List of 62 best affiliate marketing conferences and events in 2024

List of 66 best affiliate marketing conferences and events in 2024

If you want to keep updated on what’s new, now and going to be in the affiliate marketing industry this year — you should attend one of the affiliate marketing conferences in 2024.

Here’s the list of 62 affiliate marketing conferences and events in 2024 worth paying attention to!

What are affiliate marketing conferences for?

Affiliate marketing conferences hold a very important part in the industry, as they allow affiliates, operators and experts to meet and exchange knowledge.

Some events focus on a certain topic to meet up around, but most of them just provide a place for people of industry, who present different sides of expertise. As well as conferences are a place for networking, they are a perfect opportunity to simply meet foreign colleagues and party!

Below we listed 9 top affiliate marketing conferences and about 60 more to follow in 2024!

Some conferences and events will be attended by RichAds ad network representatives, so that we can meet up!

We have been working with Gambling, Dating, Finance, E-Commerce, Antiviruses and Nutra traffic for many years, and can share the knowledge. Also we can discuss the most effective ways on how to utilise Push, Pops, Native and Direct click traffic to boost the campaigns’ results!

You can look at what events RichAds will attend in the calendar and book a meeting here!

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Top affiliate marketing conferences in 2024

These are the affiliate marketing conferences that are considered to be the biggest and most anticipated. They offer a doorway to the affiliate marketing world and definitely are worth attending!

1. iGB Affiliate 2024

iGB Affiliate London 2024

  • Location: ExCel, London, UK
  • Topic: iGaming
  • Schedule: 6th – 9th of February 2024

iGB Affiliate London is a top tier affiliate marketing conference that positions itself as uniting different specialists of the iGaming affiliate industry in a live environment. They provide guests with opportunities for business networking and establishing trust-based partnerships.

  • 6500+ iGaming affiliate professionals, 
  • 150+ affiliate network programs and tech vendors,
  • 200+ exhibitors.

The event also holds several presentations, at which speakers among invited experts and guests will share their observations and analysis via speech or panel discussions. Plus to that, the guests will be given the chance to attend big awards night.

RichAds’ CMO Vasilii Gamov will visit iGB Affiliate 2024 in London, where he will take part in a discussion on ‘Scaling your affiliate business 101’. You can book a meeting with Vasilii via this link and get the opportunity to ask him for expertise in person!

2. ICE 2024

ICE London 2024

  • Location: ExCel, London, UK
  • Topic: iGaming
  • Schedule: 6th – 8th of February 2024

ICE 2024 is another London-based iGaming oriented affiliate marketing event that will happen within iGB Affiliate 2024. ICE London also focuses on ESports and gaming in general along with covering online Gambling industry topics.

At the event there will be several public discussions on iGaming related topics such as current industry trends, regulations and new regions’ online Gambling and Betting landscapes.

3. Affiliate World Dubai 2024

Affiliate Word Dubai 2024

  • Location: Dubai, UAE
  • Topic: Affiliate Marketing
  • Schedule: 28th – 29th of February 2024

This affiliate marketing conference, which will take place at the end of February 2024, is one of the largest gatherings of marketers and entrepreneurs over the world. The event allows new marketers and pros to connect over knowledge exchange to push industry forward!

  • Over 110 countries represented among 5500 attendees;
  • 170 affiliate networks;
  • 35+ speakers;
  • 120+ advertisers.

The event will present public speeches from industry leaders, networking mixer sessions, affiliate awarding evening and friendly parties.

4. MAC Affiliate Conference 2024

MAC Affiliate Conference 2024

  • Location: Yerevan, Armenia
  • Topic: Affiliate Marketing
  • Schedule: 30th – 31th of May 2024

MAC Affiliate Conference 2024 is one the top affiliate marketing conferences, holding its position as a place for pure networking. Affiliates, marketers, webmasters, entrepreneurs and publishers are being given the opportunity to maintain connections and business relations.

  • 2500+ attendees;
  • 30 stage presentations;
  • 2 big party nights;
  • Over 100 exhibitors.

The organisation offers to experience welcoming networking events, the biggest CIS exhibition market and two big party nights!

5. SiGMA Asia Summit 2024

SiGMA Asia 2024

  • Location: Manila, The Philippines
  • Topic: iGaming
  • Schedule: 2nd – 5th of June 2024

SiGMA Summit has claimed its place among the best affiliate marketing conferences of the iGaming industry. The organisation invites affiliates, operators and regulators to broaden the industry interconnection between different iGaming specialists. Within the speakers, it’s announced that about 50% are C-level management positions!

  • 20000 delegates;
  • 30 operators;
  • 350+ speakers;
  • 250 exhibitors;
  • Over 3500 affiliates.

SiGMA organisation is known for its panel discussions and presentations on hot topics within the iGaming industry, that many note-worthy speakers take part in. Apart from that, every year SiGMA affiliate marketing conference holds an awards night, which is very prestigious across the community. Don’t neglect to consider attending different networking and partying events, as SiGMA Asia 2024 can and will surprise you by the size of them!

6. Affiliate World Europe 2024

Affiliate World Europe 2024

  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Topic: Affiliate Marketing
  • Schedule: 5th – 6th of September 2024

Affiliate World Europe is a big meetup event for every person whose work is related to affiliate marketing. At the meetup the top affiliate marketers and E-Commerce entrepreneurs will be given the stage to share expertise, data-driven insights and innovative ideas.

  • 5000 attendees;
  • 35 speakers;
  • 110 countries represented;
  • 120 advertisers;
  • 40 traffic sources;
  • 170 affiliate networks.

The networking events are also given particular attention to, as over 110 countries’ representatives will attend the meet-up. The knowledge exchange with foreign colleagues across continents is the cornerstone of mutually beneficial partnership according to AW Europe.

RichAds has been visiting AW Europe annually since 2019. Last time RichAds presented new products at Affiliate World Europe in 2023, along with networking and meeting clients on premises.

7. SiGMA East Europe Summit

SiGMA East Europe 2024

  • Location: Budapest, Hungary
  • Topic: iGaming
  • Schedule: 2nd – 4th of September 2024

As many organisations run several conferences and events throughout the year, SiGMA has decided to go further, representing the CIS iGaming affiliate community for the first time. Though Budapest is the most western part of East Europe to hold such an event, be sure that it will be attended by the most respected industry representatives from the region!

  • 9000 delegates;
  • 2000 operators;
  • 200+ speakers;
  • 200+ exhibitors;
  • 5000 affiliates.

Any SiGMA event provides the environment to spend quality time networking, publicly discussing iGaming tendencies and strategies. This time the organisation provides the opportunity to properly get to meet colleagues from CIS area!

8. SiGMA Europe 2024

SiGMA Europe 2024

  • Location: MMH, Malta
  • Topic: iGaming
  • Schedule: 11th – 14th of November 2024

Despite taking place at the end of the year, SiGMA World Europe 2024 in Malta is among the top iGaming affiliate marketing events of 2024! This is when industry leaders from all over the world get to that place and share the expertise with the community of over 27000 attendees!

  • 27000 delegates;
  • 550 speakers;
  • Over 40 networking events;
  • A dozen of partying activities.

Last year our CMO Vasilii Gamov went to SiGMA Europe 2023 in Malta and spoke at several panel discussions regarding iGaming industry growth and expansion! This time at least the size of the event is going to be even bigger as the community grows every year. The insights to be shared this year will definitely help to stay up-to-date on the industry trends and handle the fierce competition!

9. Affiliate World Asia 2024

Affiliate World Asia 2024

  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Topic: Affiliate Marketing
  • Schedule: 7th – 8th of December  2024

Affiliate World conferences cover the most important parts of the affiliate marketing world with their presence. And AW Asia 2024 is not any different, judging by the size of it! This is a late yet to come opportunity for a big time networking and self-representation events for those who might’ve missed the ones in Europe and Dubai!

  • 5500 attendees;
  • 35 speakers;
  • 110 countries represented;
  • 120 advertisers;
  • 40 traffic sources;
  • 170 affiliate networks.

Affiliate World Asia is one of the best annual affiliate marketing conferences that is close to RichAds’ heart particularly. We’ve been attending AW Asia for the past couple of years, sharing expertise and seeding profitable connections. And this year, we will get this once again!

The list of 62 top affiliate marketing conferences and events in 2024

We’ve put everything in one place and made a complete list of top affiliate marketing conferences, events and meetups in 2024. Here are all 62 of them, spread across different countries as well as topics and verticals they focus on!

Some affiliate marketing conferences such as Affiliate Summit West and Traffic & Conversion Summit has already happened this very year, so you’d better pick any of those to visit before it’s too late, too!

6th – 9th FebruaryiGB Affiliate London 2024

Meet us at iGB London 2024⚡
iGamingLondon, UK
6th – 8th FebruaryICE London 2024iGamingLondon, UK
24th – 27th FebruaryTES 2024 LISAffiliate MarketingCascais, Portugal
25th – 27th FebruarySiGMA Eurasia 2024iGamingDubai, UAE
26th – 29th FebruaryWeb Summit QatarDigital MarketingOnline event
27th – 29th FebruarySPiCE India & Sri LankaiGamingColombo, Sri Lanka
28th – 29th FebruaryAW Dubai 2024

Meet us at AW Dubai 2024⚡
Affiliate MarketingDubai, UAE
5th – 6th MarchPMW UnlockedPerformance MarketingLondon, UK
5th – 7th MarchSBC SUMMIT RIO 2024iGamingRio de Janeiro, Brazi
11th – 13th MarchSiGMA Africa 2024iGamingCape Town, South Africa
19th – 21st MarchASEAN Gaming Summit 2024iGamingManila, The Philippines
25th – 27th MarchBiG AFRICA SUMMIT 2024iGamingJohannesburg, South Africa
26th – 27th MarchHipther Prague 2024iGamingPrague, Czech Republic
9th – 10th AprilLeadsCon 2024Lead generationLas Vegas, USA
8th – 11th AprilEGR Power Affiliates Summit 2024Affiliate MarketingMarbella, Spain
15th – 18th AprilWeb Summit RioDigital MarketingRio de Janeiro, Brazil
16th – 18th AprilPI LIVE USADigital MarketingMiami, USA
23rd – 24th AprilGaming Event Francophone Africa (GEFA)iGamingAccra, Ghana
23rd – 25th AprilSiGMA Americas 2024iGamingSão Paulo, Brazil
23rd – 25th AprilBetExpoBettingSão Paulo, Brazil
29th – 30th AprilThinkTankAffiliate MarketingChicago, USA
7th – 9th MaySBC Summit North AmericaiGamingNew Jersey, USA
9th – 10th MayOnline Casino Summit ItaliaiGamingOnline
21st – 23rd MayCasinoBeats SummitiGamingMalta
23rd MayThinkTank UK 2024Affiliate MarketingLondon, UK
23rd – 25th MayAfiliados BrasilAffiliate MarketingSao Paulo, Brazil
30th – 31st MayIsland ConferenceAffiliate MarketingLimassol, Cyprus
30th – 31st MayMAC Affiliate Conference 2024

Meet us at MAC Affiliate 2024⚡
Affiliate MarketingYerevan, Armenia
2nd – 5th JuneSiGMA Asia Summit 2024

Meet us at SiGMA Asia 2024⚡
iGamingManila, The Philippines
4th – 5th JuneGaming & TECH SummitAffiliate MarketingTallin, Estonia
5th – 6th JuneiGaming Germany 2024iGamingMunich, Germany
11th – 12th JuneAwin ThinkTank DACHAffiliate MarketingBerlin, Germany
17th – 20th JuneGaelic WWW ConferenceAffiliate MarketingRoscommon Town, Ireland
18th – 20th JuneCanadian Gaming SummitiGamingToronto, Canada
25th – 26th JuneSBC Summit TbilisiiGamingTbilisi, Georgia
1st – 3rd JulySports Betting East AfricaBettingKampala, Uganda
10th – 12th JulyAll American Sports Betting SummitBettingLouisville, KY, USA
16th JulyTactixXPerformance MarketingMunich, Germany
16th – 19th JulyiGB Live! & iGB AffiliateiGamingAmsterdam, Netherlands
23rd – 25th JulySPiCE InternationaliGamingDubai, UAE
29th – 30th JulyAffiliate Summit EastAffiliate MarketingNew York, USA
1st – 2nd August2024 London LRC conferenceiGamingLondon, UK
6th – 7th AugustiGaming Central AmericaiGamingSan Jose, Costa Rica
21st – 23rd AugustSports Betting West AfricaBettingAbuja, Nigeria
2nd – 4th SeptemberSiGMA East Europe Summit

Meet us at SiGMA East Europe 2024⚡
iGamingBudapest, Hungary
4th – 6th SeptemberMegaiGamingMerida, Mexico
5th – 6th SeptemberAffiliate World Europe 2024

Meet us at AW Europe 2024⚡
Affiliate MarketingBudapest, Hungary
12th – 15th SeptemberAW SummitDatingBucharest, Romania
17th – 19th SeptemberSPiCE PhilippinesiGamingCebu, Philippines
18th – 19th SeptemberDMEXCO – Digital Marketing Exposition & ConferenceDigital MarketingCologne, Germany
24th – 25th SeptemberLEADSCON CONNECT 2024Lead generationChicago, USA
24th – 26th SeptemberThe Global Betting and iGaming ShowiGamingLisbon, Portugal
17th – 18th OctoberGAME Greece 2024iGamingAthens, Greece
22nd – 23rd OctoberPI LIVE EuropeDigital MarketingLondon, UK
29th – 31stSBC Summit Latinoamerica 2024iGamingMiami, USA
5th – 6th NovemberScandinavian Nordic & Gaming ShowiGamingCopenhagen, Denmark
11th – 14th NovemberSiGMA Europe 2024

Meet us at SiGMA Europe 2024⚡
11th – 14th NovemberWeb SummitDigital MarketingLisbon, Portugal
3rd – 4th DecemberiGaming Crossroads SummitiGamingTbilisi, Georgia
7th – 8th DecemberAffiliate World Asia

Meet us at AW Asia 2024⚡
Affiliate MarketingBangkok, Thailand


Affiliate marketing conferences are important events for the industry, because they allow to build strong business relations across countries and continents. Not only for the purpose of networking, but for quality expertise you should consider visiting at least one of those. The knowledge and awareness of the industry trends always pay off in high results!

RichAds ad network team has been attending affiliate marketing events for many years, including annually. Meanwhile we’ve spread the word of effectiveness of Push, Pops, Native and Direct Click traffic, which turned out in profits for many affiliates! You can start your ad campaign right now, getting profit from RichAds’ quality traffic and discuss your results with us on conferences!

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