Webinar “How to run Pops like a Pro. RichPops traffic insights” inside!

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Everybody knows us well as providers of push traffic. But at the end of the last year, we’ve launched POP traffic, too. We’ve got a lot of questions from our advertisers about how to run popunder ads campaigns successfully and get maximum profit. During this webinar, we’re going to answer all the most popular questions about pop traffic as well as present the new features that we’ve added to the platform. 

Our professional experts will be glad to share their expertise in running pop traffic.

What can you find in this popunder webinar?

1️⃣ Pops intro:

Distinctive features of popunder ads

Which offers/verticals work well on pops

Myths about pops — are they true? 

2️⃣ How to start:

How to start pops campaign like a PRO

Available targeting options

3️⃣ How to get maximum profit:

Optimization tools to get maximum profit

Landing pages insights

+ Our experts answered a lot of questions in Q&A session!

Welcome, Eugene Kuznetsov, RichPops & RichPush Product Manager and Dmitry Sergeev, RichPops & RichPush Head of Business Development.

Enjoy watching the webinar about popunder ads!