Coronavirus and Affiliate Marketing: Tips from Experts (update)

Coronavirus and Affiliate Marketing

RichAds team is constantly monitoring the situation with coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and its impact on people, businesses, and, in particular, the affiliate marketing.

We’ve talked to lots of industry experts to learn what they think about the current circumstances, how not to lose your money in them, and what offers are more likely to convert.

Forewarned is forearmed ‒ check the insights below and prepare well!

Affiliate Marketing Challenges Due to COVID-19

The first Affiliate Marketing Expert and Blogger we’ve talked to was Charles Ngo. He constantly supports his subscribers with useful materials during the pandemic and confirms the huge changes in our lives and businesses.

The first Affiliate Marketing Expert and Blogger we’ve talked to was Charles Ngo. He constantly supports his subscribers with useful materials during the pandemic and confirms the huge changes in our lives and businesses.

First of all, the biggest fear for affiliate marketing is that conversion rates could decline because people are saving money for the case they’ll lose their jobs. Users are trying to save funds and wouldn’t spend it on useless products or services.

There are some offers that would probably perform worse:

  • Physical product offers, due to supply and fulfillment limits.
  • Click-to-call offers, due to most call centers shutting down.

Ian Fernando, an Affiliate Marketing Travel blogger, confirms traffic and conversions are slowing down, too. But it’s just a signal that offers, campaigns, and landing pages should be adapted to today’s situation. 

In turn, online media buyer Joey Babineau claims the fact we all thought about: there are too many sleazy and unethical affiliate ads connected with coronavirus these days.

It’s always better to try to act smart and fairly, even during the crisis. To support this point, the RichAds team confirms that unethical creatives playing in critical situations do not show any increase in CTR.

Jitendra Vaswani, Digital Marketing Consultant, encourages affiliate marketing players not to panic and think clearly. Try to limit offers depending on the travel & hotel industry: they are not living their best time now. Especially, it concerns the markets like the US, UK, Iran & Italy which are at their worst stage.

Our experts at RichAds have also faced the challenges related to coronavirus. Due to the spike of the pandemic, overall affiliate marketing activity’s a bit slowing down. A lot of teams switched to remote work, which could interrupt the performance for some time.

In addition to the offers above, these ones will probably be driving traffic worse than before

  • Betting: live games and sports events are being canceled all over the world.
  • Live Dating: stay home during the quarantine!

But on the other hand, to stop seeing gains in the conditions of a slowing economy is never an option. Check below what new horizons our experts opened for themselves.

Affiliate Marketing Tips & Top Offers during COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis, just like many others, opens some new opportunities for affiliate marketers as well, Charles Ngo says. He provided us with the list of the offers which have more chances to rise these times:

  • Health products to improve the immune system. More people now focus on boosting immunity to stay away from coronavirus and buy healthy foods online.
  • Life insurance. It seems now more important than ever.
  • Lead generation offers.

Ian Fernando adds some verticals to the list:

  • VSL (Video Sales Letters). This kind of offers has a proven track record of high conversions, which is unlikely to slow down.
  • Remote work offers during the massive quarantine.

According to Joey Babineau, besides Nutra, successful offers also include:

  • Financial offers. For example, such as how to make money online, prosper during a stock crash, refinance debt relief, etc. 

KJ Rocker, an affiliate marketing expert, strongly supports the point that the offers which are able to support people’s lives are worth investing in:

  • Entertainment offers.
  • Delivery services & Grocery delivery.
  • Smart health gadgets.
  • Finance: money transfer services, income protection, mortgage refinance.

To inspire you to run new profitable offers from our list, the RichAds team has prepared a $200 bonus for new and inactive clients. Check all the terms here.

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Meanwhile, we’d talk about another huge challenge. We all temporarily lost the huge source of information and new contacts: affiliate marketing conferences. The recent updates are below.

Affiliate Marketing Events: What you need to know now

A lot of planned conferences for affiliate marketers are not on our calendars anymore. But, again, no panic.

Firstly, make sure you’ve checked all the latest announcements about canceled or postponed events (to be updated):

  • ad:tech, New Delhi, Mar 19-23 ‒ Postponed (TBA)
  • Traffic & Conversion Summit, San Diego, Mar 31 – Apr 2 ‒ Postponed (TBA).
  • MAC’20, Moscow, Apr 21-22 ‒ Postponed to Aug 25-26.
  • AffiliateCon, Sofia, May 12 ‒ Cancelled.
  • Mobilegrowth Summit, Singapore, May 14 ‒ Postponed & Going virtual on Jun 1-3.
  • DMIEXPO, Tel-Aviv, May 24-25 ‒ Cancelled.
  • Afiliados Brasil, SP, May 28-30 ‒ Postponed to Dec 8-10.
  • Affiliate Summit East, NYC, July 27-29 ‒ Postponed to Oct 18-19.
  • ACE Asia Affiliate Conference & Expo ‒ Cancelled and postponed to Nov 4-5 2021.
  • PI LIVE, NYC ‒ Cancelled and postponed to May 2021.
  • Affiliate World Europe, Barcelona ‒ Postponed, date TBA.
  • Affiliate Summit Europe, Amsterdam ‒ Postponed, date TBA.
  • Israel Mobile Summit ‒ Postponed, date TBA.

Secondly, stay home and get the most out of it: attend top events online! Here are our favorite recommendations for attending a virtual conference:

  • The most obvious: don’t forget about it. Add it to your calendar and check your spam emails regularly.
  • Check free opportunities: there could be more of them compared to offline events.
  • Download summaries of speeches & video and audio presentations afterward to have all tips, trends, and, of course, inspiration, at hand.
  • Most events grant opportunities to network online and still get new contacts. Don’t miss them!
  • Engage in Q&A and other social sessions.
  • If you’re an expert yourself: explore all the events for speaking opportunities! Speakers at online events are the main exhibitors and get all the attention and promotion.
  • Benefit from the time you save on traveling: spend it on knowledge sharing or with your loved ones.

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