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Pop ads meaning

Pop ads are one of the oldest ad formats. Windows or banners that appear up or under the opened window are examples of pop traffic (or pops). How can the user trigger this?

To go to the page with a special Javascript code or to click a certain part of the page is enough for the new window to appear. In other cases, the user also has to click the button or try to close a popup to trigger a new tab. 

This type of traffic directs the user right to the landing page with the offer.

Wait: should we still use pop ads in 2021?

While new ad formats appear, some advertisers are still faithful to good old ad formats like pop advertising. To make a long story short, here are some main points why you should try popunders today.

⚡ Everybody heard about banner blindness. Today only 2 ad formats may say that they are more or less fighting it. The first one is push ads; the second one is pops ads. An excellent alternative to display ads is finally found!

⚡ One of the great advantages of popads banners is that they show higher CTR than banner ads. It’s tough to ignore them. If the landing page is exact and the offer is good — nothing interferes with you from getting profit.

⚡ Speaking about CTR, it’s hard to ignore one more parameter, ROI. The low cost of one impression and high visibility make this format one of the best-performing ones. Some campaigns show a boost of the ROI up to 150-200%. 

Let’s dwell on how to get money from ads!

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