Affiliate World Asia in Bangkok: See event photos from RichAds

Affiliate World Asia in Bangkok is one of the top affiliate marketing conferences. AWA event have no focus on some particular vertical but gives wide opportunities for networking.

Here is RichAds’ photo report about visiting the largest affiliate marketing conference in Asia.

What is Affiliate World Conferences in Bangkok? It is a special event for affiliate and performance marketers, e-commerce enthusiasts in general from all over the world. It’s a conference that unites many businesses in one place for 2 days. 

This year AWA conference attracted more than 5,500 participants. The profits and benefits of such a community are enormous.

The RichAds advertising network team was not able to miss this event. In spite of the team’s busy schedule, we enrolled in this AWA conference even though we had already attended SiGMA in Malta, AWA in Barcelona, Gaming conference in Athens and other events.

Comparing Affiliate World in Bangkok to a similar conference in Barcelona, AWA Asia came out on top in terms of useful activities and networking opportunities.

Let’s take a look at how the conference went in 2023 in our report.

What was Affiliate World Asia like in 2023?

Affiliate World Asia also known as AWA is a two-day affiliate marketing conference held in Bangkok from 7-8 December 2023. The conference gathered more than 5500 participants, 40+ traffic sources, 120+ advertisers and 170+ affiliate networks. 

The conference in Bangkok was full of activities: main and breakout stage for expert speakers, special zones for networking and entertainment, and of course company booths. There were more than 200 booths at AWA in Bangkok. All of them were divided into 4 categories: traffic sources (including RichAds), affiliate networks, direct advertisers and service providers. Of course, it is unreal to count companies and people who attended the conference without booths; there was much more diversity here at AWA in 2023.

Also, the conference provided various zones for communication (networking zones, business hubs, and more). So if you are tired of networking and walking through the venue, you can take a break and grab expertise from the public speeches of the experts on one of the stages or just relax.

The location and participants offer many interactive activities (games, contests, giveaways, photo booths and so on) and a special podcast booth for recording podcasts with professional equipment and tech specialist. So, you will definitely have no time to be bored.

You can feel the vibe of AWA conference in Bangkok in our video.

RichAds team at Affiliate World Asia in 2023

At the conference in Bangkok, RichAds’ advertising network team included representatives from all departments (sales, customer service, marketing). Company’s founder — Eugene Valuev — and representatives of the RichAds product team attended the conference too. RichAds team had a booth shared with our CPA network Yellana.

Get familiar with RichAds if you don’t already know about us. RichAds advertising network offers push and in-page push traffic, popunder, native, and direct click ads. Gambling, Finance, Dating, Soft, and Nutra are the main verticals we work with. The platform offers high traffic volumes (5+ billion impressions per day), useful optimization features, and managers provide white-lists and creatives for free.

Yellana CPA network and RichAds team
RichAds advertising network team

RichAds advertising network had its own booth at this conference and of course there was no shortage of merchandise.

At SiGMA, our team members participated in three panel discussions, which you can see here, but this time the focus was on networking and business connections.

Despite this, our representatives recorded two podcasts during the conference. We were particularly impressed with the recording booth with professional equipment and technicians. Anastasia Kazakova, CCO at RichAds, talked about launching gambling ads on popunders with affiliate marketing influencer KJ Rocker. Veronika Ponomareva, Head of Customer Service, was interviewed by Traffnews media.

Darya Garbuzova, Head of PR Department at RichAds

The results of the AWA conference in Bangkok

Of course, we will see the exact result after working with the leads and making stats summaries, but now we can say that the conference was super productive for the whole team (sales, account, product, and marketing managers).

We had a chance both to communicate with our current clients and partners and find new profitable contacts.

In terms of marketing cooperation, we also agreed on various activities and found new opportunities for PR.

Did you miss the chance to meet with us in Malta? No worries, let’s connect!
Contact Nastya Burmeleva, Sales Manager at RichAds team via Skype,
e-mail: or telegram: @nastya_richads

Networking at AWA conference in Bangkok 2023

Darya, Head of PR at RichAds and Adcombo
RichAds ad network and Advidi CPA network
Kj Rocker, Daria from RichAds and Anastasia from Yellana CPA network at AWA Bangkok 2023
888starz partners and RichAds ad network
Kj Rocker and Anastasiya, CCO at RichAds
DsLead CPA network and RichAds team
R2D CPA network and RichAds ad network
STM forum member and RichAds ad network
Xlwinmedia and RichAds advertising network
Terraleads CPA network and RichAds ad network
Сlickbank and RichAds ad network team

Did you miss the chance to meet with us in Malta? No worries, let’s connect!
Contact Nastya Burmeleva, Sales Manager at RichAds team via Skype,
e-mail: or telegram: @nastya_richads

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