March 26, 2020 by Aksana Shakal
Aksana Shakal

What kind of mistakes may decrease CTR on Push ads

In this post, we will dwell on which mistakes may be the reason for low clickability rates (CTR). 

In any push campaign, the CTR value means a lot. Even experienced specialists are not immune to its low value.  In this post, we will dwell on which mistakes may be the reason for low clickability rates (CTR) on push advertisement

Mistake 1: Trivial creatives 

When it comes to CTR the uniqueness of your creatives means a lot! 

A lot of marketers use spy-tools to see the trends. And there is nothing wrong with it! It’s important to evaluate competitors and understand if the product is popular on the market.

When decide to run the campaign with the same creatives others use — think twice. The results may be low if the creatives are just copied.

Imagine that lots of different advertisers can run the same offer with the same creatives on the same platform. Oops! 😱 Will the CTR be high? Nope!

The better way out is to find a similar picture which will help you to perform much better and have a higher CTR.

Mistake 2: Using 1 creative

New advertisers create one creative for the campaign. But it may lead to low CTR. This creative may have a low conversion from the very beginning but you will have nothing to compare with.

Launch a campaign with 3-5 creatives and you will easily estimate which of them performs better and delete outsiders. 

Let’s assume your only creative showed good results. But over time people will get used to it and it will burn out. What should you do? Change it in time! If you see the decrease of CTR change the image or text and test how it will perform. 

Mistake 3: Too frequent impressions 

It’s a really surprising fact but frequency cap can affect CTR! 

Lots of advertisers come with an idea to push and to get more clicks because the idea is to pay for CPC. You pay for clicks so you can show your ads a hundred times and it will cost nothing. Unfortunately, it’s not the best tactic. 

If you show your ads too often the audience will be too bored with it and won’t click it at all. When your CTR will become low, then your campaign may be kicked away from the bidding.

Limit frequency cap to 1 impression per day and get your profit without annoying your potential clients. 

Launch your campaigns using our recommendations at RichAds ad network! Wish you profit and high CTR!

Learn more about how to increase the clickability of your campaigns here.

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