Push notifications are trendy: making cool creatives

Push notifications are trendy: making cool creatives

The affiliate manager certainly need to stay abreast of these trends.

Creative push notifications quickly burn out, therefore they need to be updated regularly. More clicks go to the creative ones, which corresponds to modern world trends.

Decide for yourself, a cool creative:

  • quickly passes moderation;
  • attracts unique users;
  • pushes the user to the lead;
  • does not annoy.

Let’s take a look at the trends of 2019 and how to apply them when making creatives for popular verticals.

push traffic

Push ads examples with happiness

In 2019, users continue to strive for self-development, a dynamic, and certainly happy life, success. So a thematic creative will convert well.

The sustainability trend should also be noted separately. Degradable packaging, natural products, and plant extracts, vegetarianism are also in vogue. Hence, the trend can be effectively used in creatives and push headers.

Bright colors

Juicy colors are not just a trend, but also a tool to attract attention. Therefore, a bright creative will noticeably stand out among the classic ones for the image vertical.


Eye-catching nutra creative for push notification
Colorful Nutra creative looks trendy and therefore attracts much attention
Provocative banner for nutra
Provocative banners can also draw attention to your push notifications


Colorful banner for push about diets
Lively colors are always a good choice for push creatives
Bright creatives is a key in push ads
Above all, food visuals just have to be bright


Trendy visual for a gambling offer
Visuals for gambling offers have to be trendy even more

Credits, money

Alluring banners for credits offers
Magnetic images are a must-have for push about money


Banners should evoke emotions
Your banners are just not allowed to be neutral

Product info

Vivid creatives for products offers
Products can also be depicted vivdly
Your images have to be on a bright side of life
Show your audience the bright side of life

Push ads examples with happiness with creative provocation

This trend includes modern collages and also unusual photos that you want to look at. As a result, such a creative will force the user to linger on the push notification and view the offer.

While creative provocation visuals are hard to find, they attract more unique users.


Lively and provocative banners tend to be more successful
Lively + provocative = successful


Exciting pictures on ecommerce banners
Buying has to be depicted as a fascinating journey


Add some intrigues in your push creatives
Banners for Nutra can also be intriguing

Push ads examples with happiness with minimalism

The trend for minimalism has been stable for a number of years. And this is good for webmasters because minimalistic visuals emphasize the product and look stylish.


One-color background looks pretty good in push notifications
6 brushes on a one-color background? Why not?
Art banner with meds
Not only meds but the art of layout


Professional photos in push banner
Professional photos have never been more demanded
Minimalistic creative for gambling offer
Minimalistic, but still magnificent gambling banner


A good push banner makes you want the depicted products
D’you wanna some? I definitely do. — That’s how a good push banner works

Weight loss

A good example of banner for push
A good example of creative for push ads. Just like in real life.

Credits, money

Excellent banner for credits and money offer
Easy money? Yeah, let me try. — Another excellent banner
A superb creative for push notifications
Just a coin. Just a superb creative for push notifications

Push notifications examples with gradient

Visuals with varying colors have become trendy back in 2017 and are still actively used in branding. In 2019, gradients are even more relevant.


Natural gradients always look good on creatives
Natural gradients always look good on creatives


Nontrivial banners work
Nontrivial banners catch the eyes of your audience even more
Space is a cool idea for a push banner
Some space on your face? — Seems like a cool idea for a push creative

Push notifications examples with negatives

The fashion for negative images is just gaining momentum. So arbitragers can already test the effect of unusual visuals on the user.

First of all, the trend is suitable for creatives with dieting and Nutra.

Gain your piece of push traffic with negatives, maximizing, unfamiliar side of usual things
Maximizing, unfamiliar side of usual things are also good for push traffic

Push ads notifications examples with monochrome

Monochrome images look serious and understated in contrast to most contemporary images. As a result, a  creative in monochrome will stand out in the bright storm made up of push notifications. Most noteworthy, it will highlight the advertising among others.


Black-and-white banners work
Black-and-white banners work due to their contrast and “otherness”

Credits, money

Eye-catching banners are the most clickable
Catch the eye of your audience, and as a result, they will click on your banner

What to give up

Above all, definitely shocking content, because the popularity of shocking and socially striking information is in the past. Most noteworthy, many sources and feeds do not allow unpleasant aggressive creatives, so the potential coverage of the campaign is reduced.

So, the user of 2019 is looking for harmony and prosperity. Therefore, smiles and happy life are trendy.

Where to get high-quality visuals

First of all, do not use images from the first page of Google results. See what is offered on photo stocks. For example:

  1. Pixabay;
  2. FreeStockImages;
  3. Picjumbo;
  4. All The Free Stock;
  5. Stock Up.

Visuals from photo stocks are free and high quality. Also, English and Russian search and filtering by category are available on different sites. Finally, the commercial use of photos is not prohibited.

Buy high-quality push traffic and create. Above all, cool creative is a good envelope!

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