Maximizing revenue through an effective push notification strategy with RichAds

The quest for the golden grail in affiliate marketing has been prolonged, but today we are ready to share a map that might lead you to the desired treasure.

The golden grail in the world of affiliate marketing is push traffic, and we will tell you about an effective push marketing strategy that can help you increase profits using the RichAds platform.

What is push ads?

Push ads are short notifications sent to users through devices such as phones, tablets, and computers. When a user subscribes to push notifications from a specific website or application, they agree to receive notifications from that source. A marketer uses this mechanism to direct traffic to target pages, where users can take necessary actions, such as purchasing a product or registering.

Why are push ads so popular?

In the affiliate marketing sphere, push notifications have become a real find, offering solutions to many problems. Many marketers, tired of constant bans on Facebook for advertising weight loss and «big wins», have already switched to push ads. Teaser advertisers, weary of budget losses on tests and constant battles with bot platforms in trackers, have also entered this world.

One of the key advantages of push ads is the ability to effortlessly direct traffic to any geo — the audience here is much cleaner than in teasers, and importantly, you won’t get banned.

Conversion rates and ROI are high, audience reach is global, and the absence of technical difficulties with cloaking — factors that make push ads attractive for a newcomer in the affiliate marketing world.

What are the advantages of push advertising?

Undeniable advantages of push marketing:

1. 100% impact: notifications are displayed above all windows, ensuring absolute impact on the audience.

2. Anti-fraud systems: push audience consists of live, active users, excluding the possibility of fraud or fake engagement.

3. Affordable cost: despite popularity, cheap traffic is still available in certain geos, especially when paying for impressions (CPM).

4. Easy entry: beginner marketers can easily create an account in a push network, and spy services assist with creatives.

5. Fast traffic: clicks to target pages start almost instantly, providing a significant volume of traffic in a short time.

6. Quick moderation: campaign moderation in major networks usually takes only an hour, and almost anything not prohibited by law is allowed.

7. Simple interface: push traffic network interfaces are designed for all levels of marketers, ensuring ease of use.

What is RichAds?
🔝 High quality push and pop ads,
🔼 domain redirect and native traffic source,
🔝 buy push ads at $0.005 (CPC), pop ads at $0.5 (CPM),
⏫ domain ads costs start from $1.5 (CPM), native ads — from $0.001 (CPC),
⏫ ad network offers large volumes of traffic in more than 200 geos from Tier 3 to Tier 1.

What are the drawbacks of push marketing?

The map to the golden grail has started to take shape, but what journey is without challenges? Drawbacks of push traffic:

1. Limited targeting options: push ads don’t provide opportunities for narrow targeting (demographics, age, gender), similar to display and pop-under traffic, where ads reach a broad audience, leading to potential misclicks.

2. Need for frequent creative updates: regular creative updates are required to maintain campaign effectiveness. RichAds has taken care of this, and you can request creatives from your personal manager!

3. Limited optimization possibilities: optimization primarily involves using white/blacklists and managing push timing.

What to look for when choosing push notification offers?

The right choice of vertical and offer plays a crucial role in the success of a push ads campaign. In this chapter, we will explore top verticals and what to pay attention to when selecting an offer to maximize efficiency and achieve desired results.

What to consider when choosing an offer?

When selecting an offer, it’s important to consider various factors to ensure the success of your ads campaign. Here are key aspects to keep in mind:

1. 24/7 support: prefer offers where operators accept customer requests 24/7 to meet user needs at any time. Relevant for e-commerce, nutra, gaming, and dating.

2. Call center testing: check how advertisers interact with customers by submitting a request and waiting for a call from the operator. This is relevant for click2call offers.

3. Reliable affiliate networks: choose proven affiliate networks with a good reputation among webmasters.

4. Landing page quality: evaluate the landing page design, as user clicks on your link may drop due to a poor-quality landing page.

Points to pay attention to:

  • Offer clarity: users should understand the purpose from the first second and what it will bring to them.
  • Call to action: having a CTA on the landing page increases the chances of desired actions from leads.
  • Mobile adaptability: while most landing pages are well-adapted for mobile, exceptions can occur. Check how the landing page opens on mobile.

5. Payouts: For example, in the iGaming industry, various payment models, including CPA, CPI, CPL, RevShare (Revenue Share), and hybrid models, are common. Among them, CPA and RevShare stand out as the most in-demand and popular. For beginners, it’s better to start with CPA and CPL models as they allow more precise cost control and evaluation of campaign effectiveness.

Top verticals in RichAds for December 2023 that remain relevant today

The selection of top verticals in affiliate marketing is critically important. They offer high conversion potential, broad audience coverage, and consistent results, contributing to profit maximization. Engaging with such verticals simplifies the attraction of target audiences and provides more opportunities for campaign growth. Below we have prepared a list of the best verticals from RichAds:

  • Gambling,
  • Antivirus,
  • Betting,
  • Dating.

Identify the area where you feel confident and explore different verticals. Yellana CPA network boasts a diverse selection, with over 300 offers in various verticals such as Gambling, Betting, Software, and Utilities.

Experimenting with trending verticals can help increase profits from your campaigns, but understanding the audience in your chosen vertical is crucial.

How to increase profit with RichAds: push notifications ads strategy

We are just a step away from the long-awaited treasures in the form of high ROI. Here, we’ll go through a few key points from marketers who have worked with RichAds and have experience turning campaigns profitable. We’ll outline steps to follow that can enhance your push advertising campaign.

Push ads strategy:

  • Creatives — the foundation of your push ads campaign. Testing and optimizing creatives in your campaign can take time. Personal managers at RichAds can not only provide examples but also generate creatives for you. Based on cases, images with a call to action tend to convert better. Don’t forget to test your creatives and gather insights early.
Image without text
Image with text
  • Personal manager. As mentioned earlier, the manager can assist in developing creatives for you, but that’s just the embellishments. Now, let’s delve into the details. A personal manager helps with:

    1. Bidding strategy,
    2. Reviewing landing pages,
    3. Reviewing creatives,
    4. Ready-made whitelists,
    5. Bidding advice,
    6. Campaign setup,
    7. Optimization,
    8. Postback setup,
    9. Profitable insights and suggestions,
    10. Geo settings,
    11. Setting up automated rules.
  • Working with black/white lists. Source optimization is one of the crucial steps for profitability in a push marketing strategy. RichAds provides premium sources that are updated monthly and generally perform well. However, continuous testing will help identify which sources to disable.
  • Geo. The final, but not the least significant aspect of effective push advertising. While we recommend launching campaigns nationwide, keep in mind that residents of different cities within any country may have varying preferences.

Additional tips for setting up and optimizing push ads campaigns:

RichAds recommends using Performance mode, suitable for both beginners and experienced affiliates. Features include daily whitelist updates, no need for a tracker, micro-bidding for bid optimization, and setting a target cost per conversion.

Pay attention to percentages in RichAds’ advanced settings, providing insights into user preferences regarding devices, browsers, languages, etc.

Experimentation is a key. As demonstrated in a case study, combining push notifications with email campaigns for deposit reminders can be effective. Try creating enticing new landing pages, using PWA and WebView, and much more.


The map to the coveted golden grail is now in your hands. Utilize the advice and the push marketing strategy outlined above, and successful push campaigns on RichAds won’t be far behind. Best of luck!

What is RichAds?
🔝 High quality push and pop ads,
🔼 domain redirect and native traffic source,
🔝 buy push ads at $0.005 (CPC), pop ads at $0.5 (CPM),
⏫ domain ads costs start from $1.5 (CPM), native ads — from $0.001 (CPC),
⏫ ad network offers large volumes of traffic in more than 200 geos from Tier 3 to Tier 1.

Nazar Volskov
Nazar Volskov is an author who writes content for RichAds. Nazar has been writing articles for over 3 years. He has experience in writing articles across various verticals: iGaming, Dating, Nutra, and E-commerce. Previously published in Traffic Cardinal. He learned about affiliate marketing as early as 2019 and has been actively studying this niche since then. In the author's articles, you can get up-to-date information about traffic and apply it to your campaigns. Besides writing articles, Nazar enjoys snowboarding, reading, and table tennis.

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