October 19, 2020 by Aksana Shakal
Aksana Shakal

Download RichAds e-book about Popunders for FREE

“Many traffic types come and go. But one thing which remains and I believe is here to still stay is pop traffic.” Kj Rocker

Pop traffic seems to be the oldest ad format and it’s still a good way to earn. It is absolutely true if you know how to deal with this ad format. Low prices and huge traffic volumes are serious reasons to try.  Download RichAds e-book about Popunders for free.

We want to make your way to success with pops as easily as possible. So we asked 7 top affiliate marketers about their experience of working with popunders.

Who are these experts?

👑Servando Silva       👑Luke Kling       👑Ian Fernando      👑Colin Dijs

👑Nick Lenihan        👑KJ Rocker     👑IamAttila

In our e-book, you’ll find the advanced guide and more than 100 answers to the most important questions about Popunders!

🔥Hot topics🔥:

  • How to deal with the challenges of pop campaigns?
  • Landing pages on Pops: how should they look to convert well?
  • Which verticals and types of offers work best with Pops?
  • What are the best GEOs for Pops and why?
  • How to test offers?
  • What to pay attention to while testing: conversions, ROI or smth else?
  • How to set up your campaigns properly step-by-step?
  • How to optimize Pops campaign like a Pro? What to pay attention to?

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Do you need some examples? Here it is!

What strategy for testing bids do you choose: low or high bids for the start?

“I have 2 strategies I would like to share.

The 1st one works great if you have a high budget. If you have a limited budget and don’t want to spend much money I would suggest a 2nd strategy.

  1. Bid highest, so you can get the best quality traffic.
  2. The second one you can find in this e-book”.pop traffic expert about running pops




Download an e-book about Popunders for free

And RichAds has exactly the traffic you need to succeed with popunders. Create ads!

Tutorial: How to Launch Successful Popunder Ads Campaign here

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