Top 6 affiliate marketing blogs: everything you need to succeed

Affiliate marketing is a fast changing industry where you should always keep up to date with recent trends. In order to do that you need a good source of information, better yet – several. 

So the RichAds team presents our picks for the best affiliate marketing blogs that should answer almost all of the questions you have on how to make money as an affiliate.

Affiliate blogs: top 6 resources to read

Affiliate marketing is not something you can learn at school or university, at least right now. But you’re lucky: you can learn everything you need to become a successful affiliate marketer just by reading affiliate marketing blogs. 

So, in this article we will give you a short overview of the most popular and trustworthy affiliate blogs.

1. RichAds

RichAds blog, the one you’re reading right now, was created more than 5 years ago by the team of the RichAds advertising network. The ad network is a great source of quality pop, push, in-page and native traffic. With the exclusive information showing the types of traffic that the RichAds network provides, the RichAds blog is considered by many affiliate marketers as one of the best affiliate marketing blogs on the internet.

How can RichAds affiliate advertising blog be useful?

At RichAds you can find articles about how to set up your ad campaigns with RichAds ad formats to get maximum results and how to optimize them. We also share news on the latest affiliate marketing trends and new features appearing in RichAds. And not just that: the blog answers some of the most popular questions on how to work with such popular verticals as Gambling, Dating and Nutra.

RichAds is a great example of an affiliate marketing blog that is written solely by a team of professionals with strong expertise. All the information that is published here has been tested and verified by our team.

Here’s a quick overview of rubrics in the RichAds blog:

  • news and trends: the most popular GEOs, verticals, offers for test and updates in RichAds;
  • learn how to set up a tracker, find Glossary for Affiliates and check out webinars and e-books;
  • ad formats: how to start driving traffic with such formats as pop, push, native, in-page traffic and more;
  • verticals: overview of top verticals in our ad network + case studies.

We also hold webinars and roundtable discussions with seasoned affiliate marketers about the latest trends and best practices. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see more videos that are released on a regular basis.

2. AffLift

AffLift is primarily a forum founded by an experienced affiliate marketer Luke Kling back in 2018. In the years since then it has grown into a community with thousands of active members posting content on a daily basis. 

But it’s much more than just a forum, it is also a great source of knowledge for all affiliate marketers.

What you can find on AffLift:

  • forums with separate sections for different types of traffic, useful tools for tracking and optimizing ad campaigns, a Q&A section and much more;
  • articles written by the member of the community on the topics they specialize in;
  • directory with overview of affiliate and ad networks, tracking and spy tools, VPNs and other services; 
  • courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced affiliates.

There is also a Lift Chat where you can ask questions or answer other people’s questions in real time. 

The verdict: highly recommended.

3. Affsecret

Affsecret is a digital media resource for affiliate marketers, media buyers and anyone who is interested in making money online. While it’s relatively new, this affiliate blog has published a lot of information any media buyer will find extremely useful.

Useful sections to check out on Affsecret:

  • getting started with articles explaining the inner workings of different verticals, traffic sources and payout models;
  • blogs of media buying teams, advertising and affiliate networks with case studies and guides;
  • tools with the list of services that prove to be indispensable to any media buyer;
  • affiliate programs and ad networks – with ratings and overviews;

This is a great affiliate marketing blog example that is definitely worth your attention.

4. Neil Patel

If you haven’t heard of Neil Patel, you are definitely missing out on an amazing affiliate advertising blog. Not only is he a founder of a few marketing tools and a digital marketing agency, he is also well-known and beloved for his very insightful blog posts.

Here are the main topics Neil Patel covers in his blog:

  • SEO basics, tools, optimization and working with Google;
  • Social media marketing – content plans, strategies, working with different social media platforms;
  • Conversion rate optimization and how to muster your funnels;
  • Email marketing with the best practices;
  • and other topics.

Neil Patel also has a large presence on YouTube with over a thousand recorded videos on various topics. So, it’s time to check one of the biggest names in the industry.

5. GetLasso

GetLasso is essentially a marketing tool for affiliate marketers that automizes different parts of the traffic driving process. While this is their primary activity, they are also constantly updating their blog with expert articles.

Here are some of the most popular topics on Get Lasso:

  • Affiliate tools with the overview of the most useful and widely appreciated services;
  • Beginner guides that will help make right initial steps at the beginning of the affiliate journey;
  • Case studies and Niche Guides to deepen your knowledge.

There are also different affiliate programs in the blog that can be interesting to explore.

6. Affiliate Valley

Affiliate Valley is one more online magazine with the focus on media buying and affiliate marketing. They have been around for more than 5 years now and since then have published more than 400 articles with different topics.

Here’s what you should consider reading on Affiliate Valley:

  • Getting started with the most basic information on how to start traffic and get profit;
  • Case studies in different verticals with various types of traffic;
  • Tools with a list of services and promo codes.

This affiliate blog will definitely be incredibly helpful for everyone: from newbies to seasoned marketers.


There are many more affiliate advertising blogs that can help you with your affiliate journey and answer all of your questions along the way. For this article we’ve chosen some of the most interesting, diverse and reputable resources on the world wide web.

Here at RichAds we publish the most relevant and up-to-date content for our partners. And with our advertising network you can always test everything you read and run high quality traffic to top verticals. 

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