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Aksana Shakal

Click2call & Click2sms offers: How do they work with push traffic?

Not every media buyer can make a decision to work with rare and exotic IVR-systems. Let’s deal with click2call and click2sms: how to set up such campaigns on push traffic to get profit. Isn’t it so difficult as it seems? Spoiler: well, it almost isn’t.

First, click2call and click2sms offers were used for Adult and Dating, but then other verticals got involved. Now, сlick2call offers are used for info products (for example, horoscopes, tips on finance, or weight loss). Sometimes there are offers with questionnaires and sweepstakes — there is plenty to choose from. Сlick2sms often work with subscriptions to the info products: weather, anecdotes, and other offers can be easily promoted via push format. Some CPA-networks develop the whole quests in which you can choose the main character’s actions.

Click2call & Click2sms offers and how to run them
Click2call & Click2sms offers

How click2call offers work with push notifications

Сlick2call offers (they are also called click-to-dial) assume the fixed cost of the call itself or making a payment according to the call’s duration: the longer the client communicates with the specialist, the higher the price.

These offers can be divided into 2 types: when the user gets to the landing page and makes a call or when the call starts right after clicking on push.

In the first case, the campaign is set up on the standard template. You have the landing page link and your main goal is to interest the user by push notification and choose the right converting landing page.

If you choose adult or dating offers, remember that they have certain restrictions in moderation: pre-landing page is obligatory, nudes on creatives, and pre-landing pages are forbidden.

In the second case, right after clicking on the push notification, the user sees a new window with the phone number: it’s time to start a call. RichPush platform support such campaign types. To do this, instead of the usual URL you can paste the phone number with the code in the following format:

Destination URL: tel:+442070000000

Click2call & Click2sms offers and how to set them up
Click2call & Click2sms offers and how to set them up

If you make money just by picking up the phone, a bright and visible push notification is enough. But if your aim is to keep the user on the phone — details on the notification would be a nice trick. Put additional information in the main image! The more the user is interested in a push notification, the higher the possibility of a successful conversion.

Don’t forget to target mobile devices not to pay for useless clicks from desktop users.

RichPush allows targeting certain mobile providers if it’s implied by the offer. Click “Advanced settings” and find mobile operators’ settings.

IVR_offers_click2call_и_ click2sms_how_to_work_with_them_on_push_traffic

One more thing to remember while working with such offers is the quality of connection in different GEOs — mind it when choosing a country. Before the campaign launching, it’s necessary to check the performance of a call-center and set up a campaign considering working hours.

How to convert click2sms using push traffic?

Сlick2sms offers (click-to-chat or click-to-text) is the offer in which a user should send SMS to make a conversion. After that, he gets subscriptions to some info product or gets involved in the messaging. It stimulates the user to communicate as long as possible and send SMS.

Сlick2sms offers along with click2call offers can work with or without landing pages. Landing page recommendations, in this case, are quite general: vivid push notification which shows the product’s competitive advantage. The landing page should be simple, with clear explanations of the services the user will get with a subscription: daily weather forecast or anecdotes. The examples of the products must be attractive — it will enhance the users’ credibility.

If the funnel has no landing page, after clicking push notification the user will see the field for a new SMS which should be sent to the number given.
To launch such campaigns with RichPush instead of URL paste in the address bar the phone number with the code in the following format:

Destination URL: sms:+442070000000

Click2call & Click2sms offers and how to set them up
Click2call & Click2sms offers and how to set them up

In this case, push notification is the only thing the user sees before sending SMS. It should clearly explain the content of the SMS for a successful subscription. Complicated two-step guides are a way to failure. One step is the maximum information the user can remember. A perfect message should be as simple, concise, and catchy as possible.

Headlines and descriptions play a very important role in click2call и click2sms offers without landing pages. They tell about the offer and stimulates to perform an action. Use a/b testing to identify which headline and description work better.

There are no places in the world where people do not use mobile phones. No wonder click2call and click2sms offers are so widely spread. However, if you decide to try them, think twice about GEOs. Tier 1 still converts great if you choose the right offer, but the trends are constantly changing and the CPC will be a little bit higher. In Tier 2 and 3 people are more willing to agree to such services, but it’s necessary to check the quality of connection and call-centers’ performance.

Get profit with RichPush traffic and click2call and click2sms offers!

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