using Performance mode. Below you can see real results from our client: conversions with Performance mode increased by 229%, and the target CPA decreased by 55%.
Campaign 1 targeted India, 2 targeted the United Kingdom, 3 targeted South Africa, and 4 targeted Canada.
  1. Automated rules is a powerful campaign optimization tool for affiliates. Automated rules in RichAds empower affiliates to optimize campaigns efficiently. By setting rules, such as turning off sources exceeding desired cost per conversion or those with double the desired cost, affiliates save time on manual optimization.

    This hands-off approach boosts confidence in optimization decisions and facilitates campaign scaling. Individual customization ensures tailored optimization strategies for each campaign, enhancing overall efficiency.
  1. Target CPA (Cost per Action) is a feature that automatically identifies traffic sources that lead to the best conversion cost and prioritizes them over less effective sources. This helps reduce conversion costs and increase the number of target actions at a specific price.

    Benefits of Target CPA include:
  • Initial sources: sets the best sources for quickly obtaining initial conversions.
  • Traffic filtering: filters out non-converting sources, allowing focus on the most effective ones.
  • Optimal bids: adjusts optimal bids to achieve the target cost per conversion.

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Additional neural networks that can be useful for marketers

With the main perks for marketers covered, let’s talk about top AI tools in marketing that will occasionally assist affiliates in editing images and creating landing pages.

Neural networks for image editing

Below, we’ll discuss two neural networks for editing ready-made creatives:

If you have a creative but have lost the source file in Photoshop, you can use Cleanup.Pictures. This top-notch neural network removes text from photos, allowing you to insert different text, for example, for a new geo.

If you come across an interesting creative in spy tools but are disappointed with the quality, Pixelcut, a neural network, can help improve image quality.

Creating websites, landing pages, and pre-landers for affiliate marketing with AI

If you’re an experienced marketer, you often have to create your own landing pages and pre-landers. To save you time and effort, we’ve prepared a couple of services that can help create good landing pages:

1. 10Web: a platform that allows you to quickly create websites from scratch or copy them from competitors and provides hosting.

Its advantages include high website loading speed, automatic issue detection, and customizable regular backups. Various pricing plans are available, ranging from $10 to $60 per month.

2. Webullar: a tool for creating websites and landing pages right from your smartphone.

The professional version of the app is available for $19.99 per month, and you can use it for free for the first 14 days. The app has a simple and intuitive interface.

Where to find a lot of useful information about AI in affiliate marketing?

At one of the presentations of RichAds, a CMO of the advertising network, Vasilii, demonstrated examples of using AI to create images for Gambling and Betting. This video will be useful for all marketers who want to improve their performance in affiliate marketing.

You can watch this and many other useful materials on the RichAds YouTube channel.


Comparing work with neural networks to using an excavator while ordinary users wield shovels is up for debate. However, it’s clear that neural networks speed up many processes for affiliate marketing. 

Improve your optimization processes with RichAds AI features today and your profits will skyrocket. Wishing everyone lots of cash!

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