Guide on creating titles for push ads

A guide on creating push-titles

35% of a successful push-notification is a selling headline. How to create a title for push ads that will sell? We’ve prepared a guide on creating titles for push ads!

Title for push advertising means a lot for your profit. 35% of a successful push notification is a selling headline.

So what should an affiliate do if the user is used to sensations, uniqueness, urgency, and usefulness of the offer?

We prepared a basic set of words that will attract the attention of users and help generate headlines for any offer. Create push ads title using our guide and make a profit with push ads!

Criteria for a good title for push ads

Remember that a quality headline:

  • Supports the person’s interest in himself and interest in their own needs;
  • Reports fresh news and discusses events;
  • Arouses curiosity;
  • Promises quick achievement of goals

Certainly, the most challenging part is to hook the audience. So we divided the sections into parts of speech. Such a division will help to create a catchy title according to any of the modern formulas.

Push Ads in 2021


How to create a good title for push ads? Use verbs! Verbs are the most substantial part of the speech of any language. Therefore, use them to enhance your call to action:

enter, study, get rid of, research, use, learn, open, receive, begin, say goodbye, stop, transform, put, rush, join, imagine, leave, develop, register, create, become, “stop!”, make, reduce, accelerate, participate, find out, double, economize, save.


Adjectives add expressiveness to your headings and also highlight the feature of the sentence:

Absolute, leading, great, delightful, profitable, ingenious, dumb, gigantic, hot, bold, proven, protected, famous, innovative, exclusive, enormous, beautiful, largest, legendary, magical, alluring, massive, manual, powerful, scientific, unbelievable, inexplicable, new, original, huge, expected, special, first, first-class, productive, detailed, life-long, useful, last, practical, simple, attractive, proven, rare, certified, urgent, crazy, strange, fresh, severe, witty, chic, terrible, amazing, improved, valuable, elite, successful.


Nouns in a headline express the purpose of the sentence:

Bonus, video, challenge, question, guarantee, money, income, idea, researchers, information, applications, alternative, collection, love, method, millionaire, myth, mistake, difference, gift, offer, advantage, profit, invitation, reason, problem, breakthrough, product, investigation, freedom, deal, secret, speed, sensation, scandal, discount, death, advice, method, lessons, tricks, facts, hit, steps, shock, experiment, association.

Additional words

Use these words as helpers:

Without, free, more, important, all, included, all of, you, caused, available, because of, as, which, that, who, instantly, can, finally, unbelievable, why, because, most, how much, according, therefore, only, now, “TOP #_”, required, needed, enough, what, extra.


Above all, specific numbers and emojis are effective triggers.

Exact numerical data make a title more concrete and honest, for example: “68.7% of women avoid…”

Emojis make a title more attractive. As a result, statistics show that a smile in the headline increases notification clickability on average by 25%.

Formulas of titles

  • Verb + adjective + promise;
  • Number + adjective + noun + verb;
  • Additional word + noun + adjective + verb;
  • Adjective + noun + emoji;
  • Number + noun + additional word + verb;
  • “how” + verb + adjective + noun;
  • “which” + noun + verb/adjective;
  • Noun + emoji;
  • Noun + verb + adjective.

In this guide on creating titles for push ads, there is an enormous number of formulas for headlines that sell. Furthermore, everyday affiliate marketer create thousands of new options that convert no worse than proven ones.

Hense, put in your push notifications titles maximum sense and benefit. First of all, don’t waffle, because the interest of each person is aimed at their own needs and solving their own problems. Therefore, help users get rid of a headache and achieve their goals as quickly as possible.

As a result of a good title, you will have a high CR!

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