TOP affiliate forums

This article contains a list of the top 9 English speaking forums.

RichAds ad network takes an active part in popular Internet communities. This article contains info about the best forums on traffic arbitrage, digital marketing, online and offline advertising. In the threads, professionals share their:

  • manuals;
  • useful information;
  • cases;
  • reviews on services for affiliates;
  • operational plans;
  • answers for interesting questions from their colleagues.

TOP 9 forums for affiliates

Irish Webmaster Forum

Irish Webmaster Forum — Irish discussion forum for professional webmasters, 8K participants.
Mainly dedicated to helping marketers, as well as providing information on online and offline marketing tools. Furthermore, you can read about the monetisation of your website there;


affLIFT — affiliates and web-marketing specialists forum, 80K users.
You can find all the necessary data on all traffic sources as well as promotion techniques, tips on tracking and creatives. There’s also an opportunity to read about affiliate networks and programs as well as offer;


TopGoldForum — everything about making money online, 34.5K users.
It covers multiple topics on earning online, in terms of marketing you can read about affiliate networks and programs, find tutorials and offers as well as learn abut different traffic sources;


Wjunction — big website with the latest news, announcements, and reviews on services for webmasters, 81.5K participants.
If you were looking for a marketers’ community to share knowledge, it’s the perfect place as a lot of topic s are covered there and many professional webmasters share the expertise;

SEO Forum

SEO Forum — specialized forum for webmasters and SEO- and internet marketing specialists, 103K users.
A precious source that contains the basics and peculiarities of SEO traffic as well as data on social marketing and other ways of monetization;


Affiliate Fix — interesting and friendly professional webmasters and marketing specialists community, 107K registered users.
A storehouse of knowledge that containes case studies, webinars, as well as tutorial on relevant affiliate marketing topics. Make sure you check them out!

Money Maker Discussion

Money Maker Discussion — everything about earning money online, Internet sales, and web-marketing, 123K registered users.
How to earn money with E-commerce? How to become a successful webmaster? If you have such questions on your mind, register on the forum!


namePros — domain forum with a large thread on Internet advertising and SEO, 1M users;


stm. — news and useful info for professional arbitrage specialists, number of participants are classified.
One of the most powerful and renowned forums in the industry, yet it’s not a free one. Landing pages examples, offers, video tutorials from experts are waiting for you there!

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