K.J. Rocker: How to grow the AW conferences, STM forum, and personal insurance business

In this new episode of Ads&Grans we had a deep conversation with one of the rockstars of the affiliate industry, K.J. Rocker about his businesses and his new role as a COO of Affiliate World Conferences. 

Tune in to see what he had to say about conference organization, new things coming to the STM forum and how a newbie can start their affiliate journey successfully.

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Who is KJ Rocker?

KJ Rocker has been in affiliate marketing for more than a decade, starting with only $10 that would later turn into much more. He’s built his own performance marketing company F.Z.E. that helps generate traffic to different brands around the world.

KJ Rocker has recently joined Affiliate World conferences as the Chief Operating Officer and takes part in the STM forum rebranding – which is now Affiliate World Forum.

Affiliate World conferences and STM forum future: KJ Rocker shares secrets

During the talk KJ shared a few thoughts and insights on various topics:

  • What is important for him when employing a team member?
  • What do you need to organize a conference?
  • How much profit can one conference bring to its organizers?
  • How to attract new audiences to the well-known STM forum?
  • What new things can we expect at Affiliate World Conferences?
  • How does KJ grow his own businesses?
  • How does he optimize his business processes?
  • What 3 tips would he give to affiliate newbies?

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